Thump, thump, thump. Their feet pounded against the ground and their hearts against the inside of their ribs. Amy's friend was a Suicune who called herself Crystal. They had met when the girls were 3; she had been only a pup herself at the time. She had gotten lost while practicing her water-walking, dragged away after falling into a powerful current. It passed near Ming Isle's northern beach. Amy's father Kiba had been fishing and his line caught her crest, saving her from starving in the open ocean.

Kayla cried out, "Look! It's the Goldenrod entrance!" They poured on speed and leaped over most of the small lake. They hurried out of the water and shifted into their "human" forms. They told Crystal to circle around and leap out suddenly; this would startle the thieves and buy time. Crystal sprinted away while the girls ran through the gatehouse toward the screaming. Team Rocket was raiding the Daycare.

Pokémon were being shoved into a black van with no regard for their health. A tiny Eevee cried while his Flareon mother tried to soothe him. A brave Growlithe stood over them snarling at the Rockets and their Pokémon. Out of nowhere a pair of Eevee leaped in front of him. "Well now! Looks like trouble, eh dear brother?" "Aye little sister, it must be butt-kicking time." It was Shine and Jack, set free to wreak havoc upon the evildoers. Hellery and Damien were herding some young Mareep into a small group with Mark's help. Niki covered them with well placed Embers while the two birds dive-bombed. Soara and Walter were using String Shot to glue the van down while Kayla unloaded it. Amy held the Rockets off with her sharp, dagger-like claws.

"Aw, what's the matter? Can't you deal with a little girl?" She had slipped into what her family called "death mode". The most disturbing part was the singing. It was an otherworldly tune that put fear even in the hardened of hearts. As the last grunt was beaten into submission Amy returned to her normal self. She looked down at her bloodstained claws, sighed softly and went to fetch Umi's ball from the Daycare lady. "Thank for looking after her", she said. Then she asked to use the sink. It took a lot of soap to fully remove the blood from her skin. She went to find the rest of her team so they could be checked by Nurse Joy. Officer Jenny had arrived with the whole force. She stared for a moment, "We're gonna need more handcuffs." In the end an Alakazam levitated the ones who couldn't be cuffed. They trudged into Goldenrod, some of the cops and Jenny herself followed the girls and company to the center. After handing over her own Growlithe she took them aside. "Alright, what happened out there?" Amy spoke up. "My cousin and were walking through the forest when my Pidgey and her Spearow came in frightened silly..."

With the Pokémon Niki was watching the Eevee, as they chatted about the nice Growlithe who was the baby Eevee's father. Niki thought to herself, "Those two will evolve soon. Freya and Fenrir will be proud of what they did today, what WE did." They were the pokegods of light and darkness, Freya was a gentle nine-tailed white fox and her mate Fenrir was a black wolf. Both could manipulate their size and normally walked around at the size of a Ninetales or Mightyena. They had originally asked to create the psychic and dark types; they often visited newly-evolveds in dreams. Niki smiled slightly, remembering their daughter Yume, who brought sweet dreams to all. She was a "baiya", half wolf, half fox and with the characteristics of both. Two soft grey tails tipped with storm grey, like her "socks" and her ears. With eyes that literally looked into someone's soul and told her if they were lying, she was often asked to determine who had committed a crime and the magnitude. From bread-stealing hobos to cold-hearted killers, she had seen more cruelty in a day than most people saw in a year. Yet she held a childlike innocence, unmarred by the world.

A few officers dwelled on the fact that it was very possible she was insane. All who knew Yume would never reveal that she actually was a schizophrenic. One side had the mentality of a five year old human; happy, bright and cheerful. This side was the dream-bringer. The other was relative to her true age, she was 199 now. Her darker self was called Akumu, meaning nightmare. She brought nightmares to those who deserved them but often drove bothersome Mismagius away. The truth behind them was that at birth they had been separate but dying. A strange lung condition plagued them both. They had been fused into one so they would live until a cure could be found, but something went horribly wrong. Akumu's mind continued to age while Yume remained a child. It was discovered that they had been in various conditions, Akumu in the midst of the disease and Yume at the end. This had messed up the process. Yet there was a ray of hope for them. In 11 months at the end of Pokemon League, on their birthday, the spell used could be reversed. It required two of equal age to repeat the spell backwards. Amy and Kayla had been born at the exact same time, so they would have this honour. They also needed a few things from around Johto. A petal from a special tree in Ilex Forest that only blossomed once every hundred years, a blue Clamperl pearl from the Whirl Islands, a Clear Bell and a feather from Ho-oh. Celebi had the job of getting the petal as the tree wouldn't blossom until it was time. Ho-oh had to come, so that was no problem and blue pearls could be found easily, if you knew where to look that is. Amy's mother had been given a Clear Bell long ago as a reward. The last thing was very important, on it rode the success of the entire plan. The Dragon Fang of Blackthorn. To get it the girls needed all eight badges, proving they were capable of handling its awesome power.

The next day they headed out to train. By sunset everyone had gone up five levels. There was even a welcome surprise when Soara and Walter evolved into Metapod and Kakuna! Three days later after much more difficult training for Damien and Mark, both would be wearing blindfolds to guard against Attract, so during the three days Kayla had trained Damien and Mark to respond to sounds. This way Attract couldn't be used, taking Whitney's greatest advantage away. This time Umi also got a turn as she was now lv.17 and had very high Defence. She would face one of Whitney's Clefairy and Dove would face a Miltank. The greatest difference was Whitney announcing she would now do double battles if asked. Of course they jumped at this. Both loved them, especially when they could fight together.

As they navigated through the gym the resident trainers actually backed away. Why? The look Amy wore and the cold air surrounding Kayla scared them away. When it came to battling Amy turned vicious and Kayla turned cold. Amy looked like she was going to kill somebody. Kayla became the "Ice Bitch from HELL". In short, most people didn't challenge both at once, one's bad enough.

As they finally stood before Whitney the young woman paled visibly. "Um, okay, I assume you girls know the rules?" Amy grinned hellishly, Kayla nodded. Now the referee showed up and called out, "This is a two on two double battle! Challengers ready?" He gulped when he saw them. "Gym Leader ready?" Whitney nodded, not trusting her voice. "FIGHT!" "GO! MARK/UMI/SHERRI AND SHIRLEY!" Two Clefairy appeared on Whitney's side while Umi and Mark materialized in front of their trainers. Mark was already wearing a special helmet; it obscured his vision without dulling his hearing. Umi had grown a bit, her head now reached past Amy's knees; at first she had been no bigger than a soccer ball. She smiled oddly and then the reason made itself clear, "Ice Shard". Kayla called for Quick Attack and a hailstorm of ice followed a black blur, the two attacks colliding with their targets hard. One fell to her behind, shivering, while the other sailed across the arena and smacked into the wall. Whitney called for a double Metronome. The shivering one got Rest, but the other got Explosion. While Mark hit the deck Umi sent off one hell of a Water Pulse, causing damage and confusion to the shivering pink blob. As she was sleeping she couldn't cause herself harm but she wouldn't be waking up very soon either.

Mark was returned to his ball and Damien took his place on the field. He was also wearing a special helmet, one that would fit him even after evolution. One Miltank was sent out, "GO MILLIE!" She was tackled by Damien just as the red light faded from her body. With the wind knocked from her lungs she was a perfect target for Umi's Whirlpool. (A/N: 

egg moves rock!) Flung around by the swirling mass of water and badly soaked, she was also a lot more vulnerable to Umi's final move. "Alright Umi m'girl, SHOCKWAVE!"

The Miltank fell to her knees, gasping for air. Barely able to retaliate, let alone move. A final Quick Attack and the pink cow was out of the fight. The remaining Clefairy tried Metronome again and got Splash. She got Body Slam from Umi, who had levelled up from the cow's defeat. Now only the other Miltank was left and Umi was switched for Dove.

Damien leapt forward, using Quick Attack and Ember to create a makeshift Flare Blitz. Dove came in behind with Aerial Ace and together the attacks threw the cow into a wall and burned her severely. She didn't get up, she had been knocked out when her head hit the wall. Whitney returned her and handed over the Plain Badge and the Attract TM. The girls thanked her and left to heal their teams and stock up on supplies. Next stop Ecruteak City!