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Day 4 in hell – Sound Selective School & University for Gifted and High-Achieving Students (what a name, speaks for itself, doesn't it?) – Sunday 26/1/18 – Sorano Takaski reporting.

They say the more goodbyes' you get as you leave; the less likely you are to return. Well, I don't know if that is true, but it means I won't be returning to Konoha anytime soon.

Dunno what really led me hear, I mean, it was really a joint effort, I can't give all the wonderful praise to Sasuke, who ran off to get revenge on his stupid brother who be blamed for cutting his parents car brakes. There isn't any real proof, and Itachi very suspiciously moved to another country to join Ataksuki College (no long titles there, why couldn't have he gone to the stupid Sound Selective School & University for High-Achieving and Gifted Students?)

Naruto and I had a farewell party follow us to the gates, and I remember gripping his hand and refusing to look back. Not looking back has been my way out of everything lately. It's weird being in a dorm, my roommates haven't arrived yet, I'm very nervous over if they'll be nice or not. The school doesn't officially begin until February, but Naruto and I came early in a hope of getting to Sasuke before the college lecturers do (in case they are just as much of rapists as the principal, it was my suggestion.)

Life had been mostly a buzz of report cards and test papers, for the two years of 11 & 12 Naruto bunked with me and we had a blast.

A.k.a, it was horrible. We studied non-stop, worry made it hard to sleep, Naruto snores and I can hear it THROUGH THE WALL! And despite several pancake-making efforts on Sakura's part, nothing seemed to get through. But now we're here. It's all done, Naruto is a pro-studier and I just hope he can manage without me since I can't spend every waking minute of the day with him.

My wish is that I may be able to sleep here, but even though three nights here have kinda proved the 400 or so wall in-between me and Naruto are think enough, I still don't trust them to stop his snoring…

I'm just waiting for it to make the pretty towers on the school/college collapse. Wait for it… wait for it…. nope. Not yet.

I read back through my old diary, and looked at how much I changed in one year, less, maybe. Well, I decided if that much happens unexpectedly, I better keep track of who I am this year too. And afterwards I can decide if my change was for the better or the worse. Ten bucks says it's for the worse.

Great, new low, making bets with myself… still. I think I have a good chance of winning this. I mean, last time I made a bet with myself the stakes were higher, but I have gotten out of that habit. I've found daring oneself to jump in a half frozen lake in le early thaw is not a slightly sane idea.

Anyway, our plan to get to Sasuke failed and we have to spend an extra week or so being bored. Sasuke went 'home' for the holidays. Yeah. Sure. I wonder where he really is, I swear, by the end of this year I better either have Sasuke back home, or be the most intelligent person on earth, if one of those two things doesn't happen, I shall count this trip pointless.

And since that last one is practically impossible, Sasuke better be willing to come home. I have a Gaara to find.

And you know what? As soon as I moved away from home, the dreams kicked in too…. The endless dreams, dreams where he is just out of reach, and in a haze, so I can only just guess If it's him or not. And whenever I look at him straight-on he disappears, like it's only my imagination playing tricks on me.

Which, seeing as it's a dream, really, that's about it… but still. I wake up cold, not sweaty, or panting, (suss suss suss) just cold. Cold and silent. And the feeling of being lost lingers for most of the day.

It gives me shivers, and I sleep with seven extra blankets.

Anyway, this new diary came with a scented pen so I can sniff it. mmmm…. Pineapple-fresh.

Yuck. I hate pineapple. I need a new pen. Maybe grape. Grape is always a nose-tinglingly delicious scent.

God… I am still critically insane. So if I factor in the other three smells I like (being strawberry, apple & lemon, but lemon smells like dishwashing liquid, and apple is…erm… too apple-y. So I shall narrow it down to grape and strawberry), and my insane-ness, all conclusions point to me needing Naruto to help decide whether I should choose strawberry, or grape, both being sniff-worthy scents. TO ZE BOYS DORM!



Fives mins latersssss – still in hell, still day 4, still undecided on pen flavours

Naruto told me to piss off. He has been very sour lately. I think somebody forgot to pack tampons.

No, not really, although t'would explain QUITE a few things.

But ever since it turns out Sasuke isn't here at ze moment, he has locked himself away and only let me in to deliver ramen I smuggled out of ze kitchens. I hate sad people, they annoy me as much as I annoy myself, so I threw pillows at him. His dorm peoples are used to seeing me in their dorm, they actually just wander about now, only occasionally giving me shifty glances.

Well, not exactly they, more like just whats-his-name, who doesn't talk anyway. At first I think he was mildly concerned his roomie was attempting to drown himself in his own misery/the squishy chairs, but after a while (yeah, four days, this is a very caring guy) he just shrugs. I sometimes hear him wonder aloud when his girlfriend broke up with him.

Ahh. So he recognises le symptoms of love. How sad. But he has misread the 'girlfriend' part. And the 'broke up' since his 'girlfriend' wasn't even considerate enough to formally 'break up' because he/she is a stupid craptastic 'girlfriend'.

Anyway, after coming in an launching into a long pointless conversation, he threw an old coffee cup at me, which I (very, very, VERY strangely) caught. And then I started happy-dancing because I was co-ordinated and tripped over a pot-plant.

What-s'his-name laughed at me. Erg. I must find out what-s'his-name's name.


Day 5 in hell, 27/1/18- another boring day. People should start arriving soon, you can see Naruto get more and more stressed with every day….

Us newbies were given sheets of our classes, last year we selected courses to take, even though I don't plan on using this education. And as soon as Naruto get's Sasuke back on the right side, I'm dropping out for more important things.

But despite that, I took courses I'd like, I have art, English, and surprisingly the course on therapy came up; with an ironic smile on I had ticked that box too. Who knows, it may come in useful if I ever take up my old role in Konoha again.

Math is mandatory for the first year, which is hopefully all I'll be staying for, which sucks as well because a year without maths would have maybe even been fun.

Eh, bored, going to drop in one Naruto…



Naruto has ROOOMMIIIEESSS! Mine hasn't arrived…. YET! (dundundun). What-s'is-name is very quiet. The only noise I've heard him make really is that snort of suppressed laughter when I fell over the pot-plant.

He just sat and stared at the wall…. Naruto's other roommate is…kinda, well… obese. To put it kindly.

As all College attendee's are over 18 (or turning 18 in my case) we are free to do what we want, which is good because I know the Schoolies (highschoolers) are forbidden to go into ze boys dorms) I'm allowed to just pop over as often as I like (or as often as welcome) but my visits might be…erm, refrained, as El Fatty is a whore.

I had bounded in the door, happy as my usual happy self (which isn't very happy in this dump) and immediately got a 'Oh, so the first of my Fanbase has discovered my dorm.' From an obnoxious voice.

My face went red and I turned to face El Fatty, okay… words to describe El fatty? Obese, fat, overweight, podgy, high in cholesterol, salad-dodger, ect… If you look past his rolls, I'm sure you'd find some tall creep with a bad haircut made of oranges.

What-s'is-name raised his eyebrows and for the first time I noticed the two red tattoo's above his eyebrows. He shook his head and retreated to his room in the apartment/dorm.

El fatty just surveyed the oh-so-short me. I scowled at him. "Fanbase? No, I'm here to see Naruto." I snap, I resist the urge to say 'about this tall, slender, half your size, doesn't live on burgers, has less then seven chins…'

El Fatty smirked. "Oh, the blonde one? He's in his room. He seems awful quiet." Does this monster say anything quietly!?

Just then I was saved from conversation with ze new Doughboy because I heard a strangled cry of "Sora?" from Naruto's room, and I bowed quickly to ze Man with 7 Chins and slipped off to Naruto's room.

"Naaaaarutooooooo." I coo as I enter the room happily, grinning. "Surprised ze man with 7 chins hasn't accidentally inhaled you by now."
"He's only been here for three hours." Naruto answered sourly, ignoring my hilarious intro. God, he needs cheering badly. My personal theory is his PMS'ing is caused by built-up sexual tension. But nobody ever listens to me when I put that theory foreword. Especially not Naruto, he just swore at me and threw stuff.

I grin. "Exactly." I sit on the end of his bed and sigh. "Seriously, he'll be arriving any minute now. Aaa-ny minute. Just relax, otherwise your going to look stressed and like you've been missing him or something silly like that." I joke. We both knew what I meant by 'he'll'. Sasuke.

Sasuke had run off here two years ago, two whole years and now Naruto and I had worked our way up to the Sound School & College for Gifted & High-Achieving Students to find him and talk sense into him, we'd worked for years to add up to this moment, when he'd arrive. I knew Naruto was nervous, heck, I was nervous….

I roll my eyes and lie back on the bed. "Well, could be worse, you could have to share a room with ze eight wonder of the world."

Naruto throws me a sour look. As if to say 'stop joking, I'm about to explode from depression.' (Or sexual tension, either one.)

You see, through the two years we spent studying, Naruto was happy as Larry (and Larry is pretty happy) and I was a stressed mess. Now we have switched roles, and I am Larry-happy and he is a stress-mess. I mean, even the day I sung 'don't worry! Be happy!' and what-s'is-name caught me didn't make him laugh.


"Seriously, Sora, just go. I'll come and visit, your room-mate should have arrived." He said, rolling over and scowling at the wall.

I frowned intensely at him. He didn't notice my intense-frowning so I grumbled and headed back to my room, bowing to the man with 7 chins and What-s'is-name on the way out.

What-s'is-name seems very quiet. He also has a multitude of pills on the counter. I'm worried. If he's a druggie, I didn't see ANYTHING.

Well, he is also the hottest person on earth compared to the man with 7 chins, he's tall, and has shoulder-length silver hair, dark unsmiling eyes and those strange red tattoo's above his eyes. He is a curious person.

Anyway, I slipped out of ze room and down the hall into my own dorm, and as I opened the door I got the biggest shock of my life. There was a strange woman in my dorm. My mouth flew open and I forgot to breath (as one does when they are surprised).

Eventually I gasped for air and she turned to face me, a look of curious disdain on her face. "So you're my Dormmate?" she asked, eyeing me.

She was tallish, so I had to look up to see directly into her eyes, which were half-covered by the fringe of red hair (not orange like the man with 7 chins, red, auburn-ish), she had a look of 'I'm better then you' permanently plastered on her face, and she dressed in shorts and a plain white T-shirt with big sleeves.

I nod dumbly. "I'm Sorano." I say after a while, meeting new people never really made me comfortable.

She eyes me again. And shrugs. "I'm Tayuya." And with that, she turned back to packing, as if I wasn't worth her time, I scowl at her and head for the showers.


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