I Wish by C.W. Blaine

I Wish

By C.W. Blaine (darth_yoshi@yahoo.com)

Disclaimer: The characters and situations used in this story are ©2001 by DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission for non-profit purposes only. This original work of fiction is ©2001 by C.W. Blaine and may not be posted, reproduced or archived without the express permission of the author.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This work was written on September 14, 2001; 3 days after the terrible events that forced the United States to declare unconditional war on terrorism. Those events are the inspiration for this work.

I wish I were Superman, so I could have held the buildings up.

I wish I were Green Lantern, so I could have stopped the airplanes.

I wish I were the Flash, so I could run to New York and remove the debris in the blink of an eye.

I wish I were Wonder Woman, so I could teach the world the meaning of peace.

I wish I were Captain Marvel, so with a single word I could become someone else for a while.

I wish I were Aquaman, so I could find solitude in the bottom of the ocean.

I wish I were Mr. Terrific, so I could just make everything alright for just one person.

I wish I were the Martian Manhunter, so I could search the minds of everyone until I found an answer.

I wish I were Batman, so I could find justice in my need for revenge,

I wish I were Lex Luthor, so I could give as much money as I could.

Most of all, I wish I were Barry Allen, so I could give everyone else another chance.