'Don't go' Troy whispered against her lips.

'I have to' Gabriella murmured.

She pulled away and started searching for her clothes that had been discarded an hour or so before.

'Oh yeah, I forgot, 'Dean' will be waiting' Troy sniped, expressing the name spitefully.

'Don't be like that baby' Gabriella said, looking under the bed.

'Why not? He will be.'

'You know I'd rather be here with you' she told him.

'But you won't be will you?' Troy said, falling back onto the bed, not bothering about finding his clothes.

Gabriella sighed.

'Troy, I thought we discussed this before'

'We have, I still don't like it though'

'Baby, you and I both know I can't just leave'

'No, I don't actually' Troy said in a sulk.

'There's more to it than that. I can't just leave it' Gabriella said, slipping her panties on.

'Can't or won't?' Troy asked through gritted teeth.

'Hey, this isn't all about me you know, you're with Frankie, you leave her'

'No, if I leave her, you'll still be with Dean and I'll be alone' Troy retorted.

'Baby' Gabriella said, walking over to him seductively, 'you'll never be alone' she whispered into his ear.

Troy groaned as Gabriella smiled.

She knew exactly what she did to him.

She pressed herself against him, breathing into his ear. She'd still not managed to put on the rest of her clothes which sent Troy over the edge.

He flipped her over onto the bed and leant on his arms, either side of her head.

He growled and swept down, hungrily attacking her neck.

Gabriella moaned and ran her hands down his body, resting them on his abs.

'Mmmm' she whimpered.

Troy smiled against her neck, he licked it before getting off her.

'I'm gonna have a hickey now' she complained.

'Hey, I could do worse' Troy warned.

'Well you can show me next weekend' she said, slipping her top on over her head, not bothering about the bra.

'Why next weekend, won't Dean find out?' Troy asked.

'He's going away, for four whole days, so I'm taking you to the holiday home'

'Four whole days?' he said, pulling her close to him.

'Mhmm, and you can do whatever you want to me'

'Whatever I want?' he mumbled against her neck.

'Absolutely anything you want'

'Then I guess I could let you go now' Troy replied.

Gabriella grinned and pulled on her jacket.

'I'll call you' she shouted as she shut the door.

Troy sighed, she always said that, and it was always her that rang him. He wasn't allowed to ring her. So she arranged everything, she clicked her fingers and he jumped. The truth was he was getting sick of it.

Once again Gabriella Montez, the stunning actress known for starring in the major hits 'Last Kiss' and 'Sore Reunion', was seen leaving basketball star Troy Bolton's apartment block yesterday. Coincidence? I don't think so. That's 3 times now she's been spotted near his home, could there be something going on between them? Kirsty Farrow reports-

'Yes, Gabriella Montez was spotted leaving Troy Bolton's apartment block at 1:30 in the morning. What they could have been doing is anyone's guess, although I think we all share the same suspicion.

Is Gabriella cheating on fellow actor Dean Schwartz who she co-starred with in the record setting 'Promises Never Kept'? Is Troy two-timing the lovely Frankie Munroe, who's debut single 'Judas' secured her place in Hollywood? No-one knows but by the looks of it, things will soon get tricky. I'll tell you what Carla, I'd hate to see the divorce bills these four rack up if it all ends in tears. Back to the studio'

'Indeed. When questioned about his wife's mysterious late night trips to Mr Bolton's apartment, Mr Schwartz said there must have been a mistake, and himself and his wife are very happy together and still very much in love Although Gabriella's actions seem to suggest otherwise.

What happened to the couple that set the world on fire three years ago? Whose chemistry off set was hotter than on screen? Both Dean and Troy are extremely good-looking so we'd say Gabriella is probably feeling like that cat that got the cream.

I'm Carla Davidson and you're watching Hollywood Confidential'

Troy switched off the T.V and smiled. So it was all starting to unravel. He couldn't say he wasn't pleased, because he just wanted Gabriella for himself, and for the whole world to know. Instead they were sneaking around, it just wasn't right.

He stood up and walked to the window. He was greeted by a frenzy of flashes and quickly shut the curtains.

His fiancée of2 years, Frankie, was in the shower, singing to herself. She just ignored the rumours that her boyfriend was cheating, after all, who would cheat on someone with such a hot body as hers was?

Troy shook his head when he thought of this, Gabriella wasn't like that, she was famous, sure, but she was gracious with it. She didn't take things for granted. Except maybe him.

Finally, Frankie was ready. She'd curled her hair to absolute perfection and had dressed herself in short denim hot-pants, and a checked shirt. (much like Jessica Simpson, see profile for pictures)

Troy had decided to take Frankie out, he'd been ignoring her a bit lately, and it might stop all the paparazzi from spreading rumours, even though they were true.

They walked out arm in arm, with Frankie constantly waving and posing, eventually Troy put his arm around her shoulders and led her to the car where he drove her to the movies. Unfortunately, the one she chose was 'My Heart's Still Beating', Gabriella's latest blockbuster. Troy could hardly refuse, as it would become clear that the rumours were true, so he gave in and bought the tickets.

Halfway through the movie, where Troy had got more and more agitated as Gabriella played some sex scenes in the film, his phone rang. He glanced at the screen, 'Nick' it said.

Nick was the code-name for Gabriella, Ashley was Troy's.

'I have to take this' he whispered to Frankie, and stepped out.

'Hello' he said.

'What the hell are you playing at!' Gabriella hissed.

'What do you mean what am I playing at?' Troy retorted.

'Oh don't give me that, you kissing her for the cameras, I thought you said you couldn't stand her!'

'I can't! But they can't know that else they'll know something's going on!'

'Well you don't have to make it so obvious Ashley'

Troy noticed her using his code-name.

'Is Dean there?'

'Yes, you don't have to do it blatantly'

'Does he believe the rumours?'

'I don't think so Ashley'

'Will I see you again soon?'

'I'm not sure, I think I've done enough shopping for now.'

'How about next week? Thursday? You can come through the back entrance'

'Ok, maybe I could be persuaded, Dean, you don't mind me using your credit card again do you?'

Troy could hear him laughing in the background.

'I guess that's a yes' she said down the phone.

'Great, and wear some sexy underwear'

'Got it, see you then Ash!'

Troy hung up, he hated that she had to pretend he was a girlfriend. Sighing, he walked back into the film.

'The latest news on the 'Troyella' scandal brought to you by Hollywood Confidential.

Troy Bolton was out yesterday taking his girlfriend of two years, Frankie Munroe, to the movies. But it wasn't just any movie, oh no, it was 'My Hearts Still Beating'. Yes, I know what you're thinking, isn't that Gabriella Montez' new film? The answer is yes. However, in this blockbuster, Gabriella acts out some very heated sex scenes and one witness tells us Troy was agitated throughout. He even left halfway through and returned once it was over. Does this confirm those rumours flying round? It could be so, stay with us for more on the 'Troyella' news.'