Chapter 4: A lonely ghost, a moving shadow, Together again

The numbness didn't do away till a few minutes after, when the world around her sharpened and bustled with the beeping of taxi horns and other cars around her as she walked down the street to her apartment building. She was a ghost, completely anonymous.

At five to seven, Mathilda opened the door of her dainty apartment and sat her rifle case down on the little, rectangular table, taking the plant off the sill of the open window just above and placed it on the table she moved on to the bedroom. A dark man-like shape caught her eye in the chair in the dim corner on her right; she pulled out a 9mm Beretta, silenced, from her holster and found herself aiming at a lonely chair she releases the trigger finger slowly. The man who was sat there apparently disappeared, like a shadow moving into darkness.

She started to relax a little as she took a long hot shower her head up against the white tiles of the shower wall, her hands supporting, feeling the cool tile become warm. She turns the shower off and steps out feeling the cold air from the small, open window bite into her skin. Wrapping a towel around her for warmth she moves to the bedroom, dries herself and dons her 'sleeping clothes'; a tight black shirt and black combat trousers, and all black trainers. She puts her shades on once again and sits in the chair, a quick shiver to what could have been sat there just hours ago. She somehow knew it was Leon, or at least she wished it. At least they would have been together again like in the past, she wished that he would walk through the door after all the years and hug her but he never does and she knows he never will, but she still hopes.

She removes her gun from her holster and takes off the suppressor, chambering a round before she lays it on the small bedside table, next to the lamp, emitting a soft, dim glow. After a few seconds she switches the lamp off and closes her eyes and sits quietly in the dark, never moving and just waiting.

As she closes her eyes a man appears in front of her.

"Together again" she mumbles as she dozes of into sleep.