Ok, so this is my first Teen Titans fanfic. As it said, I'm using U2 songs as reference for the titles of the chapters, because I like U2 and they seem to fit. Please note there is also some humor in this story, so if you don't like humor, I would recommend War and Peace. Good novel. I don't own anything, so don't sue me. I do have more chapters, so I will update soon. Please let me know what you think, and thanks for reading.


Chapter 1: The Fly

It had been a long time coming. This prank of his was doomed to succeed, as he liked to think of it. After all, Cyborg had been getting off far too easy as of late, and so now it was finally time for Beast Boy to return as the master prankster of Titans Tower.

As long as it all went off without a hitch, of course…

It was early in the morning, and while usually Beast Boy would have been sound asleep at this point, he was far too excited to be asleep now. He had been planning this prank since last week, and spent all night preparing it, and so he wanted to see it through. So he continued to pace around the common room while the hamster wheel in his head continued to spin over the great prank that would soon take place.

He he he he...All of my hard work will soon pay off! I just can't wait to see the look on Cyborg's face. He thinks he's the master around here? Just wait, I'll show HIM who the master prankster is!

And soon it was 7:30 when Beast Boy finally heard a noise.

Wait a minute! Cyborg isn't up THIS early!!!

Beast Boy suddenly became alarmed that his prank was in serious jeopardy, and he didn't want anyone to know that he had been up so early, because they would certainly question it.

I need to hide!!! But where?

Well, Beast Boy didn't have much time to decide, for he could hear the footsteps getting closer. So he decided to do the only thing he could think of. He turned into a fly and buzzed off to the ceiling. He barely made it out of sight when he heard the doors opening.

It was Raven. Oh man, I hope she didn't see me.

But luckily for Beast Boy, Raven merely floated over in front of the window and began to meditate, and the fly was able to avoid certain doom.

Phew, well I guess I won't have to worry about her.

But now another problem set in for Beast Boy. Within a minute of listening to Raven meditate, he became incredibly bored.

Man...Am I just gonna have to sit here and wait all morning? Damn it, Cyborg! Wake up already and get what's coming to ya!

Even though the Titans had all grown up some, as they were all 18 now save Cyborg, who was 19 and liked to lord it over the others, Beast Boy was still Beast Boy and still grew readily impatient. So he decided to kill some time and fly around the tower for a while.

He flew past Raven's room, which was still off limits to everyone except for Starfire, and even then only when Raven invited her in. Beast Boy was tempted to fly under the door, but decided against it. I'll save that for another time. Besides, the prank I've got set up will still be perfect.

He then buzzed past Starfire's room. After all this time on Earth, she still had not changed much. She had certainly become more accustomed to Earth and its ways, but she managed to maintain much of her innocence still. Beast Boy was surprised with how often she was now able to make jokes that were actually funny…and in English.

He then flew by Robin's room. Robin for the most part hadn't changed much either, which tended to annoy the rest of the team sometimes. He was still the leader and still continued to focus more on business like he always did. Even though he and Starfire were going out, it never seemed to be a true "relationship," like Beast Boy thought of it. Star simply wanted to be with Robin, but he always seemed so caught up in his work that he never let her in.

Oh I pray that I never do something like that Beast Boy thought to himself.

Finally he flew by Cyborg's room. Ah, the sleeping victim! Soon, yes very soon, your time will come Cy! Better wake up before someone else...

And then Beast Boy had a very dangerous thought.


And with that the fly buzzed back to the common room as fast as he could fly.

Oh man! Oh please, please, please, don't open the fridge Rae! Oh I am gonna be so dead! Please, please, please, PLEASE!!!

But luckily for the fly, when he got back into the room, Raven was still meditating over by the windows.

PHEW!!! Man Raven, is that all you can do all day is sit there and meditate???

Raven had grown too, like the rest of the Titans, but she was still the smallest member on the team. Beast Boy, in fact, had hit a good growth spurt and was now about as tall as Starfire. Raven had also begun to show a bit more emotion, but she was still cautious about displaying emotion. And Beast Boy still continued to push her buttons, but as they had gotten older she seemed to have less patience with him.

Jeez Raven, you'd figure with all the time you spend by yourself that you wouldn't have to meditate so much.

It was true. Raven did wind up spending more time locked away in her room as time had gone on. Beast Boy hated this for two reasons: one, because he was sure she was doing it to avoid him; and two, secretly, because he liked having her around, which he didn't even like admitting to himself.

Man, I hope she doesn't get to the kitchen before Cy does. Why does she need to meditate so much anyway? What good does she do just sitting there looking so cute...um, I mean sitting there?!?! Ha ha...I mean its not like I find her attractive or something...but she's not ugly...damn brain, why do you have to mess with me like this? For the thousandth time, I don't love her...LIKE her, like her...damn it Beast Boy! But before his mental train could continue running off the rails, he noticed that Raven stopped meditating.

Finally, about damn time!

And then she turned and went into the kitchen.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Beast Boy suddenly took off towards the kitchen and was about to change when...

Raven merely poured herself a cup of tea and went back to the couch and sat down.

AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!! I'm going to have a heart attack waiting for this! Come on Cy! Get your lazy metal butt up here!!!

Well, Beast Boy's prayers were about to be answered, as Robin strolled in, with Starfire closely behind.

"Good morning, friend Raven," Star exclaimed, while Raven nodded her response. "Is friend Cyborg coming, Robin?"

"He should be along any minute now; I just knocked on his door so he should be on his way." Beast Boy leapt for joy, or at least as much as a fly could, and buzzed out the door to change back.

"Should we not get friend Beast Boy up as well, Robin?" Star asked again.

"GOOOOD Morning Titans!" exclaimed Beast Boy, as if on cue. "What's happening?"

"Oh, you are awake Beast Boy!" said Star.

"Yeah, and awake EARLY," noted Robin.

Raven looked confused as well. "What drugs are you on this morning?"

"Hey!" exclaimed Beast Boy, "I'm not on any drugs…anymore. I'm just excited for this gorgeous day! Isn't it a gorgeous day?"

"Sure," muttered Raven.

Cyborg finally entered the room as well. "Morning, y'all. Crap! BB, you're awake?"

Beast Boy was insulted. "Why is everyone so surprised that I might actually be awake early for once?"

"Cause you never are?" asked Starfire innocently.

"She's got a point BB," said Cyborg, with Robin and Raven nodding in agreement.

Dejectedly, Beast Boy mumbled "Let's just get breakfast going, huh Cyborg?"

At this the half-robotic Titan smiled and said "Don't you worry about that BB! I've got a big breakfast planned with bacon and eggs and all kinds of crap that you won't eat."

"Great," Beast Boy replied, trying his best to hide his anticipated laughter.

"Let's just go and get the stuff from the fridge and.."


As soon as Cyborg had opened the door, Beast Boy's prank went off and the pie he had loaded in the fridge beforehand flew right into Cyborg's face. Beast Boy immediately burst out laughing, and Robin soon joined in. Raven merely shook her head, though did think it was funny, she also knew instantly who had done it. Starfire was confused, though.

"I do not understand. Mustn't we first cut the pie into pieces before eating it so that we may all share?"

"I think this pie was meant only for me Star," Cyborg coolly responded. He then looked over at Beast Boy. "I take it this is your work?"

Beast Boy tried to look innocent while holding his laughter in. "Um…maybe???"

Cyborg started to clean his face off and eat some of what was left of the pie. "Come on man; that was totally weak. It's just a pie, and it doesn't even taste that bad. What's in this thing anyhow?"

Beast Boy, still suppressing laughter, walked over to Cyborg and said, "Well, Cy, there's a lot of good ingredients in that pie…" and slyly added as Cyborg swallowed another bite, "but mostly tofu."

And then Cyborg suddenly felt ill. "EWWWW!!! Oh man, you mean I actually ate that tofu shit? Oh man…" Beast Boy and Robin couldn't help but continuing to laugh, and even Starfire joined in. Raven even allowed a little smirk, but as soon as it was there Beast Boy looked over towards her, and it was gone in a second and replaced by her death stare.

"So immature," she said towards Beast Boy.

"Yeah, but you know you love it," he replied, while she rolled her eyes.

"I'm gonna get you, you little grass stain!!!" Cyborg yelled, but before he could even move, the alarm in the Tower went off.

"Titans, trouble!" yelled Robin, who had never bothered to think of anything else to say when the alarm went off.

"But…but…but…what about me getting grass stain?" Cyborg whined.

"Sorry Cy, but we gotta go." Robin replied, and with that the other four Titans moved out towards the elevator.

"Oh damn it all!" Cyborg said. "I'm gonna get you Beast Boy! Just you wait!"

But Beast Boy was happy. Everything had worked out according to plan.

Yeah, today's gonna be beautiful.