Chris sighed distractedly as she wandered through her house, picking up blankets and other objects that had been thrown haphazardly around the room. It would have been a pefect way to spend some free time at home - being domestic. Except she was supposed to be at work.

It was a slow night, and most crimes were able to be resolved by the LAPD. The team had been lifting weights and working out in the gym when Emily, Eliza's babysitter, called. The young girl who was a Senior in high school was frantic. Eliza was running a temperature of a hundred and two and couldn't stop throwing up. All she wanted was her mother.

She was relieved as hell when Hondo told her to pack up and go home, but to be prepared should they be called out. There was no point in her hanging around waiting when her daughter needed her.

"How ya feeling, munchkin?" she asked softly, gently placing the back of her hand on her daughters forehead. She still felt warm, but as a mother, she knew that fevers just had to run their course.

Eliza moaned in response to her mothers question. She was curled up on the couch, shivering. Despite a fever, she felt cold, though her mother told her differently. Her normally dark skin was unusually pale. The babysitter had placed a garbage can next to her when she couldn't stop throwing up. The box of kleenex was now half empty.

Eliza had been feeling ill for a few days and they'd already gone to see the doctor who said it was a touch of the flu, and that there wasn't much he could do to allievate how she felt. Chris hated seeing her baby like that.

"I think it's time you go to bed," she said firmly, but quietly.

Eliza shook her little head in protest. She had spent much of the last three days in bed.

Chris smirked a little. "Alright, a few more minutes, and then you're going to bed. Got it?"

"Yes," she mumbled.

Chris wandered into the kitchen to boil some water when the phone rang. She grabbed the cordless from it's base and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey," Jim smiled. "How's Eliza feeling?"

"Miserable," Chris answered, smiling gently at the fact that Jim called.

They had been partners now for nearly a year. But only recently had they taken their relationship off the job from flirting, to something more. Neither were really sure what it was, but both knew that they were happy to find out. A little scared, but it was a great feeling.

The team just couldn't know. Not yet. Not officially. But they both suspected that their team mates knew that something was going on . . . they knew that the department would frown upon partners being romantically involved, but at this point, there was nothing prohibiting it, either. It was a technicality, really.

Partners of LAPD were prohibited from seeing one another, but it didn't specify SWAT officers as being under the same restrictions. Chris was the first female SWAT cop on the beat. So far, after a year, she was still the only female.

"You don't sound so good yourself," he told her.

"Shut up, man," she said half-heartedly, and without malice. "Just tired."

"Yeah we have been pulling long shifts lately," he summed up. He sat down on the bench near his locker. Hondo had permitted them a short break before they would run a couple of simulations.

"Yeah, having a sick kid doesn't help," she sighed. She looked into the living room and did not see her daughter on the couch anymore. "Eliza? Where'd you go?" She could feel the panic rising in her throat. She couldn't describe it. But she felt like there was evil lurking.

There was no response from her daughter. "Eliza?"

"What's going on?" Jim asked. He knew that Chris hadn't been at ease lately. But he also knew that it wasn't normal for Eliza to just disappear, or to not answer when her mother called for her.

"I can't find her," she answered quickly.

"Mommy," Chris heard.

Jim heard Chris breath a sigh of relief and he could only assume that her whereabouts were now known.

"Oh, baby," Chris said gently as she opened the downstairs bathroom door.

Jim heard the toilet being flushed. "She was in the bathroom," she informed him.

He smirked. "Obviously."

"Shut up," she said with a little more conviction and amusement this time as she ushered Eliza out of the bathroom. "What's that smell?" she asked quietly to herself.

He laughed. "Well, you know, if you were just in the bathroom with a sick kid -"

"It's gas," she said.

"Funny, you read my mind."

"Oh, God," she whispered before dropping the phone. "ELIZA!"

His heart dropped in his chest as the phone fell to the hardwood floor with a thud. Suddenly, the phone went dead.

"Chris?" Jim asked. "Chris?" He stood up from his place on the bench near his locker. Deke and Hondo who were almost completely dressed in their SWAT gear turned to look at Street. He ended the call he'd placed to Chris when it was obvious that she wasn't going to answer him. "The line went dead."

"What'd you say to piss her off this time?" Boxer asked as he came out of the mens washroom. "Carlson is already waiting outside, Hondo." Carlson was TJ's replacement on the team.

The Police Commissioner came barrelling into the room. "Where's Sanchez?" he barked.

"Home," Street answered quickly. "Why?" His heart beat increased. Something definitely wasn't right.

"We just got a report that the house located at 845 Wellington Avenue just blew up."

"That's Chris' house, isn't it?" Boxer asked, stunned.

"She said she smelt gas," Jim whispered, unable to move for a moment. When he realized that he was just standing there, his entire body took off like a bullet from a gun.

TBC . . . .