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Breakfast was always filled with noise and excitement. After finishing I quickly retreated to the backyard. The major downside about Mom's house was that there wasn't a place that wasn't suffocating. I felt more comfortable like this, outside and not confined by the small rooms or narrow halls.

I felt a presence behind me and there was only one person who could sneak up on me like that; I smiled. "Hey, Fang," I greeted as I turned to face him. He wore a casual expression as he sat beside me on the still slightly damp ground holding his laptop carefully.

Leaning against him as he open the computer, I felt him smirk. "I found it," he said simply.

"What?" I asked pulling back from him with confusion.

"The house," he replied as if it should have been obvious. I nodded and stared at the screen as he opened up a minimized page.

It was gorgeous. Sitting on fifty acres of land located only about twenty minutes away from our Mom's if she actually drove there; an extremely spacious almost mansion and according to the description and pictures had enough space for all of us.

"I already looked at it this morning when I went flying before you woke up and it's as great as the pictures."

"I think this is it. Maybe we should take the kids to see it," I suggested as the house door behind us opened.

"Yeah, we should," he agreed.

I stood putting distance between him and I to speak to the rest of the flock who were now all standing a few feet away. "Hey guys, ready to go? Fang found a great house for the seven of us!"

They all looked a little tired but otherwise willing. We started flying towards the address and arrived quickly by air. Fang was right, which was unsurprising.

We approached the structure and had no trouble breaking in, an issue which would need to be fixed later if we were to actually live here, but nothing else seemed to require repairing. The kids ran around already claiming the rooms they wanted for themselves. I took in the area carefully seeking anything that would make the home wrong for us.

"Frustrated?" Fang asked from beside me. I looked at him curiously and he actually released a small laugh. "You can't think of a huge fault that this place has."

"I'm sure I could," I countered moving on to another space as he followed. "The price could be oneā€¦" I started but then something I had forgotten about came back to me. It wasn't on subject but to me it was more important. He moved closer thinking something was wrong. "Do you love me?" I asked touching his arm lightly but then he stepped back.

"What?" His tone was so surprised that I realized it must have been in my imagination, at least until he spoke again. "You heard that?"

I moved nearer to him again. "I thought I did but then that it might have just been a part of a dream. It was too real though." I hugged him. "I love you too."

He pulled back and looked as if he was going to kiss me but just then Angel ran in excitedly, "Max, we have to buy this house!"

I smiled down at her pulling out of Fang's embrace sadly. "Well, it's definitely a possibility."

"Oh, please!" she begged.

"Why don't you go get the others? We're about to leave. Mom will want us back soon." Surprisingly, she didn't protest and just ran off to get the others.

I turned back around running into Fang as he kissed me quickly then put me back into his arms. "Yes, Max," he whispered, "I love you."

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