A Few More Details

A Few More Details

Arinor woke up drowsily the next morning; needless to say she hadn't slept well last night. She got the feeling Arias had not slept at all last night.

As the women had tried to get at least some sleep, he sat at the table and pulled down about ten books. Arinel got off the floor, and saw that the bookcases had been stripped and the books lay strewn across the floor and Arias still had his nose in a book.

"Did you stay up all night?" she asked walking over to him.

He looked up from his book, "Is it morning?"

"Yes," replied Arinor.

"Then yes I have." He replied absent-mindedly.

"That isn't the healthiest habit to get into."

Arias shrugged in response before saying, "I'll get you some food."

As he got up, the chain around his neck came out from his shirt and Arinor again spotted the diamond ring again. Arias however quickly tucked it back into his shirt.

He disappeared on the teleporter and a few minutes later reappeared with a plate of fresh fruit.

He put the plate on the table and continued reading.

When she had finished eating, she had very little to think about except what had happened last night. She was pregnant with some deadra, it made her want to throw up.

Desperate for something else to think about, she proverbially put her foot in it, "Are you married?"

Arias Asriel's only response was, "No."

He said this with out even looking up from the book.

"May ask the importance of that ring?" asked Arinor.

"No." Replied Arias, his voice had an under current of being frustrated.

Arinor needed something to do but could tell this subject would only anger the knight before her, so she changed the subject.

"Can I help?"

"Only if you understand the higher principles of magic."

"Well I was a Master-Witch."

This made Arias look up from his book, "You were? I haven't seen you at the university."

"Traven and I both vied to be Arch Mage, he was more friendly with the last Arch Mage than I. We had a rather explosive disagreement, so I left."

"Ah," replied Arias awkwardly, momentarily putting his book down, "Would you, like to join again? We need someone to manage the reconstructed Bruma mage hall."

"Not yet." Said Arinor with a smile, "but thank you for the offer."

Arias the proceeded to pick up his book again, while Arinor picked up another. This quiet did not continue for long as Arias eventually slammed his book down.

"There's nothing here of use here!" he exclaimed.

Arinor put her own book down and looked at him calmly before saying, "Then think of somewhere it might be."

Arias sighed and sat down, they then heard the sound of the other women waking.

Drowsily they got up and sat round the table, muttering "good morning" like it was a death sentence.

Arias left to prepare them some breakfast, but appeared without food and clad in the robes of the Arch-Mage, with a large staff slung across his back.

"We will be eating at the Arcane University." He announced.

"But," said Ehlana, "That's miles away."

"This tower has some very interesting features." Replied Arias mysteriously extending his hand to Arinor, "come."

The women got up and Arinor took Arias by the hand, he led her onto the teleporter on the right side of the tower and they appeared on the upper level of the tower.

A few moments later the other women followed up and they stepped out onto the balcony. This balcony had about a dozen teleporter pads on it in a semi-circle.

"These pads lead to every guild hall in Cyrodill." Explained Arias, "Only step on the middle one otherwise you could end up in any city and the Mythic dawn will get to you."

The women nodded and the five of them stepped onto the centre teleporter, closely followed by Arias.

The Arcane Universities enormous white tower stood erect before them. Various mages were wandering about on various tasks.

"Ah, Arch-Mage." Said a deep voice, "you have returned."

Arinor turned in the direction of the voice and was met with her old student, Raminus Polus.

"Yes I have Raminus," smiled Arias, "find these women some places to sleep and I would like to reinstate Lady Arinor here.

"Lady Arinor?" asked Raminus looking around his eyes locking onto Arinor, "Master? You've returned?"

"Yes. It's good to be back." She replied smiling.

"It's, it's good to have you back." He said cheerfully, "I'll make the arrangements Arch-Mage, don't worry."

On these words he hurried off to the central tower.

The other women followed him, but Arias and Arinor began to search through the many books of the Arcane University.