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Trying to Forget Everything that isn't You

Chapter Three

A long slender leg found its way to the far left side of the bed. It was milky white and well-toned.

And it was itching to kick the life out of Tokiya Mikagami.

Just two years… two years until I can finally get out of here.

But a part of her wanted to stay despite her misery. Somehow, she felt like something had to be done. The pieces of the puzzle called destiny didn't quite fit in perfectly.

"…I only avoided you out of all the others…"

The memory still stung.

"Cheer up, you miserable lout." Nobody else could comfort her but her self now. She picked up a crumpled piece of paper situated on top of her lamp shade as she bent forward awkwardly to put herself in a sitting position. A flash of bright orange was seen as its felt-tip made contact with the disfigured sheet of paper.

"I know what will cheer you up, Fuuko-chan!"

She drew a pathetic excuse for a square and placed an irregularly large smiley face in the form of a circle above it. Hmm… something's missing.

The sound of the sudden contact of skin indicated a spark of an ingenious idea.

She placed two dots on the middle of the square and added a few squiggly lines on the "head" to pass off as curly hair. 'RICA TONBUO' was placed under the sketch in nauseating highlighter-orange.

She tried to laugh. With all her might, she did.

I hate you. Hate. You. I.

No matter how many times she jumbled the words of that phrase, it would never change its meaning.

Maybe tomorrow she'd wake up and find out that all of this was a dream.


It could've been different, the way things turned out to be. He could have stopped her; could have spared Fuuko's feelings.

He just had to be so darned selfish.

Well, he was determined to change that. He had been since he saw Fuuko for the first time after a year. Beautiful and vibrant Fuuko. The only problem was how to.


He closed his eyes.

Remember that feeling.

He envisioned her face, the litheness of her limbs, the white porcelain skin he longed to caress and claim as his own.

-Ba-bump, ba-bump-


Her smooth, shoulder-length hair, the ample breasts Mother Nature endowed her with.

-Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump-

His heart was beating so fast now.

The way she whispered 'Mi-chan' to him with that gentle voice she had, laced with endearment, whenever she thought he was asleep.



That infectious smile that never failed to make his day better; the scent that he couldn't get enough of whenever she rested her head against his shoulder. It was all Fuuko Kirisawa.

That's right.This feeling.

His left hand rested itself on his chest.

This feeling's all it has to take.

He didn't want to make the same mistake of abandoning her once again.


Fuuko's body shook with uncontrollable fits of anger. She wished she didn't go to this university; wished she didn't have Rica as her roommate; wished Tokiya Mikagami never became her friend; wished she never fell in love with him; wished she could control her feelings.

She punched Rica's bed (why punch hers instead of Rica's?) and paused for a second, eyeing the reddening contours of her fist.

A sigh echoed throughout the dorm room.

"I wish he'd come back to me."

Fuuko started to hate herself even more as the feeling of defeat engulfed her body, making her cry listlessly with abandon. Is it over now, what she suffered for in so long?

Life is cruel in so many aspects. We were given a chance to live on this Earth only to find out that the price we paid to be alive is to suffer for all eternity. Misery seems to be part of our daily routine.

The problem is, we don't know how to handle that; we don't know how to handle misery. It wasn't embedded in our minds or in our hearts upon conception. We have to learn it along the way: we can either face it or wait.

Well, Fuuko faced it for too long and now it was HER time to wait. And she was willing to wait. It was better than losing all hope in being with him.

Where are you, Mi-chan?


He couldn't lose her. Not now.

He felt stupid. How could he have left her just like that?

He walked briskly towards… well, he really didn't know where he was headed.

What was he going to say once he finally talked to her?

The thought of it all was terrifying.

He felt that telling her what he'd kept inside for so long was even more terrifying than battling Kurei's men. It was embarrassing, idiotic and pathetic, what he would like to say to her. He knew that. But he also knew that it was the right thing to do: to confess.


That was all he could do to feel stronger at the moment.

"Wait." He stopped in the middle of the second flight of stairs.

I hate you.

She said that, didn't she? His finger nails dug unto the bare flesh of his palm. It seems like he needed more courage to face her. He ambled up the stairs once again, never really knowing where he was going. All he knew was that wherever his feet were taking him would eventually lead him to her.


Okay. Deep breaths. Fuuko trudged along the corridors of her dorm, making her way towards the roof top she deemed to be her own sanctuary during her first few days at the University. Poor railings. She couldn't wait to kick its iron bars until her legs ached. Fuuko broke Rica's mattress while she was in her 'punching mode' so the railings were the next victims for her to vent her anger.


Tokiya Mikagami reached the last flight of stairs.

Was he prepared?

Not quite so.

He was trembling now. For once, fear could be seen on his face. Fuuko…


She heard a creak from behind her. She turned around. It looks like the railings would have to wait.


At that moment, two different fates collided and made a promise for a single destiny to be soon conceived.

Blue eyes with different shades stared at one another: one lighter, one darker.

"What are you doing?" his voice caused involuntary tremors to run through her body.

He seemed different with the way he talked.

"… I was waiting." Fuuko didn't dare to take her eyes off of him.

The wind started to blow harder, making the purple tresses of her hair block her sight for a while.

'Move forward,' it seemed to say.

"Waiting?" he took a few strides closer.

Step, step, step.

They were only a few inches apart now. He could smell her; the scent taunting him, seducing him. Tokiya didn't dare take his eyes off of her either.

It was starting to become windier. But that didn't bother them one bit.

"…For you."

Now, it started to drizzle.

Water with wind.

The gods up there were probably on their favor now. Perhaps touched by the prospect of two souls lost only to find themselves even more lost with each other.

Water with wind.

… His element with hers.

"… I was waiting for you, Mi-chan."

No words could come out of his mouth. How could he have been such a fool before? Here she was, the woman he loved yet hurt the most. The same woman who suffered so much for him. The same woman he shunned.

Yet, she waited for him. Even after all this time.

The rain was starting to muffle whichever words she tried to mutter out of her lips. He just stared.

Her hair was dripping wet on her face now, but she didn't seem to notice.

She trembled, not from the cold weather but with the overwhelming thought that he came back for her. To her.

Was she crying?

Nobody could ever know for the drops of the water from above masked the possibility of knowing if those were truly her tears. And she was thankful for that. Very much.

Today, he was an open book. Fuuko could clearly see the emotions playing out of his handsome face.

So beautiful…

She longed to touch it. So she did. Because at that moment, she didn't care if it would be against his wishes.

He came back for her. And that's all she could think of; that's all that really mattered.


His eyes squinted. The rain was falling so hard at that instant; he could barely make out her features. He suddenly felt scared.

Was she angry?

A warm hand placed itself on his cheek. He leaned against it to feel if it was real.

Heck, it was as real as real could be.

This is real.

His fingers slid in between hers. He held her hand tightly.

How he wanted to say everything he had always wanted to say.

'I love you,' 'Be mine,' 'Thank you,' 'I didn't mean to…'

So many, many words. But the profoundness of the situation he was in could hardly even make him blink from the large rain drops that fell on them.

He inhaled and let his breath escape from his mouth, uttering what he only could muster out of his system.

"I'm sorry!"

And then, he hugged her with all the strength he had left.