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Only Half My Heart


I stared at his topaz eyes. My heart wrenched at the sight of them, so full of pain and regret and some understanding. The pain of his long absence made my love for him disappear, and reappear in Jacob. My heart was no longer Edward's, it was Jacob's.

The warmth of Jacob's arms encircling my waist, caused some comfort. I knew he was the right choice. Jacob would never leave me like Edward did. Jacob could never rip my heart apart like he did. Jacob truly loved me. And he would always love me.

"Goodbye Edward," my voice shaky. Jacob held me tighter. This was the man that became my life. My whole eternity was made for him, that first day at Forks high when I looked into his eyes in the cafeteria. My heart was set on just Edward. No one else mattered. No one else could tear me away from him, except him. And he did. He captivated me, he loved me.

A single tear rolled down my cheek as I saw his eyes darken. "I will always love you, Isabella Swan. Always. My heart is yours, forever," he took one last glance into my eyes before turning to his Volvo. Goodbye Edward, my love. No, not of love, but of heartbreaking love. I couldn't think of Edward as the amazing man he was before he left, just the pain he caused me.

"It'll be okay, Bella. I'll always be here for you," his voice was full of honesty, I couldn't deny that he would stay. I laid my head against his chest, pouring out tears. The heat of chest soothed me, but no matter what, I couldn't stop hurting. My heart couldn't stop breaking.

Tats when I realized, my heart was broken in 2, that's why it hurt. Only half of my heart was with Jacob. The other half drove away in a silver Volvo.

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