A Wounded Hero

A New Threat

Arinor did not how long it had been. It felt like three days, three days since that oblivion gate had opened, and three days since the guard of Bruma had been sent in to close it.

It had been fifteen men and five women, and it was a massacre. They had been vastly out numbered and the men had been slaughtered. The women however had been captured. Arinor a high elf and four imperials, Perinel, Syranel, Selena and Ehlana.

This shouldn't have happened. Thought Arinor, The dragonfires had been relit, permanently. There were rumours of a different gate opening in Niben bay, but everything was fine. No deadric invasion.

Now she and her friends were chained up in filthy cells in oblivion. Strangely, they had been well fed and watered.

What were they planning? She thought.

She heard footsteps coming down the corridor; her chains withdrew into the wall pulling her up so she couldn't move.

From the yelps of fear it had happened to her friends in the other cells.

A Deadra stood at the entrance of her cell and the bars raised themselves allowing him access.

He was dressed in a black robe, a mage. He stood before and pressed his hands to her abdomen. They started to glow and Arinor screamed in pain as something forced itself into her through her skin. She tried to cast the magic she once knew so well, but it could not come the food had been drugged.

The mage finished his ritual and stepped back as admiring his handy work. The chains slackened and Arinor fell to the ground. Black spots appeared in her eyes and she heard the screams of her friends as she lost consciousness.

Outside Bruma

Arias Asriel had many titles, Mad god of the Shivering isles, the Divine Crusader, the Champion of Cyrodill, Master of the Fighters Guild and Arch-Mage. None of which he particularly cared for.

He had been attending to Fighters Guild business in Chorrol when the oblivion gate opened. The dragonfires did not stop gates being made; they stop the deadra stepping through that was what Sheogorath had meant when he said, "No pacts have been broken."

He rode on his armoured white horse into the stable of the snowy town of Bruma. He could see the red glow in the sky of an oblivion gate on the other side of the city.

Clad in the white and silver armour of the Divine Crusader, he followed the wall of Bruma and was met by a weedy teen dressed in the yellow armour of the Bruma guard.

"Stop Sir Knight!" he bellowed trying to sound intimidating.

His efforts were in vain as Arias had faced horrors beyond imagining and this child did not even come up to the high elf's shoulders.

Arias stopped in front of the boy and looked at him for a few moments. Instantly the boy began to quail under the gaze of the faceless helmet. Arias grabbed him by the front of his armour with one arm and yanked him aside.

The boy stumbled and fell face first in the snow. Arias continued walking. The boy regained himself and ran after the elf.

He ran in front of him and bellowed in his loudest voice, "You are under arrest!"

Now however they were with in earshot of the guards patrolling the gate. They instantly recognised the Arias, no one else would willing approach an oblivion gate.

The newly appointed captain, Baird was in the group that went into the gate, approached the boy and yelled, "Out of the mans way whelp!"

"He assaulted me!" said the boy.

"I don't blame him!" barked the captain and the boy backed away.

"My apologies, Milord." He said to Arias.

"What's a kid doing in the guard anyway?" asked Arias his voice emotionless.

"We short handed." Explained the captain as they marched towards the gate, "Captain Baird led fifteen men and five women went into that gate. They haven't come out."

Arias nodded in understanding, it was hard for a commander to lose soldiers.

The other guardsmen saluted Arias; many had fought at the Battle for Bruma.

Arias drew his sword and raised it in salute. He looked at the gate. It was the colour of lava and looked intimidating. Blood coloured claws had risen from the ground around it and the snow had melted.

Arias raised his sword and charged through the gate, into the realm of destruction, the realm of Mehrunes Dagon, the fiery plain of Oblivion.