Chapter III. Hormones

(This chapter was either going to be titled 'Emotional' or 'Hormones' you can pick one for me, I couldn't decide.)

-laughs- I'm just gonna keep writing this…..and then we'll see where we go from here. You get introduced to a few more characters, one of which you've already met in the first chapter, and only are people who've already been mentioned.

Before I forget to add this, in this AU story, some of the ages are changed, just to make things fit better. The relationships will be explained in the Author's Note at the end. (If I remember to put it there…)

It took me forever to fall asleep the other night because I was busy coming up with ideas for later chapters. (And it's a VERY fluffy chapter too!)

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(Side Note: I apologize in advance if anything says 'Jacklyn', 'Ally', 'Luke', or 'Evan'.)


"Edward," I repeated, slowly letting go of his warm hand. Edward, I thought to myself. Why did that name sound so familiar?

"Is everything alright?" He asked, genuinely concerned. My frown dissolving as I found myself lost in his bright green eyes. There were like emeralds in a way, dark when hidden in shadows, but when the light hit them it was, well, dazzling. "Isabella?" He asked again, making my first name sound like velvet.

"Bella, I mean, are you alright?" I blinked, trying to find something to say other than the 'Uhh…' building in my throat. "Bella?"

"Uhh…" I cleared my throat, embarrassed. "Ahem, I mean, yes, yes I'm fine." I smiled, trying to hide the blush creeping across my face. He smiled crookedly, disrupting my train of thought and causing me to go 'Uhh…' again. Embarrassed? Me?

"Well, here you are." He said, handing me my suitcase. Still looking up into his eyes, I felt my smile grow.

"Thank you," I nearly whispered, feeling my whole face grow hot.

"It's nothing, I was behind you on the bus." His smile made his eyes squint a bit, and I took a step back, clutching my suitcase.

"Y-you were?" I stuttered, trying to remember if someone sat behind me.

"Yes, I saw you get off and run after that man with his wallet." He stated as if it was obvious, putting his hands in his pockets. I blinked, finally remembering a tuft of bronze hair behind me. I bit my lip, nodding.

"Yeah, that was me." I stammered, absently chewing on a bit of my hair, trying to slowly back away toward the road leading to our cottage.

"Are you looking for someone? I mean, you do look familiar." He murmured, gazing at my face with intensity.

"Actually, yeah, yes I was." I said, smiling again. He nodded, letting his eyes wander around the nearby buildings, streets, and passerby. "Have you seen a short black haired girl? I was supposed t-" I was cut off as something nearly rock solid collided with my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I dropped my suitcase in surprise, trying to fight back the startled cry that had escaped my lips.

"Ah Bella! Finally!" My sister squealed, wrapping her arms tightly around my waist. She pulled her head away from my armpit to smile up at me. Her smile faltered as she looked up my face to my forehead. "My god, what is that fur ball on your head?" She glared at my hair as I quickly went to cover my hand with my hands.

"Leave my frizzy hair alone," I muttered, trying not to laugh at her little 'tut tut' expression. She gave it another scrutinizing look as she shook her head.

"Look, I'll take you back to the cabin and get rid of all the leaves and other crap in your hair. Until then, just try to hide it." She said while taking the cap off her red and black streaked hair before shoving it onto my light brown poofy mane. She took a step back, admiring her work. Alice shrugged. "Well, it's an improvement."

I opened my mouth to retort, but stopped myself when I remembered that the poor boy was still standing next to us, watching our charade play out with a slightly bemused expression. A pink tinge flooded my face as he continued to watch.

"S-sorry," I stammered, pulling down the rim of the cap until it covered my eyes. Alice rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her stomach as she turned on her heel to face the boy. Whose name was……Edwin?

"And who might you be?" She asked, shaking her head so that a few streaks of black and red fell in front of her eyes, giving her a bit of a menacing demeanor. He blinked and took a step back, putting a hand on the back of his neck; showing that he was both startled and uncomfortable.

It took everything I had not to laugh the scene before me. A four-foot-ten girl threatening a six-foot-something boy who could just as easily snap her in half as he could strangle her? Was there not humor in that?

"Alice no! This is…This is…um…" I snapped my fingers, trying my hardest to remember his name. His brow furrowed as I shrugged feebly. 'Sorry' I mouthed to him as I stepped between him and my overly suspicious/protective rottweiler of a sister. "Now Alice-" I started to say before she cut me off.

"I don't wanna hear it, Isabella." I winced, knowing full well that Alice calls me Isabella just as much as I call her Mary Alice, and we only do so when we're either extremely P.O.ed or dying. Not that I would know what I'd say to her if I was dying though. I opened my mouth to fight back, trying to find some feasible retort.

"Well that's too bad then, Mary Alice." Only it wasn't me who said it, although it was what I had been about to say. Alice, instead of glaring at me like she had been a moment before, tore her gaze from me to the man behind me.

"Yeah well.." She trailed off, staring wide eyed at the figure looming over my shoulder. Bewilderment was quickly masked with surprise and joy as she leapt forward, wrapping her arms around the poor guy's abdomen. "Jasper! You actually showed up!" His response was a grunt.

"And why wouldn't I? It's not everyday that you your girlfriend celebrate their two year anniversary." He muttered, trying to breathe as she just squeezed him harder. "Or your girlfriend tries to squeeze you to death with a bear hug." A smile grew on his pale face as he attempted to pat my sister on the back. When he saw me he grinned, exposing his teeth at me and expressing his greetings with a jerk of his head.

"Bella," He wheezed, trying to wiggle out of my sister's death grip. I smiled, nodding back at him.

"Jasper." Alice finally let go of him, keeping one hand clasped tightly around his. She continued beaming at him as I adjusted my cap, trying to block out the rays of the sun and the strange looks I was getting from the three of them.

"What?" I mumbled, trying to ignore the curiosity and unwanted stare of their faces. "Why am I being stared at? Am I really that amazing?" Although I was only joking when I said this, I found myself startled to hear the reddish haired boy say "Yes." I blinked, tilting my head and squinting to look up into his dark green eyes.


He took a step back, shaking his head slightly. "I didn't say anything." He stuttered, an unusual pink tinge flashed across his face. Alice shook her head slightly at me, regarding me with a quizzical look. I attempted to shrug it off.

"Why don't we just go now instead of staring at each other like a bunch of love sick lunatics?" I prodded, emphasizing my point my nodding toward my sister and her boyfriend, who were at the moment, 'staring at each other like love sick lunatics'. Alice rolled her eyes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before she came sauntering over to me.

"Must you ruin all my fun?" She hissed, narrowing her eyes down at me as I glared back. We started laughing after a few moments before linking our arms and trudging off toward the dirt path leading to the cottage. "Besides," She got on her toes to fill the two inch gap between her head and my head to whisper into my ear once the boys –who were now proceeding with walking a few feet behind us, joking together— were out of earshot. "I think you're just jealous. Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

I stopped to glare at her, fighting the memory threatening to bubble to the surface. It took nearly all of my will power not to flip her off at the moment, and I simply turned away from her, picking up the pace. She groaned loudly showing her displeasure. I smirked to myself as I trudged onward, now a bit irked that I hadn't accepted my aunt's offer to give me a ride to the cabin. Alice began to stomp her feet on the ground in annoyance as she came to walk beside me.

"Sore spot?" She asked, tilting her head a bit as she gave me a sideways glance. I noticed that the two boys were only about a foot or two behind us.

"That," I said, staring straight ahead of me, rolling my shoulder back as I adjusted my hold on my bag again. "Would be an understatement." Understatement of the year more like. She frowned at me, her brow furrowing as her pace slowed a bit.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked, beginning to probe me for information.

"Nothing." I muttered, not wanting to have this discussion with the boys practically breathing down our necks. Actually, I didn't want to have this discussion period.

"What's not up for discussion?" Jasper asked, leaning forward so that his chin rested on Alice's shoulder. Like a rouge pirate and her parrot. Edward –whose name I now remembered—snickered quietly as Jasper turned his head to kiss Alice's ear. She giggled, and quickened her pace, leaving Jasper unsupported.

Jasper blinked in shock, trying to ignore our laughs as he fell to the ground face first. He landed with a thud and a grunt, slowly picking himself up off the ground. Edward's shoulders shook with his silent laughter, and Alice coughed, trying to hide her giggles. I was the only one who kept laughing like there was no tomorrow.

For the second time in the past twenty minutes I found myself getting a bunch of weird looks from the three people I was traveling with. I took a breath. I was about to speak when Alice interrupted me.

"You don't get out much do you?" Her eyebrow rose. I shrugged, rolling my eyes.

"Sure I do. Just not as much as you." I retorted, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Well at least I have a life-"

"Ladies, ladies," Jasper cut her off, draping an arm over our shoulders. "Let's not fight." Alice sniffed and leaned into him. I just shrugged his arm away.

It was quiet for a while; the only noise was that of Alice trying not to trip over Jasper's feet. Other than that, nature was the only sound we could hear. Edward walked next to me in silence, glancing at me every few moments, as if making sure I didn't get lost. I let my mind wander, thinking back to more peaceful times when our parents had still been together.

Now that I thought about it, what happened to drive that wedge between Charlie and Renée, the world's perfect couple? Alice and I had always gotten along, and had never fought all that much, but still.

Why do I still feel like it was my fault? It wasn't as if… It was him. Maybe. Wasn't it because he-

No. I wouldn't let myself think about that. I'd shut out that thought, just like I had shut out the world during that time. If only I hadn't-

"Bella," Alice snapped her fingers in front of my face, bringing me out of my daydream. "Stop making goo-goo eyes at the ground and pay attention to where you're going. Trees aren't meant to be run into you know."

I stuck my tongue out at her, relishing how much it annoyed her. Her eyes narrowed, and I could see her hand shaking as she tried desperately not to slap me.

"Go ahead and do it. I know how badly you want to." I said, fanning the flames. Her eyes were angry little slits now, and Jasper had started to make his way over with a confused look, reaching out a hand for his girlfriend. Alice snapped.

"God! You know what Bella? You can be such an insensitive, insecure, immature little twit! You think the world just hates you, and for that reason you act like you don't care! Well guess what? I do! And nothing I do is ever good enough for you!" She clenched her hands into fists. "I tried Bella. I really did. But it was out of my control. I couldn't do anything about it, so just shut your mouth for five freaking minutes and see the world for what it really is! Nothing is perfect, and it never will be!"

Her voice rose about fifteen octaves at the end of speech, and she turned on her heel, hurrying away, seething. Jasper followed after her quickly, glancing back at me a few times with a curious look. Anger started to build within me.

"Not all of us express our feelings in the same way!" I yelled at her; making bag slipping down my shoulder. Alice's shoulder stiffened, but she refused to look back.

"At least I have emotions!" She hollered over her shoulder. She still refused to look at me. My bag had now long since fallen to the ground, and I now bent over to pick it up. Tears pricked along my eyelids and closed my eyes, willing them away. I've always hated to cry.

I was bent over for a few moments until a hand descended upon my shoulder, making me look up and squint into the sunlight slipping between the tree branches. The dim light cast a bit of an aura around Edward, making me gasp. He really did look like an angel at the moment.

"Are you alright?" He asked again for the second time today. I never realized how incredible his voice had sounded until now… "Bella?"

I blinked as he said my name, slowly starting to get up. He placed a hand under my elbow to steady me and I was sure that I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat then. One of his eyebrows rose in a cute and confused way, and I tried desperately not to giggle.

"I'm fine; Alice's is just being her usual hormonal self. Just trying to pick at old wounds. Nothing new really." I wanted to say something else but then chose not to. I shrugged nonchalantly, not wanting to go into further detail. He obviously got the message because he nodded and released my arm, slowly starting to walk away.

My arm had a growing tingling sensation to it where he had been touching me, and it made my stomach twist in an uneasy way. It felt as if there were hundreds of butterflies fluttering around inside of me, unable to find an escape. I sighed and began to trudge after my small troupe.

As the cabin finally came into view I couldn't help but succumb to the feeling of dread twisting my stomach into knots. Spending almost three months cooped up with some people I loved, and some I barely even knew? What had I gotten myself into?

I clenched my jaw as my sister stepped into the house without as much as a passing glance. Jasper followed after her, shooting me an apologetic look. I rolled my eyes as the aged screen door slammed behind the couple. Edward shot me a sideways glance and I gave him a small smile in response.

"Alice and I argue all the time over little things, so don't worry about it too much. I'm sure it'll all blow over in about an hour or so." My smile faltered, and my voice didn't sound as reassuring as I'd meant it to be. In a random act of boldness, Edward smiled wide and draped an arm across my shoulders.

"If you need a bodyguard, all you need to do is ask." He chuckled.

"Good to know. I'll keep that in mind." We laughed in unison, and I couldn't help but notice how his laughter rang out with clarity, unlike anything I'd ever heard. His eyes crinkled like my father's when he laughed as well. "I already have my cousin –Emmett- for that, but having back-up is always a good thing right?"

"'Course it is."


He reached for the small door handle; his arm still draped across me shoulders. I paused, twisting out of his grip with almost remorse. His brow furrow before he quickly retracted his arm.

"Did I do something wrong?" I quickly shook my head, not wanting this amazing boy to feel guilty about something that was not his fault.

"N-No. I just wanted to sit out here for a moment and collect my thoughts before I went inside to face the wrath that is my sister." He nodded respectfully and slide through the screen door into the living room, soon to be bombarded by my aunt, cousin, and who knew else.

I walked toward the length of the house and sighed, leaning against the wall. The thin watch on my wrist proclaimed that it would soon be dusk, and I still had to be interrogated by my aunt. ("How was your trip?" "You didn't run into any trouble did you?" "I knew I should have had Emmett come pick you up! What was I thinking?!")

I drummed my fingers against my thigh and puckered my lips before taking a deep breath. Slowly and quietly, I whispered the words I had withheld only a few short minutes ago.

"Even though not all of my wounds are physical."


Took me about five months, but I finally did it. And Hope.Flies, I'm still debating on making this into a real book.
And I'm not really going to rename this story, because I have nothing to replace the current title with.

Oh, and I said I'd explain the relationships and ages right? It's kind of simple.

Bella and Alice are sisters. Bella is 16, Alice is 17. Their parents are Charlie and Renée. (They live in Forks. Bella would have stayed at the vacation home is Jacksonville had she not decided to stay with her aunt for the summer.)

Esme is Bella's aunt. (You decide her age.)

Emmett is Bella's cousin. He is also Esme's son. He's 18.

Jasper is obviously Alice's boyfriend. Jasper is 18.

Rosalie –who has yet to be introduced in this story-, is obviously Emmett's girlfriend. She's 17 as well.

Carlisle is Jasper and Rosalie's father. (You can decide his age as well.)

Edward is Jasper's best friend from high school who was invited to come along on their trip. He is 16.

As for the Edward-Bella relationship….Do you really have to ask? (laughs)

I do, however, have a twist planned out for a later chapter, but you'll have to wait and see what it is.