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Anyhoo, here is a small preview. Even though you shall read the chapter now, riiight? But if you don't plan too, this is designed to make you want too.

The 9:45 to Suna arrived late on Monday. It got there at seven. The sun was up by then, and so when I stepped onto the platform there were many bronze-skinned, mainly male, people crowding around to get on the train. There were few women, and they were all covered in huge lengths of fabric from head to toe.

When I had raced up the stairs, I came face-to-face with Suna, and the thing that knocked the breathe out of me was the sheer hugeness of it. It was massive. I had never been in anything bigger then Konoha, which was tiny. But this was a city. It had huge houses, small houses, shabby houses, apartment houses, mansion houses, hotel houses, building houses, houses so tall they would have privately owned elevators, houses so long they would have those flat escalators you find at airports to make people walking from one side to the other move faster, houses with heli-pads, and then from my view at the top of the hill in which the railways were situated under, I saw the poor district. It was houses that were more cardboard then brick. This huge infestation of desert-dwelling people went on forever. And I shook, how the hell would I find one little insignificant individual in this mass of humanity and housing material.

I walked numbly to a bench and sat down. Where would I start? Would I spend my entire life knocking on doors until I found some trace of where he had been? I didn't have enough money to last my entire life. I had left with only PJ's, jeans, two packs of gum and 400.

I tore my thoughts away from Sound and back into the hot dry city of Suna. Fuck. This place is big. I must have looked thoroughly lost, since I got some sympathetic looks from the eyes of many passer-byers's.

Fuck. This place is big…

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