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Summary: Angel comes home to find a very excited Collins. extremely short, oneshot, fluff

A/N: I'm NOT DEAD (yet)! I've just been really busy and have had some wicked writer's block. I don't think this is a particularly good oneshot, but I wanted to post something :3 Hope you like it!

Angel knew Collins would already be home. She knew he would greet her exuberantly as he always did, probably with a kiss. No, definitely with a kiss. She was looking forward to it.

However, what she got was a little more than she expected. The moment she closed the door and plunked her pickle tub down, she found herself pressed up, back against the door, Collins' lips pressed firmly into hers. Contrary to her expectations, he pulled away after only a moment, a wide grin on his face.

"Baby, guess what!!"

Angel smiled, shrugging off her slightly squished backpack. "What?"

Collins just grinned wider, grabbing her hand and bouncing—yes, bouncing—into the living room. Angel followed after him, one eyebrow raised. What had gotten him this excited?

As they came into the living room, he let go of her hand and ran over to the couch. He tried to stop, but his sock feet slipped on the wood floor and he went down with a thud.

"Oh my god, are you—" Angel didn't even get to finish her question before Collins popped back to his feet.

"I'm okay! But look!" He grabbed something off the couch. Angel came up beside him as he gleefully presented the object; a Rubik's Cube.

Angel's confusion must have shown on her face, because Collins elaborated, "Look! I finished it! I finally finished it!" Angel took the puzzle from him and twirled it in her hands, examining it.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Congratulations, honey!"

Collins grinned even wider (though Angel hadn't thought that was possible). "Isn't it great?? I've had that thing for ten years and I finally solved it!" He punched the air triumphantly. A moment later, his look turned thoughtful, then the slightly psychotic grin returned. After planting another soft kiss on Angel's lips, he said, "Come on, go get changed so we can go to the Loft!"

Due to Collins' constant calls of "Are you ready yet??", it only took Angel ten minutes to get changed. As she emerged from the bathroom, she took the red jacket Collins was holding out to her and threw it on quickly, following her excited lover at breakneck speed out the door.

- -

Roger nearly fell off the table in shock as the Loft door crashed open.

"COHEN! You owe me twenty bucks!"