Kitty Troubles

Chapter 1


Ed ran down the dark alleyway screaming out his little brothers name. He was on the trail of a AWOL state alchemist who had kidnapped his brother Al.


His voice carried in the narrow ally echoing back to him a little as he screamed.

"Fu fu fu…"

The laugh startled him.

"IT'S YOU!1"

He screamed


"Al? Ah yes…you mean that hulking suit of armor I kidnapped!"

Ed's eyes shone with anger.


He screamed again.

"Hm…Lets see."

He put a hand on his chin in mock thinking.

"Why in the starting point of your search for him Central City!"


Ed screamed at him again.

"Why it's easy to figure it out Fullmetal Alchemist! Your brother never left Central! This was just a decoy to lure you away from the hustle and bustle of the big city!"

The alchemist sneered and Ed's anger boiled over.

"Damn it!"

He snarled.

"Well seeing as Al's not here...I might as well leave!"\

He turned around with a swish of his trench coat.

"Fu fu fu…That's one thing that's not going to happen Fullmetal Alchemist!"

The array underneath Edwards feel glowed.


The alchemist clapped his hands and slammed his hands down onto the circle.


A small golden kitten looked down from a window ledge from above the alleyway.


It jumped of the window ledge to the edge a circle drawn in white chalk. He walked inside of it sniffing the white markings that covered the ground. Suddenly it glowed and a man screamed. The kitten felt all it's life force flowing from his body to the body of a young boys in the middle of the circle.

My head hurts…Mmmmmm…I want to sleep alittle longer…

He curled into a ball tucking his legs into his body.

The warmth feels good…

"When do you think it's going to wake up?"

"Who knows…"

"Well Chief if it does let me take care of it first!"

"Why you Havoc so you can use it to get a girlfriend? 'Oh look at me! I have a kitten! That makes me so much cuter then the Colonel!'"

"S-Shut up! I just have a way with animals that's all!"

"Why not me? I've always wanted a pet…"

"Because your dorm doesn't allow pets Furey."


I felt someone tuck a hand under my side and cradled me gently.

"It's alright little kitty…I've got you…"

Who ever was holding my smelt weird. Not bad just…weird. I opened my eyes.

"H-Hey…can anybody hear me?"

I called out.

"Ah…Hey! Havoc He's awake!"

Ah…So he must be called "Havoc." I wondered why but didn't really give it a thought. I felt him move and we moved together to a different spot in the room. I lifted my head to look around. Their were desks all pushed together in the middle of the strange room. Something felt cool against my body and I looked towards my arm and my leg. I licked them.

"Hey hey…Don't worry little guy. I've got ya."

A hand slipped under my bottem and I was helfed onto the shoulder of the man who named "Havoc" and I found myself staring into a pair of shiny blue eyes, above those eyes a big golden puff of hair. I want to touch it. I reached out my paw and smacked it and watched "Havoc" Laugh.

"See?! I told you I'm good with animals!"

I looked to my left and my right and saw some wooden things touching the ground. I wanted to play around them...I started to squirm out of "Havocs" grip.

"Hey buddy? Whats wrong?"

Hey! Let me down! I want to play over there!

"Havoc" cocked his head. The boy called "Furey" walked over and picked me up before putting me on the ground.

"There you go little guy!"

Little? Who the hell is he calling little?! I jumped up and violently scratched at him face. WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL HE'S NO BIGGER THEN A NEWBORN KITTEN?1 The boy fell back and scrampered over to "Havoc" sheets of tears flowing down his eyes. After that I scampered off into the wooden forest and started to play.

"See how great cats are? Cat's are SOOO much better the dogs."

A man exclaimed looking down at me. He was big and heavy. Kinda like a piece of this guy in a big red suit and a red hat I saw once. I think people called him...Santa. Maybe this guy's Santa? But wheres his rd hat and suit? Maybe he forgot it today! After I had told myself that was the answer I heard the door open.

"So where is he?"

"Under the desk Sir."

The man knelt down and grabbed my by the nap of my neck. Hey! Stop that! That hurts!

"Ug...Cat's. Of all animals Fullmetal could have been fused with it had to be a Cat?"

Fullmetal? Who was Fullmetal?

"Sir Let me hold it. Your hurting it."

"No no Lieutenant. I've got it."

"So have you morons desided a name for this thing?"

The man said loudly before dropping me on his desk. Ow! That hurt! Watch it! "Havoc" Spook up.

"Why not call him Fullmetal Sir?"

Theres that word again...Wonder what it means. Furey came out from behind the couch and hiccuped out.

"F-Fullmetal's too conspicuous. If the alchemist that did this to Ed found out about what happened he'd try to hurt us all down. Let's just call him Ed."

The man who threw me on his desk stood up.

"I agree."

He picked me up my the nape of my neck again

"Your name is Edward. Got it? Edward."

Edward? I'm Edward? Edward...That sounds like a nice name.