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He hadn't even wanted to be there, shoved into a booth far too small for his long legs to receive proper circulation. Not to mention some blond ditz had decided to cram him into the frilliest, pinkest damned area with the frilliest, pinkest damned girl. The perfume she wore was sticking to his skin, he could feel it like a nasty film, crawling all over his skin-

"Scusi, mister, are you ready to order?"

Shinji jolted from his mental tirade with a flinch. "No thanks, I don't want anythin-" No, ohhh, no. That couldn't be, not there, in the fucking apron- "...Pearl?"

The blond flushed, "S-sorry mister, 'fraid I don't know of whom you're talking to," meanwhile trying to shoot Shinji a desperate look. So it seemed Pearl hadn't even told anyone, this was priceless. "Now, wh-what would you like to order?"

"Shinji-kun will have a cappuccino, and I'll have the mocha latte," spoke Hikari in an assertive tone, conveying a sense of get our things so we can get the hell out of here. If only it was that simple, really, then maybe he could get moving so Shinji would just quit staring.

"Yes'm, right away!" Chipper and perky once again, ha ha. Now all he had to do was pawn the delivery onto Mai, or someone. Then they would all forget about this, Pearl would be able to keep his cool, and Shinji would keep his mouth shut. He trotted towards the door, opening it into a plate of rattling china.

"O-oh, Pearl-chan! Would you mind taking this to Table 14, thanks dearie!" Speak of the devil.

"...No problem," he muttered, trudging along. Come on karma, cut him some slack already.

"...so anyways, she was all, 'This is so not cool!' Then I said to her..." Shinji tried not to fall asleep, he really did, but Hikari was just the absolute most boring person in this shop, and he hadn't gotten any sleep at all.

Thankfully for him, distraction had just entered the vicinity in the form of a certain cute little blond.

"Here's your drinks," Pearl said blandly, slamming the aforementioned beverages on the lacy tablecloth. Shinji couldn't help but notice the apron he wore, all frilly and pink and eye-catching because it was Pearl, he was wearing the girly thing and it fit him so damn well. "Anything else you two need?"

Shinji motioned.

Pearl wrinkled his brow in confusion, but bent down to the boy's level and listened to the whispered come-on.

He blushed, proceeding to slap Shinji across the cheek before storming back into the kitchen.

Hikari groused, "What's his deal?"

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