Title: The Padventures of Chloe and Lex Ch8: Justice done, Love abound (8 of 8)

Type: Smallville Fan Fiction Pairing: Chloe/Lex

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own. They belong to Amiles, the CW, and DC Comics.

Rating: PG

Summary: Chloe and Lex go out on their romantic date.

Lex and Chloe were at the mansion getting ready for their romantic date; she was soaking in the bathtub while he was in the study already dressed. He went to his hidden safe, opened it, and took out his mother's engagement ring; he nervously put it in his pocket. She got out of the tub and put on a slinky black lace dress; when she was doing her make-up he walked in.

"Chloe you are absolutly breathtaking," he declared as he walked over to her and kisses her neck.

"The same could be said for you," she said while leaning her neck up to his lips. "Oh Lex, I love you so much! So, where are we going for dinner?"

"I'm glad we are on the same page as to our love and it is a surprise where we are going."

"I hate surprises, but I guess I will just have to deal with it," Chloe says with a sweet smile.

"Yeah you do hate them Love, but I promise you will love it."

"I'm sure I will because being with you is all I need."

They heard the limo pull around and went to get in; once in they snuggle up to each other. Lex pulls out a blindfold when they've traveled about a mile, "Chloe you will need to wear this so you will not see the surprise," he said with a sexy smirk. She rolled her eyes playfully as he put it on her.

The limo stopped at a restaurant, he gently helped her out then lead her to a garden. Once at the table he removed the blinedfold and she let out a small gasp at the beautifully set table and garden.

"I can tell you like it; you deserve this and more, and I want to give you this and so much more," he said softly while kissing her.

"Lex, I do like it; it's so beautiful, and all I truly need I have. You love me, what more could I ask for?" She said looking at him with a loving smile. He held back his tears at her words and pulled out her chair. He sat down as the waiter came for their order of food and drinks.

When they were done eating their entrée the desert shows up. Lex says, "Chloe, I have a very important question."

"I love to answer questions, ask away," she said whiel reaching for her hand, which he held for a small bit of time then he took a deep breath.

He got up, walked over to her and dropped down on one knee. Before he can say anything he notices that she is speechless, "Now this will be easier to ask; Chloe Ann Sullivan, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Lex says while holding open the ring box.

THE END, thank you for reading