Here's yet another Worst Nightmare! It's short, because this character probably has like, 20 lines max in the books, but we said every character on the list, so….

Chapter Seven:

Pier's Polkiss' Worst Nightmare

Piers liked to think he had a normal, even a good, life. He had two parents who cared about him, but more importantly were oblivious. He had money- lots of it –so he didn't need a job. He was even the second-in-command of Big D's gang. And the gang had a ready target to go after: Big D's freak cousin, Harry Potter, the kid who'd never committed a crime, didn't do drugs, and had no friend, but who still was the one out of all of them to be sent to St. Brutus'. Oh, how hilarious irony was. At least, he was pretty sure it was irony.

Bored with reflecting on that, Piers continued his stroll down Magnolia Crescent, making his way to the park where the gang was going to meet up, but was stopped by crashing into a rather large person.

"Sorry," he grunted, not really meaning it until he looked up to see who it was. "Potter?"

The scrawny kid had buffed up, incredibly so to the point that it was incredible.

"Out of my way, punk," Harry said, knocking Piers aside. He went tumbling into the neighbor's lawn, but that wasn't important.

"How- how did you—?"

Harry threw a smirk over his shoulder. "St. Brutus'. They load you up on steroids." And with that, the hugely muscular Harry Potter made his way down the street and out of sight.

It wasn't fair! He and the gang had to scrounge around in secret for anything- not even the good stuff –and Potter was getting steroids for free! Cursed irony!


So yeah, not the best, but we wanted to finish up this group before heading on to the next batch. Thanks for reading!