What happens after "Party". Slight spoilers with romance and a wacky adventure later on (with a returning villain - possibly!). Just something I wanted to do. First fic so please be kind!

Disclaimer: Not mine. As if I could think of something as cool as The Mighty Boosh! Belongs to Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

Arrgh! My head. Well I suppose that's what you get when you mix a lethal combination of flirtinis, killer electro tunes and bouncy castles. A genius mixture that all adds up to one of my parties. That's right. It was MY party! What? It was! OK it may have been Howard's birthday...but he's the elephant man to my Mick Jagger! They weren't all there to see him ('Cept for creepy Lester). Slightly harsh of me to say I know, but I can't help being all annoyed with him today. Because he...Well he...Whatever.

I'm just glad Naboo was at the party last night - imagine his face today if he wasn't! All them Camden dolly birds and pirates trashed the flat like a funky, technicoloured whirlwind. There they were - throwing up, throwing shapes, throwing Tony Harrison...The usual stuff. He'd have gone all Crouching Tiger on us...like a tiny blue ninja. But no. Here he is. Passed out on the sofa, looking all glamorous. Bet he was sick in his turban and all! Imagine that! And he tries to tell me a shamans consumption is higher than a hippy at Woodstock. Nutter! Yeah I'm rambling, but it's my head so you'll just have to deal!

Can't believe I'm the first one up. That's mental! I don't know what's up with Bollo. The sassy ape was last seen lumbering off into the night in a threatening manner. Chasing Fossil I think. Apparently he crept into the party and Bouncer Bollo was having none of it. Shoved a banana up his...Anyway, I don't know where he could be now. We all know where Naboo is. And Howard...well who cares? Not me. Nuh-uh. Not one bit. I don't care at all if he's gone off with that American lady he met at the party. Walking glitter ball she is. What's that? Look who's talking?! Cheeky bitches! Anyway, like I was saying, I don't care anyway. Honest.

"What are you doing up already Vince?" Enquired Howard Moon. Jazz spaz. He was wearing last nights clothes and was clearly in desperate need of a shower. But Vince's heart quickened at the sight of him. And not just because he made him jump!

"Howard!" Yelped Vince "You made me spill me cornflakes! Ah look at them. They've all gone overboard. All over the floor. I'm not picking them up!"

"Well you're gonna have to help pick up some of this stuff. The wreckage from my party." Reasoned Howard sleepily. His hair all stuck up oddly. "What happened to your GI diet of only Malt Loaf anyway? Cornflakes aren't very rock n roll are they little man?"

"But I am having chocolate milk on them!" Reasoned Vince, his eyes lighting up," Just like Bowie!"

"How on Earth could you possibly know that Bowie has chocolate milk on them Vince? You made that up!"

"Did not. All the greats have that on them..." Insisted Vince, unusually trailing off. He cleared his throat awkwardly, "Where's that girl then?" For some reason his voice was unusually high

"You mean Nina?" Asked Howard as he dreamily slid into a seat at the kitchen table.

"Oh it has a name?!" Asked Vince sourly.

"Vince! Never talk about my soul mate like that. Or I'll come at ya like a breezeblock of pain!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Soul mate? Hey, I paid her to talk to you in the shop! Just to make you have that party" He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. What was wrong with him anyway?

"How dare you try to sully our love! Yes sir. It's the real deal." Sighed Howard, unfazed. "She's perfect. With that American accent and love of jazz...I honestly thought you blew it for me when you told her we kissed. But I should have known, our love was stronger..."

Vince blushed at the mention of the kiss. "Oh per-lease. You're sounding like a love struck pigeon. All cooing and... "

"Pigeon?! What are you on about?" Asked Howard confused.

"Aw I don't know." Frowned Vince. An uneasy silence followed which was definitely unusual for them.

"Anyway, as I was saying. Our love is fate. We talked all night and then I walked her home and kissed her goodnight. We're meeting again tonight."

"Hmmmm. Now she's completely sober, we'll see what she thinks of you." Added Vince spitefully

"Shut up! She's warm for the form of Howard Moon. Yes sir. Once you fall for Howard Moon you stay fallen" Howard replied smugly as he walked off to the bathroom for a shower.

"Don't I know it." Whispered Vince sadly as soon as his best friend was out of the room.