Chapter 27
one hour later

Ed sits in a chair beside Danny's bed fast asleep, his head resting against the side. Danny moves his head slightly before opening his eyes. Immediately, Ed shoots his head up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He stands up and looks down to Danny.

McCoy opens his eyes to see Ed standing over him. He suddenly has a feeling of panic wash over him and he shoots upright. "Where is she?" he asks, looking around the room for her. "I dropped her didn't I?" he says with panic and his eyes welling up with tears.

Ed pushes the young man back down, "No, no, no she's fine." He says calmly. "She's in the room next door." He says pointing to the next room over. McCoy nods his head and starts to breathe heavily. He looks to his chest and sees the tubes coming out of it. He looks to Ed with alarm for an answer. Deline sighs before answering. "You were shot Danny…the bullet veered off and punctured your lung." He says softly. "apparently with all the commotion your other lung began to fill with fluid."

Danny shakes his head, not interested in what his mentor was saying. "I don't care." He says curtly. "How is she? How's Jillian?"

Ed smiles and places his hand on Danny's good shoulder. "They're fine. Delinda had a dislocated shoulder and Jillian has a minor concussion." He says with a shrug.

"and Kent?" Danny asks, short of breath.

"He's dead." Ed says nodding his head. Danny sighs with relief. He then starts to unhook the tubes and tries to stand up. "Whoa whoa whoa! What are you doing?" Ed shouts, trying to get Danny to lie back down.

"I want to see them." Danny growls, giving Ed a look much like the one his mentor usually gave him. Ed gives in, helping Danny to his feet. As they reach Delinda's room Danny shrugs Ed off. He walks in the girls room on his own two feet, starring at the sleeping women in front of him; Delinda fast asleep in the bed nearest the door, Jillian past out in the far bed, and Sam sleeping in a chair between the two. McCoy smiles and walks over to Delinda, taking a seat beside her. He runs his hand over her face and smiles.

Seven hours later
7:00 am

Delinda rolls over and smiles at the sight of a sleeping Sam in the chair beside her. A nurse walks in the room, smiling at Delinda as she does so.

"How are you feeling Miss. Deline?" she asks, picking up her chart.

Delinda nods her head, "I'm fine…" she says curtly. "How's Danny McCoy?" She asks, now sitting up in her bed, preparing for the worst.

The nurse gives her a warm smile, "He's fine." She says softly, "he's in the room right next door."

Delinda lets out a huge sigh of relief. "Can I see him?" she asks, her eyes welling up with tears. The nurse looks out in the hallway hesitantly before answering. "Please." She adds. The nurse gives in and helps Delinda out of her bed, quietly.

As they walk into Danny's room Delinda looks to the nurse, "I'll give you a moment." The nurse says smiling and walking back towards her desk. Delinda walks to the foot of Danny's bed and leans against it. She leans her head to the right as something catches her eye. A smile spreads across her face as she looks down at her father sleeping on a cot next to Danny's bed. She finds herself letting out a small giggle, but covers her mouth when she hears it.

Danny shakes his head a little and opens his eyes. He grins when he sees Delinda standing in front of him smiling. "Hi…" he utters simply. Delinda quickly looks from her father to Danny,

"Hi" she says cheerfully. There's a short silence, not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. "Have you seen this?" she asks, nodding towards her father.

Danny rolls to the side of his bed and peers over the edge. He starts to laugh when he sees Ed fast asleep, one arm behind his head and the other draped across his stomach. "no…" he says laughing and shaking his head. He looks back to Delinda and just stares, stares and smiles as he wonders how she can look so beautiful without even trying. "Come here." He says, patting the edge of his bed.

She walks over and sits down, taking his hand in hers. "You look like crap." She says brushing a piece of hair behind his ear.

"I feel like it." He says with a laugh. "How are you?"

"I'm ok, I just had a dislocated shoulder." She says with a shrug.

"and your mom…?"

"Mild concussion. You got the worst of it." She says running her hand over the bandages on his shoulder. Danny winces a little as she presses down a bit too hard. "I'm sorry." She says, afraid that she really hurt him. She then looks down to her right and smiles at her waking father. He opens his eyes and looks to his daughter and Danny.

"Morning sunshine." Danny says with a grin. Ed laughs and sits up, rubbing his eyes.

"You should have gone home and got some sleep." Delinda says with concern in her voice.

Ed shakes his head. "I got some sleep." He says motioning towards his cot. Ed stands up and looks down at Danny. "How's it feeling?"

"Like I was shot in the shoulder." He says, wincing at the pain as he readjusts himself.

Ed lets out a small laugh, trying to hide the worry he's consumed with. "Well maybe we should get the nurse in here, have her give you something for the pain?" he says with a shrug of the shoulders, like it was no big deal.

"I'm fine." Danny states, waving off Ed's concern. "really"

Ed looks back to his protégé and scowls as he sees the sweat pouring down his temple, the bags under his eyes getting bigger and darker, his leg twitching from the pain in his shoulder. "Yeah…" he says turning to leave the room. He walks out to the help desk and grabs the attention of a nearby nurse. "Excuse me, my…" he stops, not sure of what to call him. He thinks for a split second how many times this predicament seemed to come up, but shakes his head free from the thought. "my friend needs something for the pain." He says pointing to Danny's room. The nurse looks around the empty hallways, sighing as she stands up. Reluctantly, she fallows Ed to the room and picks up McCoy's chart. She reads over it quickly, then walks over to Danny and peels back the bandages on his shoulder.

"I'll be right back" she says dryly as she leaves the room. Delinda makes a face as the nurse from hell walks away, causing Danny to fall into a fit of laughter.

His laughter quickly transforms into a cough, then a loud wheeze, and soon deep gasps for air. His face is full of panic and distress.

"Danny!" Delinda screams with alarm.

Ed runs back into the hallway, "Nurse!" he calls, his voice full of shear horror. The nurse comes running out of the supply closet and runs to Danny's room as she sees Ed's face filled with fear.

She pushes Delinda aside and pulls Danny's gown down, just enough to reveal his chest. She looks around and sees his chest tube hanging to his side. She quickly lifts it back up and places it in its proper place.

Danny shoots upright, taking in deep gasping breaths. He lies back down and closes his eyes for a moment. Delinda stares down at him, glad to see the look of panic diminish from his face. "Your chest tube came dislodged." The nurse says calmly, now taking a needle from her pocket. "This should help with the pain." She says, injecting it into his IV. Danny nods his head silently as the nurse walks out of the room.

"You ok pal?" Ed asks, patting Danny's foot as he stands at the end of the bed. McCoy again nods his head. "Good." Ed replies. There's a short silence, all of them looking to each other. "I'm going to check on Jillian." He says motioning towards the next room over.

"Ok." Delinda says nodding her head.

Ed then leaves the room and walks the three feet to his wife's room. As he enters Jillian sits up worriedly. "Is he ok? I heard you yell." She asks, concern filling her hoarse voice.

Ed smiles and nods his head as he takes a seat on the edge of her bed. "He's fine." He replies coolly. "his chest tube came loose."

"Chest tube?" she says, clearly lost at her husband's statement.

"The bullet punctured his lung, and somehow with all the commotion his other filled up with fluid…" he says shaking his head, unsure of all the medical terms.

Jillian sighs, upset that Danny had to go through all of that, but relieved that he was ok. "Where'd you sleep?" she asks, changing the subject. "I woke up and you were gone."

"I slept on a cot in Danny's room." He answers, knowing that his wife was going to say something. Jillian smiles at her husband like he's a cute little boy. "What?" he asks defensively.

"You were scared." She says, grabbing his hand.

Ed lets out a deep breath and looks to the floor. "I watched him die last night. I'm not in a hurry to see it again." He says shaking his head, trying to rid himself of the images.

Jillian squeezes his hand and looks to his sympathetically.

Nessa looks to Mike sitting at the kitchen table as she unwraps some of their dishes from the moving boxes. "You ok?" she calls out to him, pulling Mike out of his trance.

Mike looks up startled. "Yeah…" he says with an unsure tone. "…wondering how Danny's doing." He confesses, looking to his watch.

"So call Ed." She says with a shrug of her shoulders.

"It's seven thirty in the morning." He says with a high pitched voice. "I'm not going to wake him up." Mike squeals, looking to Nessa like she was crazy.

"He's up, trust me." She says tossing Mike the phone.

Mike sighs and dials the number, giving in to his curiosity. The phone rings a few times before Ed picks up. "Ed it's Mike."

"Hey Mike." Ed whispers, trying not to wake Sam still sleeping in the chair.

"I didn't wake you up did I?"

"No, I'm awake, what's going on?" he asks now walking out to the hallway.

"How's Danny?"

Ed hesitates, not sure of how to start.

"Ed!?" Mike calls into the phone with alarm. "Is he ok?"

"He's fine." Ed spits out, hearing Mike let out a sigh of relief. "He's awake and talking."


"but what? But nothing." Ed says defensively.

"Ok, we'll head over there in a little bit."

"ok." Ed says hanging up the phone. He peaks in on Danny and Delinda before reentering his wife's room. "He wanted to see how Danny was doing." He says pointing to his phone. Jillian nods her head with a smile. "How are you feeling?" he asks, taking his seat on the edge of her bed.

"Fine, a little hungry." She admits.

"Me too." Sam adds sleepily as she awakes from her awkward slumber.

Ed turns around to face her, "Well I guess you better wake your ass up and get us something to eat." He orders jokingly.

Sam smiles and looks to Delinda's empty bed. "Where's she?"

Ed nods his head next door, "With Danny."

Sam suddenly tenses up, looking to Ed nervously. "He's awake?" she asks softly. Ed nods his head. "oh." She says standing up, rubbing the wrinkles out of her pants. "ok." She walks out of the room slowly and takes in a deep breath before entering the next. "Knock, knock," she says with a brave smile as she walks into Danny's room.

"Hey!" both Danny and Delinda say cheerfully. "How are you doing?" Danny asks with his sweet smile.

"I'm fine, you're the one who looks like crap." She laughs.

"Thanks." He says with a grin. "Have a seat." He says motioning towards the chair.

She pulls the chair closer and takes a seat. "Thanks." She whispers.

Danny looks to Delinda, clearly confused. "For what?" he asks, slightly laughing.

"For killing him." She answers bluntly. Delinda moves her head back, shocked at her friend's frank statement.

Danny shakes his head and briefly looks away. He then looks back and grabs her hand, never saying a word. Sam looks to the floor, hating the awkward moment.

Ed walks in with Jillian at his side dressed in her street clothes. Sam looks up, thankful for the break of silence. "where are you going?" Danny asks, looking to his surrogate parents.

"The doctor said I can go home." Jillian smiles.

"Well you'll have to wait, I ordered bagels." He says grinning.

"From bagel tree?" Sam asks excitedly.

"Yeah," Danny laughs, grinning at her child like expression.

As they all smile and laugh together Mike and Nessa walk in. "Hey!" they all say together.

"Hi." Nessa says, greeting them all. "And look at you two in your matching dresses." She says laughing and walking over to Danny and Delinda.

"Shut up!" Danny laughs.

The seven of them sit in the small hospital room, laughing, smiling, joking, ….healing.

Ed looks around the crowded room and recalls the events of the past year. Everything that had happened was over; it was all behind them now. They could get back to their normal lives…or as normal as you can get in Vegas. He laughs at his last thought and moves closer to his family, joining in on the celebration.

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