"Jack, you bastard! Let me out!" Captain John Hart shouted at the man on the other side of the glass.

"You wanted to join the team. Deal with it!" was Jack's retort.

John tried to calm himself, he had to try and talk his way out of this.

"Jack how can you stand this?" he asked in a mournful tone.

"Stand what?" but Jack pretty sure he knew what John was talking about.

"You and me. We finally find each other again and we're separated by a pain of glass." John put his hand up to the glass and looked straight into Jack's eyes. He could see that his reserve was melting. Jack had never been able to resist him. Of course, no one could.

"Let me out. I've missed you." he was whispering now.

Jack looked as if he was about to give in, but then a wicked smile crossed his lips.

"I suppose it's wrong to lock your wife in a cell." the words flowed softly from his lips, like kisses. John's mind was suddenly full of memories from when they had been together. When they had annoyed the hell out of each other the sex had been great, which had been most of the time. But there had been a few rare occasions when they had been sweet. And it had been fucking amazing. When Jack had spoken, like he was now, softly. Dropping kisses on John's body, making him shiver. He shivered now, remembering, listening to Jack's voice. He remembered why he loved Jack.

"We really should find you some more suitable accommodation."

John woke an hour later from his drug induced sleep. He was lying on a bed and his hands were secured above his head with his own hand cuffs. Jack was standing over him.

"I thought you were never going to wake up." Jack purred down at him.

"Do you treat all your employees like this?" he asked half sarcastic, half wondering if this was actually some kind of initiation ritual.

"Most of them come to my bed willingly. You on the other hand are more stubborn."

John pouted. "Babe, you know I'm always willing. Let me out of these cuffs and I'll show you just how willing I am." It sounded desperate even to his own ears but he didn't care.

Jack laughed and straddled his former partner. He grind into John making him moan. "And where would the fun in that be?"

John bucked up against Jack but he held him down. "None of that sweetheart."

Jack leaned over a kisses him. Not hard or demandingly, but softly. The kind of kiss that made John's insides melt though he would never admit it. Jack continued to grind hard into John while kissing him sweetly. The sensation of hard and soft was almost driving him over the edge.

Then without warning Jack stopped and climbed off him.

John was confused "What the hell man?"

Jack just smiled at him. "I'm meeting up with Ianto. We'll probably end up back at his place."

"You BASTARD!" this went far beyond torture, this was just evil.

"You wanted out of the cage." Jack kissed on the forehead. "Maybe if you're lucky I'll finish you off when I get back. But it's going to be a long night." and then he bent down and whisper in his ear "your not as irresistible as you think you are."

With that he turned and left.


But Jack just locked the door behind him and left.

John looked up at his hands. There was no way he would be able to get them free. He looked down at the painful bulge in his pants. He remembered why he hated Jack.