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"I can't believe you did that!" Howard shrieked loudly as he lightly whacked Vince around the head.

"That's the thanks I get?!" Vince laughed dodging too late, "I drag myself down here-when I could have gone shopping, then I practically fight off a fishy pervert and untie you, only to receive a wallop round the noggin for my efforts! Charming!"

"It wasn't a wallop. It was barely a tap!" Howard reasoned.

"How do you know? You're not in my mind. You don't know how much pain you've inflicted upon me!" Pouted Vince dramatically, but he was still smiling.

"Come here then," Grinned Howard shyly, stepping away from the chair that was once his prison. He reached out gently to touch Vince's hair.

"What you doing?" Asked Vince, stepping away slightly.

"Bump checking. Checking for bumps. I may have caused them when I so brutally attacked you!" He mocked, but his tone was kind and caring. Vince's heart melted as his hand made contact with his soft raven hair.

"Feels fine." Howard whispered as he ran his hand gently through it. Vince's eyes closed at his soft touch.

"My plan worked then?!" Shouted Naboo as he charged through the door followed my Bollo. The two men leapt apart in an instant. The moment was once again lost.

"Uh-huh. Yeah-yeah. Sure," Stammered Vince all the while thinking; What on Earth was that all about? Was Howard just going to kiss me? And did I really let him touch my hair?!?! Electrifying? Too right! And I thought I was electro boy...I'm surprised my hair aint standing on end! Oh God...I hope it isn't!

As Vince hopped around looking for a shiny surface, the other three friends circled the sleeping merman.

"Wh-what are we going to do with him?" Asked Howard - recovering. It was all Vince needed to hear to know that Howard had felt the magic too.

"We take him to Black Lake on magic carpet." Grunted Bollo in his monotone growl.

"What if he wakes up?!" Asked Howard, understandably alarmed.

"He won't." Said Naboo "That was a Shay-medative. The most powerful sleeping drug known to man. He'll forget all about these last few days too."

"Oh. Well good." Exhaled Howard.

"Me and Bollo'll handle this. You and Vince should go home." He continued. And as Bollo lifted Old Gregg out of the flat, Naboo did a cheeky wink at Vince.

"Tell him," He whispered in Vince's ear on his way out.

The short walk home had been in complete silence (except for Vince humming "Cars" to calm himself!). But it was not one of awkwardness, but more of quiet anticipation. Vince certainly wasn't going to say anything to Howard until they were safely home.

"Wow, what a mad day huh?" Exclaimed Howard, kicking off his shoes as they entered the living room.

"And tell me about it! He was well mad for you! I never quite believed you that he was that obsessive!" Giggled Vince.

"Why not?" Asked Howard, sounding a little annoyed, "Am I really that unattractive to you?"

Vince was startled by his tone.

"No, no! It's not that at all!" he gabbled. "You're totally attractive!"

D'oh! Cool it Vince!

"It's just you do have the slight tendency to over exaggerate things sometimes. That's all I meant!"

"Oh. Right." Howard blushed. "Hang on, when do I ever do that?!"

"Howard. I'm not gonna even bother answering that!" Grinned Vince.

Howard couldn't help but smile back, feeling all warm inside. Finally safe.

He cleared his throat and changed the subject. "Anyway. How did you even know it was Old Gregg?"

"Well Nina was so beautiful...I knew something had to be up...Joke Howard!" He cried upon seeing Howard's distraught face. "I'm obviously kidding. He left his calling card! I found it when I was cleaning up the party mess with Naboo."

"Oh right! So you put two and two together - and for the first time ever - made four?!"

Vince looked confused, "Ummm...yeah! No wait a minute. Are you calling me thick?"

"Maybe!" Howard teased back, "Were you implying I'm an ugly person?!"

"Totally!" Replied Vince sarcastically "That's why I can't stop thinking about you!"

Ooooops! Oh no I didn't...

"What?" Asked Howard, suddenly looking serious.

Uh-oh...Quick! Say something clever!

"My tum-tum hurts!" Aw great. That's just great Vince! "I mean my head hurts! I've had too much excitement. Don't know what I'm saying. Think I'll go lay down now! Bye!"

"No wait Vince!" Howard commanded, Grabbing him firmly by the shoulders, "We have to have this out! What's going on with you Vince? With us?"

Oh no. Not the big chocolate Moon eyes...I can't bare it.


"Vince." His face was soft with concern as his grip relaxed a little. "Tell me."

It was something about the way he said it. The intoxicating mixture of the sweet pleading in his voice and the firmness of his grip. He felt himself surrender.

"That kiss meant more to me than I made out it did." He whispered in a rush.

The scene of his first kiss replayed in Howard Moon's head. The eagerness of Vince's embrace lingered in his mind.

"I know...me too," Replied Howard so quietly he almost missed it.

"Really?!" Vince looked delighted.

"Well yeah." Replied Howard, glancing away from Vince's bright blue eyes. As if he were suddenly uncomfortable with the level of emotion they were both displaying.

Vince pulled his face back gently. "Howard? I lov-

"Don't say it...Not if you don't mean it. Or-or I'll..."

"Or you'll what?" Asked Vince, a teasing smile on his lips as he moved closer.

"Or I'll come at ya! Like a man who's desperately in love with you!" He cried frantically as he pulled Vince's face to his.

The kiss was incredible. Electrifying. Perfection. Both men were left breathless as they pulled away for air, dopey smiles on their hot faces.

This time there was no excuses. No Tundra frost monster was about to kill them. No demented shaman was demanding evidence of an alleged romance (Are you kidding? We love that guy!).

It was just the two of them. Just Howard and Vince. And that was the way it should be.

"Thanks for rescuing me Vince," Howard whispered.

"You're very, very welcome!"

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