Chapter 1

Kazama Minato, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha stood at the tall walls of the great looking down on the great battle before. The once fertile and beautiful lands now looked barren, and burnt. The fearsome Kyuubi no Kitsune roared, and continued its murderous rampage. He could see the bodies of Konoha's finest, jounin, chunnin and ANBU alike piled and thrown mercilessly to the side.

Minato had been called many things in his life, the Yellow Flash of Konoha, the most fearsome warrior for many generations, the Master of Flash Step, but never had he been called a coward. However, as he stood atop the walls and looked down at the massacre below him, he felt that foreign emotion, cowardice, sweeping through his bones.

However, this emotion was not caused by the terrifying Kyuubi, no. Many men may be petrified of the demon, but Minato was not one of them. In fact he relished an opportunity to fight the great beast, to test his own skills against its. Even if he knew he could not win such a battle, Minato was not one to turn down such an opportunity.

No, this emotion was due to the little bundle that was nestled in his arms. He looked down at it, and a small smile slipped onto his face as he looked at his son, Kazama Naruto. He was all Minato had left in this world, hid wife, Uzumaki Kushina had died in childbirth, her wounds were already grievous from her many skirmishes with the Kyuubi. As he thought about his wife, a single tear rolled down his cheek as he mourned her loss deep inside.

Minato felt like a coward, he hated himself for what he was about to do to his son, but at the same time he saw no other way out.

"Minato, our forces are worn thin, our numbers have been reduced to a third of their original number," Minato did not need to turn to see who was talking to him.

"Sarutobi, order all our forces to retreat," Minato said quietly, his voice low but authoritative. "I will face the demon alone, with my son."

"Minato, you must be crazy, taking that beast on alone is sheer suicide. What can your son do to help?" Just as he asked the question Sarutobi understood, "Minato you can't possibly be thinking of sealing it in Naruto?! You are condemning to a harsh life Minato, on-one will want to know, and he will have no family. Is that really what you want for him?"

Minato suddenly turned around, his eyes shone with rage as he spat out his next words, "Do you think I don't know that? Don't you think I hate myself enough already? But, I want you to do everything you can to make sure Naruto gets recognised for the true hero he is, promise me that. And when he gets to a suitable age I want you to give him these," Minato said, pulling out two scrolls from his cloak and handing them to Sarutobi.

"Minato, I still do not agree, but I will do my best. I still think you should wait for Jiraiya, he is the master of the seals, I am sure he will know another way," even as he said it Sarutobi could tell he did not believe his won words, he was just clutching at straws.

Suddenly a ninja jumped down, his face covered in a wolf ANBU mask. He was quite tall, and his hair was silver. "Sensei, our forces are being pushed to the walls. We can't hold out much longer."

"Yes Kakashi, I know. I will come out to face the beast alone," Minato stated voice full of gravity and seriousness.

Kakashi's eyes caught onto the little bundle in Minato's arms, "Sensei, is that...?"

"Yes, it's my son, Naruto," Minato said gently, looking down at the child, "He will be a strong one, I can already tell. You know, he hasn't cried once since he has been born, not even through this whole ordeal."

Another ANBU appeared, this one wearing a bird mask. "Sir, you must hurry, the gates have almost fallen to the beast!"

"Come then we shall go. Goodbye Sarutobi, and you Kakashi, it was an honour to teach you," and with that Minato disappeared in a flash of yellow.

Minato stood before the Kyuubi no Kitsune. His blond hair blowing in the wind and his head held high as his cloak billowed about him. He stood still, as the ninja of Konoha looked down on the scene from above.

"Foul creature, not of this world, your sins are great, and your punishment shall be greater. You who have caused nothing but pain, malignant thing that you are, I will stop your rampage here." Minato declared. The Kyuubi roared its rage evident as its shell of red chakra seemed to intensify tenfold.

Suddenly Minato hands flashed through a set of hand seals, ands his hands seemed to glow. The Kyuubi looked down at him with mild interest at what he was doing. Suddenly he raised the bundle that was Naruto high above his head, and a great light flashed down to Earth from the heavens, and a great roar of outrage from the Kyuubi shook the very foundations of Konoha.

Then as the light subsided all that was left was Minato's limp form and a bundle of clothe next to him. Sarutobi disappeared from the walls of Konoha in a puff of smoke and appeared next to the Yondaime's limp form, and he gently checked for pulse. He hung his head in sorrow, when he failed to find one.

He carefully moved towards the bundle that was Naruto, and saw the child was still asleep. Suddenly Naruto opened his eyes and reached up to grab some of Sarutobi's beard and yank on it. He giggled as the Sandaime howled with pain.

"Kazama Naruto, your father was right when he said you would be great."

Sarutobi had just agreed to come out of retirement and retake his old mantle as the Sandaime Hokage. The village was in turmoil, and so soon after being reinstated he was faced with a huge problem. There were only two words with which to describe this problem... The Council. The council was the governing body of Konoha, and held great sway within the village, second in power only to him. It was formed of the clanheads of Konoha's greatest and oldest clans, as well as those shinobi who had proven themselves in the battlefield.

The meeting room seemed to be in uproar as people held conversations and debated heatedy over one another.

"Just kill the Kyuubi brat. We must finish the Yondaime's work, kill him and be rid of the Kyuubi for good!" Uchiha Fugaku roared.

"SILENCE!" Sarutobi roared over the din, and the council memebrs fell silent, and slouched back in their seats. Once he was sure he had everyones attention Sarutobi continued. "I will not allow for this boy to be executed or shunned. I have bot told you the entire truth," he paused and sighed. Everyone suddenly looked at him in interest, wondering what he could not have been truthful about. "Naruto is not an orphan," Sarutobi stated.

"Then who are his parents Hokage-sama?" Hyuuga Hiashi asked.

Sarutobi looked up, and his eyes wandered across the gathering beofre he told them, "Naruto is the son of the Yondaime, and as Minato's son he is the sole heir of the Kazama estate and fortunes, as well as of greater lineage than any sat in this room. As you well know the Kazama clan was the founding clan of Konoha, and as such it is the noblest house." The Council members seemed to gape at his words, no one had thought this would be the case.

"Who was the boys mother?" Inoichi Yamanaka asked.

"His mother was Uzumaki Kushina," Sartobi said.

"But the Yondaime never married her, so Naruto cannot be legitimate, and as a result he cannot possibly inherit the wealth of Kazama!" Uchiha Fugaku claimed, his face red with outrage at this revelation.

"Actually Naruto is legitimate. It is not a widely known fact but Minato and Kushina were wed in the Hidden Whirlpool Village. Minato kept the marriage a secret to keep her safe."

"So you're telling me that the boy is the heir of the Kazama clan, has the ability to unlock two bloodline, one from each his parents and has the Kyuubi in him," Nara Shukaku asked.

"Yes Shukaku, and I think it is now obvious to you all why I refuse to harm of abuse the boy in any way. He is the Yondaime's legacy, he has great inert ability, he is Kazama Naruto!

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