Summery: A tragic past. A painful secret. A dangerous home. And a deadly future. Meredith Grey knew nothing more than this by the time she moved to New York City. MerMark, Hints of MerDer, and a big MerAlex friendship… WARNING: Does contain child abuse and violence.

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Her mother's magazines lined her bookshelves organized clearly by the years that each was published from 1985 to 2001. The final one tucked out of sight. Her room was barely decorated with a bed, a bookshelf, a desk, a computer, a dresser, and a couple of shelves.

She lied on the bed staring at the ceiling. After having to pick up and moved across country in February of her sophomore year in high school, she had nothing to do as she stared at the ceiling. The TV played loudly downstairs even though her father had probably fallen asleep. It was nearly midnight and even though she was starting at her new school the following day, she made no move towards sleep.

Two years ago, their lives fell apart with no warning until it was too late. She remembered the day vividly and it often haunted her dreams and thoughts. Everything changed.

She sat up and looked at the magazines that lined the bookshelf not far enough from her bed. It didn't take long for her mother to get into the spotlight. Even as a med student, doctors knew her name. Before she was a doctor, she was praised and respected among the medical community after she linked two diseases together. As an intern, she completed an open-heart surgery in a broken elevator by a flashlight. By the time she was moving on to be a resident, she was married with a newborn baby and doing amazing surgeries. It was 1992, when Ellis Grey became an attending with a four year old on her hip and a husband holding her hand.

At a young age, Meredith learned of her mother's successes and admired her for it. She watched as her mother stood in the medical limelight for years and years until that day not long after she turned thirteen.

"Meredith!" He yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Get your ass up."

She cringed at the sound of his slurred words. His last drink must have come at nearly three in the morning. Looking at the clock, she sighed. Today was her first day at George Washington High School.


The cold, February air rolled into the house as she pulled the door open. She looked over her shoulder at her passed out father on the couch. An empty beer bottle on the floor and a half empty vodka bottle sat on the side table, not far out of his reach. It was only about seven in the morning and the light was still dim out as she pulled the door shut behind her. She headed down the concrete steps looking down the long residential street. Cars were parked along the sides of the streets as people went about their busy lives.

She pulled her jacket closer to her body as she walked to the intersection. There were a few teenagers standing in a group laughing in talking waiting for the signal for them to go. She stood to the side with her head low hugging her jacket closer in hope for some security. The walk signal flashed and the group headed across. She followed close behind still saying nothing to any of them nor having much of an interest to.

The rest of the walk to school they stayed a good ways away from her still talking the whole way. There were two girls and three boys in the group, but she didn't pay too much attention to remember what they looked like or who they were. They continued to walk into the school, but she stopped short in front of the staircase. People pushed past her, but she stood frozen. The warning bell rang and she still had to pick up her schedule and locker number. Slowly, she trudged up the stairs. Her mind reeled with different thoughts as she put her hand on the door. She looked up at the sign the hung above the door. 'George Washington High School.' She pulled the door open and took a deep breath. She was closing in a chapter of her life; a happy chapter of her life that she would never get back. One where she had a family and a place to call home. One that ended as she walked through the doors of her new school in the new state over two thousand miles away from her old life.


"Hi, can I help you?" The woman behind the desk asked.

"Yeah, I'm a new student."

"Oh, yes, Meredith Grey?"

"Yes." Meredith nodded.

"Are you okay, dear?" She asked once she noticed the young girl fidgeting with her jacket.

"Just a little nervous."

The woman broke into a full smile. "You have nothing to worry about. So this is your locker number and schedule. If you need anything, let me know."

"Thank you." Meredith flashed a brief smile before turning and walking out. Her locker was upstairs where the rest of the sophomores' lockers were. It didn't take her long to find it or get it open. After putting a few things in, she grabbed her bag and headed off to her first class. The late bell rang as she searched for a room. By the time she found it, it was five minutes past the bell. She stood in front of the door gripping the 'new student' note in her hand nervously playing with the hem of her shirt. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the handle and walked in. The teacher, who was calling roll, stopped and looked up. Without making eye contact with anyone, she walked to the desk and handed him the note.

"Meredith Grey?" He asked. She nodded. "Have a seat over there." He pointed across the room at the vacant seat beside a blonde haired girl. Keeping her head low, she walked over and sat down. Even though she could feel everyone's eyes on her, she didn't look at them. "Alright…" The teacher paced the room. "What is the answer to the equation on the board… Miss. Grey?"

Meredith looked at the board. It was an algebraic equation. After jotting a few things down on a scrap sheet of paper, she looked at the teacher.

"X equals five." She answered in an unsure voice.

"Are you confident?" He asked stopping right in front of her desk causing her to look directly up at her. She nodded holding her breath hoping she didn't just embarrass herself on the first day. "Very good, Miss. Grey, but you must be more confident in your answer."

She nodded looking down at the piece of paper as he walked away.