I watched as Jacob sat down across from Alice and I. He placed his head in his hands and thought it was his fault.

"Why do you think that?" I asked abruptly, stirring him from his concentration

"What?" he asked "Oh, yea I forgot you could do that." And he looked away

"Why would this be your fault Jacob?" I asked again. This time getting Alice's attention

"I don't think that." He responded too fast for honesty

"Jacob, what happened while I was away?" I asked anger invaded my voice

"We road our bikes." He said not meeting my eyes "That's all."

"But it was raining. When did you do this exactly?" Alice asked

"Bella came over after you left for your 'camping' trip" he said looking at me

"I couldn't see her, because she was with you." Alice stated quietly "Then when she finally came home, she must have been too sick and just went to sleep. That's why she was fuzzy in my visions. She was just sleeping."

"Don't you ever think about her safety!" I roared at Jacob

"Of course I do!" he spat back "I didn't know! She didn't say anything about not feeling well." He looked away "if I had known, I- I-" he began to sob quietly to himself

Charlie came down and saw Jacob waiting with us. "I'm heading home for the night. I spoke to your father Edward and told him it would be okay with me if you saw Bella. I know she would want you with her." He conceded

"Thank you Charlie." I said anxiously wanting to see her

"Now don't stay too late. I would hate for you or Alice to get sick."

"Don't worry Charlie, we wont stay too long." Alice informed him

After Charlie left Alice and I headed for the elevator followed by Jacob.

"Go home Jacob Black, you've done enough." I spat out the words with distain as the elevator doors closed on his pained face

"That was a bit harsh don't you think." Alice commented

"No, not at all Alice. That wolf boy will stop at nothing to have Bella for himself, and that can never happen."

We made our way to the CCU in silence and were met by Carlisle at the entrance to the unit.

"I'll take the two of you in, but you must remember not to agitated Bella. She will most likely stay asleep but just in case."

"Thank you Carlisle. How is she doing now?" I asked

"Her fever is down for now, she hasn't had any additional seizures since the reduced fever. Also we went ahead and removed her breathing tube, which was more of a precautionary measure anyway." He updated us on her condition as we made our way to the room.

I looked into the cold white room, seeing my beautiful Bella asleep in the bed. She looked peaceful in her sleep. I looked back at Carlisle; he nodded for me to proceed.

I sat down, picking up her hand. She felt cooler now, but still not back to normal.

"Bella love. It's Edward." I spoke in a whispered tone "I will be right here with you, my love." I brought her hand to my lips and caressed it gently with my lips. I breathed deeply, the air of her scent filling my nostrils.

"Thank god you found her in time Edward." Alice said in a sorrowful tone "I only wish I could have foreseen this clearly. Damn werewolf." She muttered

"This isn't your fault Alice." I said reassuringly

I watched as my angel struggled in her dreams. I wish I could take away her pain as she cried in her sleep. At least now she was responding, reacting to stimuli instead the non-responsive state she had been in. I quietly thanked god for this little miracle.

I was with her all night, and as her fever finally broke I felt relief wash over me. She was out of danger. I stepped out of the room to get the nurse. Once I got her attention, she was on her way to check Bella's vital signs.

The nurse informed me that she would call Dr Cullen and have him come up and examine her. I nodded and waited for Carlisle's arrival.

He came into the room and immediately began checking Bella's pulse; he felt her glands and checked her eyes for a response.

He clicked his light off, and looked to me with a smile. "Everything seems to be returning to normal." He said with a sigh of relief.

"What was wrong with her?" I asked curiously

"I know you don't want to hear it, but right now I'm still waiting for a few of the lab results to come back. But if I had to speculate I would say bacterial pneumonia"

"She will be okay?"

"Yes, Edward. She will recover just perfectly from this." He said the words that calmed me. She would be fine, thank god.

I went back to stroking her forehead. She moved slowly and opened her eyes for the briefest moment.

"Bella!" I called softly to her, but her eyes closed almost as soon as they opened.