"Hey, Mer

"Hey, Mer." Alex called waving her over to the bulletin board. All the girls from try-outs were crowded around trying to see the list. She waved back and walked over.

"Hey." She greeted getting up on her tip-toes trying to see. When she realized she couldn't, she fell back on her heels with a sigh. "I can't see anything."

"Me neither."

Slowly, the group thinned out. Some girls walked away smiling. Others walked away grumbling. Standing in front of the board, she felt a mixture of worry and happiness.

"Congrats, Mer. Runner-up captain in your first year here." He applauded.

"Thanks." She smiled.

"Captain still beats runner-up captain." Addison said smugly.

"Whatever." Meredith mumbled before turning to walk away.

"Don't walk away from me, Grey." Addison called. "Nobody walks away from me."

"Oh look, I'm walking away from you." Meredith called back without stopping her stride.


In the two weeks that passed since that day rumors had been going around the school. She was positive that Addison had been the one to start them, and to be honest, she wasn't that worried about them. She had other things to worry about like the twice a week mandatory soccer practices since Coach Wren and the coach from Lawrence High School had gotten territorial one night and decided that, if it was okay with their teams, they would have an off-the-record preseason game between the teams. This all meant more practice and more lies she had to tell her father. The game was in a week, and Addison had become crueler than ever in her rumor spreading. Meredith ignored them the best she could, but often times had actually seen her or Mark or Derek talking about her to their "all star" posse.


She walked down the street staring down at her phone. Her fingers moved across the keys at a swift pace as she sent a text message to Mark about some plans they had made. Stopping at the crosswalk, she glanced down the street and headed across paying no attention to the red hand on the signal. She was halfway through the intersection when she heard a horn blare. Before she had a second to react, she felt her legs pushed out from under her. Her body jolted forward as her head slammed against metal with a loud thump. Then everything went black.


Meredith woke up and got ready for school the way she always did spending extra time to cover the handprint on her cheek. After the time Alex noticed something was up, she spent extra time fixing her appearance in the morning. She went downstairs to find her father passed out on the couch as he was often times in the morning. Walking past him, she planted a kiss on his cheek, gathered her things, and left.

She got to school and something seemed off. It was confirmed that something was going on, when Coach Wren approached her before the bell rang.

"Good morning, Meredith."

"Good morning, Coach."

"I'm sure you heard about Addison."

"No, did something happen?" She asked.

"She was hit by a car last night, so I need you to fill in as captain."

"Uh, yeah, sure. Is she alright?"

"Yeah, she'll be okay. Thanks for stepping up and everything, Meredith."

Nodding, she watched Coach Wren walked away.


Sorry that it was so short. And people are wondering why there isn't a lot of MerMark yet. Coming up soon you're see it coming up soon.