In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day here's chapter one! (In Katara's POV)

"Katara, are you ready for your first day of school at a white school?" I herd a voice say as I was sitting in my room, still getting ready.

"No Sokka! Stop bugging me, it's just making me nervous!" I yelled back to the obnoxious voice who I call brother. I got off my bed and looked in the mirror. I was wearing my Sunday school dress, it was pink, and it was the best thing I owned. Today I was going to make history, today I was going to go to an all white school, even though I am from the southern water tribe and my skin is darker than theirs. Normally I would go to a school for all colored people. But not today, today I will make history.

"Katara are you ready now? Dad told me to walk you to school"

"Yes Sokka, lets go, " I nearly jumped up with excitement as we walk the two miles to school.

"Katara, now yous know that they aren't going to treat you the same, right?"

"Why not?" I question puzzled.

"Because there are just some things that you don't understand, okay?" I thought about that and was really confused. Why wouldn't they treat me the same? I was going to go to a white kid's school now. Shouldn't I be treated the same as them? We finally could see the school in sight as we were now walking on a paved road instead of the dirt one that we were earlier. But something was odd, there was police men, and adults with signs, and there was a lot of loud yelling.

"Oh no…" Said my brother, he looked pail, like he'd just seen a ghost.

"What's going on Sokka?" I asked puzzled as we stopped in our tracks.

"Katara! They protesting! Against you!" He said.

"Wait! What! Why would they be protesting against me?

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