Chapter 7

One Heart: A Cinderella Story

Hermione's POV

The suns morning glare beat my skin as I slowly rolled out of bed. I had made the biggest mistake yesterday by agreeing to go to the ball with Neville. Harry was the true person I wanted to go with, but I had to be fooled by Neville's innocent smile. I raced to the great hall to talk to Harry.

"Morning Harry, I was wondering if we could talk." I was desperate to.

"Sure Hermione I wanted to talk to you too." That was never good when he wanted to converse too.

"Well Harry, I said yes to Neville about going to the ball, and now I think it was a mistake." I really wish I could turn back time and say no to Neville.

"I know you are going with Neville, and I wanted to inform you that I am going with Luna." He crossed his arms and looked at me.

"You are…going with Luna? Well I'm happy for you." I smiled, but on the inside I wanted to strangle Harry for asking someone besides me. I really thought he liked me, but once again I was let down.

Harry's POV

I could see she was forlorn about me asking Luna, but she said she would go with Neville, so did she expect me to sit in my room and mope all day about it? I like Hermione, but she brought it upon herself for her misery, besides Luna was a very understanding, pleasant girl and I liked her, so I had won this battle while Hermione lost miserably. I decided to take a walk around Hogwarts and obtain my thoughts.

"Morning Harry, I was hoping I might come upon you today!" It was Luna, her thoughts seeming to be up in the sky somewhere.

"Hello Luna, I am so exited for the ball tomorrow!" I was happy, but feeling unsure as well.

"I'm glad you are, but you seem to be a little hesitant about it." I swear she is a mind reader.

"Luna, I like you a lot, it's just that Hermione didn't take the whole thing well."

"I figured she wouldn't, but I actually love you, so I…" I didn't let her finish the sentence because I kissed her and she kissed me back. We let go and blushed and smiled. I never thought I would ever kiss a girl like Luna, but now that I know her better it seemed so right.

"Wow that was the most wonderful thing ever!" Luna said.

"Then let's make it marvels." I gradually leaned in as she did the same, our lips touched lightly and heaven was all around us, so it seemed.

"Luna, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Since I have already kissed you, and I like you…yes."

Somewhere deep in my soul I felt guilty making Luna my girlfriend, and leaving Hermione to parish in the dust. I loved Luna, yet I loved Hermione too. Why does romance have to be so damn complicated and in some cases, hurtful? That was one question that will never stumble upon an answer because it has a different meaning to others. On the other part of my heart I'm saying what should I care, she chose Neville over me and she just sees me as a friend. But the reason I can't believe that is because she said it was a mistake and she was really upset about Luna, there is no simple solution to this web I've spun. The only way I can get out of this is if I break one of their hearts, but I'm not that kind of guy, so basically, I was stuck. The rest of the day dragged on, and I could only think about Hermione, and Luna. The next day came faster than usual, so it felt. Today was the day of the ball, I was going to have to face Hermione and there was no way I could slow time down. I bumped into Hermione a few times, but she only turned and glared at me. Finally it was time to get ready for the ball. I threw on my dress robes, attempted to tame my jet black hair, put some shoes on, and made sure I had a rose to hand to Luna. After all the work I took a look at my masterpiece (me) and decided it was fine.

Hermione's POV

I took a shower so I did not smell like the potion Pavarti exploded in potions. I looked through my dresses until I found the perfect emerald green one that fell to my ankles and complimented my petite figure. I then rummaged through all my shoes until I spotted some sparkly gray/white ones that went with my dress. After I turned to the mirror and crimped my hair and added a small diamond beret that belonged to my mother. I had done a wonderful job and was sure I would knock Harry off his feet.

Luna's POV

I put on my strapless, blue/gray dress that perfectly matched my eyes, put on some of my indigo eye shadow and a tidbit of light pink lip gloss. I kept my hair down with its whole curl entirety. My shoes were basic flats that went with the rest of my outfit. After I thought for a moment I added a blue rose beret to my hair. I looked at my blue themed outfit and determined I liked it and Harry would too, and besides boys didn't even notice your clothing, so it was a win, win situation for me.

Harry's POV

I moved swiftly to the great hall where I spotted Luna, Hermione, and Cho (old gf from Dustan). This was going to be a complicated, harsh night…