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Just Tune by Savage Genius



mono nara koko ni aru yomayowazu ni tsuite oide

(things I want to protect are hereFollowing me with no hesitation)

usubeni no kaze wa ano hi no zanzoukakushita shinjitsu to kienai kizu no atohouteishiki de wa hakarenai RIARUhikari sasu asu no senritsu

(the crimson wind is an afterimage of that day

hidden truth and scars that won't go away

reality that can't be measured in equations

the melody of tomorrow that shines)




The phone rang at exactly 2.30 in the morning. Fuyumi wasn't asleep as she was studying so, she went to the phone to pick it up.

'I wonder who could be calling around this hour?' she thought.

"Hello?" she answered.

"It has been awhile, hasn't it, Yu-chan?"

Fuyumi gasped, "Se-Set-chan?"

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing very well. How about you?"

"I'm fine, thank you. How has it been going over there? I heard a lot of stories from Natsu-kun lately. Every time I called the house, it was always Natsu-kun who answered it. He told me that you've been working hard for the family. I told you before, not to over work yourself,"

"I'm fine, Set-chan. More importantly, how are you doing there?" Fuyumi was with her usual monotone.

"My muscles are improving. It'll take about another six months to recover. I've been doing a lot training here. Plus, Tezuka-kun is here too,"

Fuyumi's eyes saddened, "Set-chan,"


Fuyumi slightly shook her head and a weak smile appeared on her smile, "nothing, nothing at all,"

Setsuna, on the hand, knew what her little sister wanted to say. Setsuna smiled, "Fuyumi, promise me something, will you?"

Fuyumi listened, "What?"

"You remember when we first got our paired pendant?" Setsuna asked over the phone.

Fuyumi looked at the pendant, the silver crescent pendant that she always wear, "Yeah, of course I do. I never took it off,"

Setsuna smiled, "What did I say to you at that time?"

"We were ten and mom gave us that necklace for our birthday. She said dad made it for us. And,"


"You said that no matter what happens, no matter you are, we are one," Fuyumi's voice fell deep in sorrow.

Fuyumi knew that Setsuna was gently smiling over the phone. She could see her sister's gentle expression. She was exactly like their father, always smiling. No matter what hardships they faced, they would only think about others than themselves. Fuyumi got irritated.


Setsuna blinked, "What is it?"

"I, hate this,"


"I'm sorry, Set-chan,"

Fuyumi heard Setsuna sighed, "Yu-chan, listen, you haven't been playing tennis and I know you better than anyone else,"

"Play tennis. It wasn't your fault. It was mine. Please, play tennis. No longer hold on to me, or our doubles, you know you play better in singles. Let yourself go, let the old Fuyumi come back. The person, who loves tennis, plays with her heart and soul. Let me have my little precious sister back," Setsuna's voice was about to cry.

Fuyumi gasped as she heard those precious words from her beloved sister, "Set-chan,"


Fuyumi stayed silence. She closed her eyes and shook her head. As she opens up her eyes, her eyes turned cold, "I won't play tennis,"

"Eh?" Setsuna was surprised.

"Not without you. We are one, we are a pair, I won't play singles without you by my side, without you watching me, never. Have a good rest, Set-chan, good night," Fuyumi hung up.

Fuyumi stayed in the dark while closing her eyes. She knew that tears were there. She tried her best to hold it. She had promised herself not to cry ever again.

"Gomen, Set-chan, I, no longer have the will to play tennis. Not without you by my side," Fuyumi said to herself and went back to her room.

Both Natsume and Mayama heard the conversation. Natsume nudged the elder beside him, "Ne, Taku-nii,"

"Hmm?" he looked at the little boy.

Natsume held tight to his teddy that was given by both of his sisters when he was three, "I want Yumi-nee to play tennis again. She can play tennis, Setsu-nee always watches over Yumi-nee. That is why they have the paired pendant,"

Mayama smiled and carried Natsume, "for a small kid like you, you sure understand better than your sister,"

Natsume gave a weak smile and sighed, "so, what do we do now? Setsu-nee and almost everyone wants to see Yumi-nee play again,"

Mayama shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know for now. We can't do anything towards a person who doesn't want to be helped. But,"

Natsume just stared at Mayama and blinked. Mayama smiled, "I'm sure, there is a person who will able to and, we, still have to support her, right, Natsume-kun?"

The crimson hair boy smiled, "Hai!!"



yaiba no you na yamizora kakenukeru shoudoukinou no jibun yori mo motto mottomo takaku!nando toomawari shite nando tsumadzuita kke ?kanaetai yume e Just Tune!

(my impulses pierce through the dark sky like a blade

higher, much higher than myself from yesterday

How many times have I taken detours and stumbled?

To the dream I wish to grant, Just Tune!)



A blonde hair lass with crimson eyes stood by the balcony, letting the soft breeze on her face and running through her hair. As she closed her eyes, she saw her sister's smile, Setsuna smiled as she saw Fuyumi's smiling face. Setsuna slowly opened her eyes.

"Yu-chan," she whispered.

Suddenly she heard somebody by the door and turned to who it was. She gave her gentle smile to him, "Good evening, Tezuka-kun,"

The monotonous brunette approached her. Setsuna sighed, "That girl had always been stubborn, always. I never thought that, she would change this much,"

Tezuka just looked at the blonde, dumfounded. She shook her head, "No, I never thought that, she would become even darker,"

Tezuka looked at her, "What do you mean?"

Setsuna looked up at the sky, gazing at the moon, which was almost crescent and smiled, "Ever since small, she had always been better in tennis, ever since the first time she knew what tennis was, she thought me tennis besides father. I was envious of her but happy for her too. But somehow, even though she is my little sister, even though I know she loves me very much, she protects me more than herself, even though she had always been beside me, I always felt her being so distant from me. As if, her heart is searching for a certain light that I can't give,"

Tezuka stood beside her, "what do you plan to do now?"

She glanced at him, "I don't know myself. From what I've heard from Taku,"

She paused and smiled, which made Tezuka puzzled. She turned to him, "I think she will be playing tennis again. I'm sure. She just needs more people to have faith in her and I'm sure she'll come back, definitely,"

Tezuka was a little surprised. Setsuna had always been able to smile sincerely and have faith in people. Tezuka just nodded, "I see,"

"Thank you, Tezuka-kun. Good night. See you tomorrow," Setsuna walked back to her room, leaving Tezuka at the balcony.

Tezuka stared at the sky, which was full with stars that night, decorating the night sky around the bright crescent moon. He found himself smiling while looking at the moon, "Have faith, huh?"



datte narenakute modokashiin daten yori takaku rin to kirameku hoshi ni kogaretechiisa na kono te de nani ga dekiru ?hitori de itami o kakaenaidekoko ni oide!

(nobody is accustomed and feels impatient

Gazing at the stars that shine brighter than heaven

What can I do with these smalls hands?

Don't hold on to the pain alone

Come here!)



"Onee-chaaaannnn!!!!" a crimson hair boy shouted.

She grunted and tossed to the right while covering herself under her blanket, refusing to get up. Natsume grunted and shook her to get up, "Yumi-nee, I said wake up!"

"Nat-suuu-meee, I slept late last night. Give me a rest already," she said weakly.

Natsume grunted again. He smirked and he abruptly jumped on her bed. Fuyumi was shocked and got out of her blanket, "Natsume!"

The little boy kept jumping and jumping and he saw her saw and before he knew it, she tackled him on the bed.

"Gotcha, you naughty little boy!"

Natsume giggled and stuck out his tongue, "at least Yumi-nee is awake already,"

Fuyumi smirked again, "slick. Time for revenge,"

Natsume stared at her, suddenly Fuyumi tickled him. Natsume laughed hardly, "Yu-Yu-Yu-mi-neeeee, st-stop it!!"

"I refuse," she smirked again.

"Takuuuuuuuu-niiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Help!!!!" he shouted.

"You love to shout, don't you?" Fuyumi asked while tickling him.

"Well, both of you are having a cheerful morning," a lady with blonde hair and green hair smiled.

"Good morning, okaa-sama," she has stopped tickling her brother. Natsume ran to his mother's side and pouted.

"She bullied me,"

Fuyumi sweat dropped and looked at him, "you started it, cry baby,"

"I was waking you up, lazy bum," he stuck out his tongue.

"I slept late last night,"

Natsume became emotionless, "you weren't studying anyway, meanie," he ran downstairs.

Fuyumi rose an eyebrow, "natsume?"

She heard a sigh from her mother. She sat beside her daughter on the bed, "Yumi-chan, you should refrain from studying till late night. You look tired," she stroke Fuyumi's hair.

Fuyumi looked at her mother, "kaa-sama, is there anything that you want to tell me?"

Her mother just smiled, "I can't hide anything from you, can I? I really wonder how you can always tell if there's a secret in somebody but nobody can tell what you're thinking at all,"

Fuyumi kept quiet. She felt her mother hand in hers, "Yumi-chan, I'm going to Germany to see your sister,"


"I got a call from her doctor yesterday morning when I was at the office, and she told me that Set-chan had been improving fast. She wants me to come and see her. She told me to bring you and Natsume along with Takumi but, the three of you have school,"

"I understand. I don't want to go either," Fuyumi said monotonously.

She turned to her mother with a small smile, "send my regards to Set-chan,"

She stood up and grabbed her towel. Her mother sighed again, "Yumi-chan,"

Her mother stood up and embraced her daughter, "all of us will always love you," she kissed her daughter's forehead and left.

Fuyumi stood there, staring at the floor. She sat at her desk and opened her drawer. She reached for a frame, and stared at the picture. Her eyes softened as she looked at the picture; her father, her mother, herself and Setsuna. They were ten years old. The picture was taken after their first win as doubles. She put it back in her drawer and shrugged the feelings.

'I love you, otou-sama,'



mayakashi no tsuki ga shiroku azawarauseigyo funou no mama hotobashiru gekijou"ushinau koto" nareta furi detsuyogatteta hibi ni sayonara

(the deceptive moon whitely sneers

the dwelling fury that's uncontrollable

I pretended to be experienced in 'losing something'

I'll say farewell to the days where I acted 'tough')




"Oi, wake up, it's almost noon already," Ryoma said.

Ryoga couldn't be bothered and continue to sleep. Ryoma twitched because he knew Ryoga was already awake.

"I said wake up, lazy idiot," he said it louder.

"Who are you calling an idiot, huh?" Ryoga replied while still closing his eyes.

"Because I'm not a lazy idiot like you. So, wake up already. The old man is nagging for you to wake up. Practice,"

Ryoga slowly woke up. He was shirtless and his hair was in a mess. He sighed and ruffled his hair. "Since when does that old man know how to nag?"

Ryoma stared at him, "since you came,"

"Tch," Ryoga got out of bed and went straight to the toilet. Ryoma still hung around his room and sat on his bed. Ryoma saw his cell phone beside his pillow and decided to take a look at it.

'All of it are girls' number. Tch, typical,' Ryoma thought. He went to the camera folders and found a person's picture that he didn't expect. It was Fuyumi's. It was a picture of her without her glasses and with her hair let down. Ryoma was a bit surprised and put the phone back to where he first took it.

He got up and left the room and went to his room. Ryoma sat on his bed and thought back what he found. 'I wonder if he knows about Honey-senpai's real identity? When did he get that picture?'

As Ryoma was thinking, his cell phone rang. The number belongs to Sakuno. He smirked, "moshi moshi?"

"Konnichiwa, Ryoma-kun. What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm just waiting for that idiot to get ready. What's up?"

"Mm, Momo-chan-senpai asked you guys to come to the tennis court at the park,"


"He said that Inui-senpai who planned it and everybody agrees,"

"Ahh, I see,"

"Ryoma-kun, are you coming?"

Ryoma smirked, "are you wearing your cheerleading outfit?"

"Mouu, Ryoma-kun," Sakuno was blushing.

"I'm just asking,"

"I'm already here at the park with Tomo-chan, Horio-kun, Katchiro-kun and Katsuo-kun with Momo-chan-senpai and Inui-senpai,"

"Ne, Ryoma-kun,"


"After the game, can you company me to the-"

Ryoma was staring at a tennis ball on his desk, "you wanted to cut your hair, right? We'll go after the game and get dinner as well,"

Sakuno blushed, "Ahh, uhm, yes,"

"Then, I'll see you there,"

"Ok, bye,"


Sakuno pouted as she hung up, "Ryoma-kun changed into a pervert lately," she blushed.

"Well, you guys are growing up," a familiar voice said.

Sakuno was surprised, "Fu-Fuji-senpai, Oishi-senpai and, Kikumaru-senpai,"

Eiji grinned, "Sakuno-chan is blushing like a ripe tomato,"

Sakuno was speechless. Oishi smiled, "Eiji, she's already too red, stop teasing her already,"

Eiji gave a cat grin, "Sakuno-chan should know that you look cute when you blush and besides, I think it's already clear now,"

"Eh? What is?" Sakuno blinked.

Oishi smiled, "that Echizen-kun likes you,"

"Ehhh?!" Sakuno blushed a deeper red.

Fuji chuckled, "more like he loves you,"

"A-ano," Sakuno covered her eyes with her fringe. She was too embarrassed.

The three seniors chuckled while Fuji was patting her shoulders. Sakuno had grown into a beautiful girl. She had curves at the right places and long hair. She still had the same attitude; shy and kind, a good cook and always with Ryoma. Everybody knows that she only belongs to Ryoma and no one can have her.



atashi no sonzai wa chiisai mono to shitemokono kokoro Out of control!!"kyou" to iu shunkan ni subete kakerukizutsuite mo iinda sore yori tsutaetai kotomayotte irarenai kimi to aetaatashi wa utai tsudzukeru yotsuite oide!

(even if my existence is something small

this heart is out of control!

I'll bet everything on this moment called 'today'

I don't care if I get hurt, but there's something I want to say

I can't continue being lost, I met you

I'll continue to sing

come follow me!)



Ryoma stared at the tennis ball. It was given by Sakuno before he left. Ryoma realised at that moment that he has feelings for her. He opened his phone and a picture of him and her as his wallpaper. He smiled and closed his phone.

He realised there was somebody at his door, "you can knock, you know?"

Ryoga smirked, "you love her, don't you?"

"It's none of your business," he grabbed his racket. "Worry about yourself,"

Ryoga stared at his little brother, "Why are you-"

"We're going to the park,"

Ryoga just blinked, "What's the plan?"


Ryoga sighed, "I want to do something more fun like dating,"

Ryoma smirked, "Honey-senpai is going to be there,"

"She's boring and she doesn't dress up like other girls would," he sighed.

Ryoma rose an eyebrow, "how does other girls dress up?"

"They dress up cutely. If they wear spectacles, they choose to wear contacts instead. They dress up with a little make-up," Ryoga explained.

Ryoma just looked at his brother, "whatever, every girl is different. If you can't accept her the way she is, then don't bother with her at all. Besides, Honey-senpai is still a stranger to you,"

Ryoga stared at his little brother, "then you tell me about her,"

"What happened to the Ryoga who likes to flirt? I thought you flirt with them to get to know them. Why not do the same?" Ryoma asked in sarcasm.

Ryoga sighed, "like you said, she is different. I can't use the same tactic,"

Ryoma smirked, "then use other tactics,"


Ryoma lowered his cap, "But, I can't promise you if Honey-senpai is going there alone,"

Ryoga puzzled, "what do you mean?"

"Bye," Ryoma already left.

"Oi, chibi-suke!! Wait up!!" Ryoga ran into his room, grabbed his tennis racket and chased after his little brother.



jibun no kizu ga itsu demo ichiban nante omottetasa? egaita sora eRIMITTAA hazushite habatake! jiyuu ni!

(I always thought that my own pain comes first

right here, towards the sky we wanted

remove the limitations and fly! Freely!)



"Yumi-nee, hurry up!" Natsume was pulling Fuyumi's hand.

Fuyumi sweat dropped, "Natsume, be patient a bit, will you? I still haven't pay the food yet,"

"Hurry up!" he pouted.

She was irritated, "Natsume, I don't care if you pout whatsoever, just stop dragging me and let me pay,"

"Don't worry about the payment," a familiar voice greeted them. Fuyumi looked at the person, it was Shinobu.

"Shin-nii!" Natsume hugged him. Shinobu patted his head and smiled.

Fuyumi sighed, "you pamper him too much, Shin,"

He smiled gently, "hey, he's just a kid,"

"Exactly my point," Fuyumi said monotonously.

He chuckled, "why are you wearing your glasses?"

Natsume grinned, "who cares if she wears it or not? Let's go to the park!"

"Look at the little devil," Fuyumi smirked.

Natsume stuck out his tongue, "I'm just like the sister," he said proudly.

Fuyumi smirked and ruffled his hair, "no lollipop for you later,"

"Ehh!!? That's not fair!" Natsume exclaimed.

"Fair enough for me," she stuck out her tongue.

Natsume pouted. Shinobu chuckled, "I'll get you an ice-cream if you stop bullying your sister,"

"Hurray!!!" Natsume hugged Shinobu tightly and smirked at Fuyumi.

Fuyumi glanced away, "whatever. Saves my money. Anyway, where's Taku-nii?"

"I'm here," he approached out of no where.

"Seriously, stop doing that," Shinobu said.

"Do what?" Mayama smiled.

Fuyumi sighed, "popping out of no where,"

Mayama chuckled, "let's go or we'll be late,"

Shinobu put Natsume down on the ground and the little boy ran beside Mayama while Shinobu walked with Fuyumi behind the two.

"What's going on at the park?" Shinobu asked.

"I don't either. All I know is that, after lunch, Natsume was all hyper to go to the park," Fuyumi explained.

"I see," Shinobu glanced at her.

She looked at him, "what is it, Shin?"

He shook his head and smiled, "you look pretty,"

She had a tint of blush on her cheeks, "thanks,"

She was wearing faded jeans with Converse sneakers, a black turtle neck top and a beige coloured jacket. She had a small smile on her face as she walked while looking somewhere else, avoiding his gaze.

"Natsume-kun!!!" a cheerful voice greeted from and running towards Natsume and vice versa.

"Eiji-nii!!!" he jumped into Eiji's arms and Eiji carried him.

They were being all cuddly with each other. Fuyumi was emotionless and greeted the others. Of course, Ryoga was there with his fan girls. Fuyumi approached Sakuno, "Yo, Sakuno,"

"Ah, Fuyumi-senpai," Sakuno smiled.

Fuyumi nodded and sat beside her. Tomoka and the other three friends came to greet her and chatted with her. Ryoga saw Fuyumi from far and noticed three other people with her.

"Yo, Honey-senpai," Ryoma greeted.

She smiled and nodded, "yo,"

Ryoma stared at her, which got her attention. Nobody noticed but she looked straight into his eyes, as if she was saying that 'whatever you want to talk to me, it's going to be later' to Ryoma.

"Right," he glanced away and walked away.

Sakuno and the rest watched at his retreating figure. Sakuno's eyes didn't leave his figure. Fuyumi didn't have to look at Sakuno, "go,"

Sakuno was taken back, "O-Okay," she ran towards him.

Horio looked at the both of them and return to Fuyumi, "ne, Honey-senpai,"

She smiled, "yes?"

"Ano, how come I've never seen you play any sports?" he asked.

Tomoka, Katchiro and Katsuo froze and thought on what Horio has asked. They exchanged glances and looked at the crimson-haired lass in front of them. Fuyumi gave a small smile, "because I'm not good in sports,"

"But, you're good at running?! Honey-senpai even got first place for every running event," Horio exclaimed.


"That hurts!" Horio shouted.

Tomoka stuck out her tongue, "stupid. You're offending Honey-senpai. Who cares if she doesn't play sports. As long as she's smart, pretty and good at running, she's the best. Honey-senpai is Honey-senpai, she is not Ryoma-sama or Momo-chan-senpai or anyone. If she doesn't play sports that means she doesn't,"

"Ano, Osakada-san, why are you so spirited in giving a speech today?" Katsuo asked.

"It's because Honey-senpai feels offended!"

Everybody sweat dropped. Fuyumi smiled and patted her shoulder, "I'm not offended at all. It's true, I suck because I don't play sports but Osakada-san is right as well, not everyone is good as sports, right, just like Horio-kun,"

Horio blushed and glanced away, "I'm still doing the best,"

"Of course you are," she smiled.

"Looks like Horio-kun can't use his two years of experience in tennis excuse anymore," Katchiro whispered to Katsuo, but was heard by Horio.

"Shut up!" Horio shouted while blushing.

The others were laughing and giggling as they kept on teasing him. Hearing the laughter, Fuji and the rest joined them. Ryoga gave short glance at a certain crimson-haired lass who laughing along with the rest. Even though he was with all his fan girls, he would get a glance at her.

He smirked, "what the hell," he whispered to himself.

One of his fan girls with black short hair blinked, "what's wrong, Ryoga-kun?"

He shook his head, "its' time for me to get to my team mates girls,"

"Aww," most of the girls pouted.

"We'll have more time, OK?" he winked.

The girls melted as he gave flying kisses at them as if he was a pop star. He joined the rest with his trademark smirk. Of course, Fuyumi saw him coming and avoided his gaze.

Fuji smiled at him, "ahh, done with your fan girls already?

"For now," he smirked.

Inui wrote something in his book and pushed up his glasses, "I wonder if it'll be good for you to have more fan girls?"

Ryoga blinked. Momoshiro rose an eyebrow, "what do you mean, Inui-senpai?"

Inui just stared at Ryoga and shook his head, "nothing special,"

"Right, let the match begins," Oishi smiled.

Everybody paid attention to what he has to say. Oishi looked at the paper in his hand, "Momoshiro vs. Inui, Eiji vs. Fuji, Kaidou vs. Ryoga-kun, Ryoma vs. me,"

Kaidou glanced at Ryoga, "pssshhh,"

Ryoga sweat dropped, "weird guy,"

"First match will be Momoshiro-Inui and Eiji-Fuji," Oishi explained.

Kaidou had walked away from the group to do some warm up. The others were excited to watch the match and took their places around outside of the court. Natsume was skipping with a cheerful face, "Yumiiiiii-neeeeeee!!!"

Ryoga looked at Fuyumi's way and saw the little boy with Mayama and a silver-haired lad following behind. Ryoga felt immediate irritation.

Fuji noticed that Ryoga was staring at them, "ahh, you haven't met Honey-senpai's little brother yet,"

'Little brother, huh?' he thought. He trailed behind Fuji.

"Yo," Fuji greeted.

Natsume was about to greet Fuji until he spotted someone who looked familiar but with different height. He blinked, "Ryo-nii?"

Fuyumi was with her emotionless look, staring at Ryoga. The elder Echizen noticed but ignored her and went straight towards the younger Haninozuka. He stooped down to the little boy and smiled, "you're cute,"

Natsume blinked, "nii-chan is not Ryo-nii, is it?"

Ryoga chuckled, "I am 'Ryo-nii' but the name is Echizen Ryoga,"

"Oh, you're Ryo-nii's onii-chan then. I'm Haninozuka Natsume," Natsume smiled.

Ryoga nodded and glanced over at Fuyumi, "nice to meet you Natsume. You really have a very adorable little brother. He is very unlike you,"

"We're different individuals. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same just because we're siblings. Just like you and Ryoma," she said monotonously.

Ryoga smirked, "you're just too smart,"

She looked directly into his eyes, "no, you're just being an idiot," she stood up and walked away.

"Fuyumi, where are you going?" Shinobu asked. Ryoga just gave a short glance at him.

"To buy a drink. Talking to an idiot makes me thirsty," she said. Ryoga twitched.

"Do you want me to come with you?" the silver-haired lad asked.

She shook her head, "it's OK," she walked.

Ryoga heard Natsume sighed, "what's wrong?"

Natsume looked up at Ryoga, "nii-chan, you like Yumi-nee, don't you?"

Ryoga smiled and whispered to Natsume, "it'll be a lie if I told you that I don't,"

Natsume giggled, "then I'll leave her to you," he held Ryoga's hand and pulled him. Ryoga puzzled at what the little boy meant but shrugged it off.

Mayama chuckled, "there's not much difference between the two siblings,"

Shinobu looked at Mayama, "hn?"

Mayama just smiled, "nothing really. Let's watch the game,"




"kyou" to iu shunkan ni subete kakerukizutsuite mo iinda sore yori tsutaetai kotomamoritai mono nara koko ni aru younmei demo guuzen demo itoshii kizunachiisa na kono te de nani ga dekiru ?atashi wa utai tsudzukeru yokoko ni oide!

(I'll bet everything on this moment called 'today'

I don't care if I get hurt, but there's something I want to say

the things that I want to protect are here

even if it's fate or a coincidence, it's precious bond

what can I do with these small hands?

I'll continue to sing

Come here!)




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