title: spectral

series: hanakimi

character/pairing: nakatsu & kayashima, light sortof sano/mizuki

summary: Kayashima watches horror flicks simply to point out the inaccuracies. Nakatsu would've preferred a romantic comedy, personally.

Kayashima watches horror flicks simply to point out the inaccuracies. He has become far too accustomed to ghosts to be afraid of obvious fakes. Nakatsu, however, while immune to Kayashima, is less fond of ghosts.

Nakatsu only watches this time because Mizuki is there, and at any moment Mizuki might get afraid, and need a Big Strong Man to cling to.

(Kayashima shakes his head at Nakatsu's glaring perverted aura, but Nakatsu is too deep in his reverie to notice. In Nakatsuland, Mizuki always wears long white dresses and waltzes through fields of flowers with him.)

Tonight Kayashima put in The Mountain of Violent Sins, an old favorite, lush traditional ghost story with a twist. Nakatsu would've personally preferred a romantic comedy.

Kayashima sits in a perfect seiza, as the opening credits show. The music is atmospheric and creepy, and already Nakatsu's skin is crawling.

Onscreen, a possessed girl lumbers towards a group of schoolchildren.

"I-I'm not afraid, NOT AT ALL! You can count on me, Mizuki!" and Nakatsu laughs as if that'd cover up the fact that he's clinging to the top of the bunk.

Mizuki shivers a little, from cold, from fear, and Sano slips an arm around her shoulder.

This brings Nakatsu down, at least until the ghost girl crawls out of a TV, hair wet and matted.

This time, he clings to Kayashima, who impassively lets him, even when Nakatsu's fright sends his seiza tipping sideways.

Kayashima mutters under his breath not enough light, wrong color for that type of spirit, very poorly researched But Nakatsu barely even notices as the ghostgirl is back, her hair pulled back to reveal rotted flesh.

By the time the movie is over, Nakatsu is a wreck. He doesn't even have enough courage to offer to walk Mizuki home like he had planned, in fact, he can do little but look suspiciously at the walls, wondering what will jump out of the shadows around him. Nakatsu nearly hits the ceiling when Kayashima returns – he hadn't even realized that his roommate had slipped out in the first place.

"Something seems to be troubling you.," Kayashima says.

"Ahah– it's nothing – " Nakatsu says, then amending in a slightly softer tone "except maybe, ghosts "

Kayashima simply stares at him for a moment. Of course, any reasonable, sane person would see that being around Kayashima would actually be the safest place to be in the rare event that a mass haunting ever happened at their school. However, this thought never occurred to Nakatsu.

"There is nothing to be afraid of — this room is free from ghosts," Kayashima murmurs.

Nakatsu looks around, still suspicious that ghostgirls lurked in every corner.

"I could provide more protection, if you'd wish."

For the next couple of days, ofuda becomes Nakatsu's favorite new fashion statement.