It Was Either That Or Another Digipad

By Trudyann B.

Rated K[plus for very mild language

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or settings. I am playing in Konami's sandbox.

Ending E

(This story contains a few references to other endings as well.)

Introduction / Author's Note

1.21.2008 4:47:16

(Feel free to skip this, maybe you'll want to read it after you've read the story…)

I got the game Shadow of Destiny around thanksgiving last year. It was about five bucks at Big Lots. It took me approximately a month and a half to get through all the endings(I took lots of breaks), and I'm still working on getting 100 percent. The story intrigued me, and I felt that I could do so much more with it (especially Homunculus's character which is my all time favorite), but I didn't know what angle to approach it in.

Then, one night, at one AM, I was doing my homework and listening to my Blue October CD, when it hit me. What if Homunculus was injured somehow, and couldn't support his own weight, so Eike had to help him because he was the only other living being who knew how to work the Digipad? So I started on my first draft. It took me about a month to work out kinks in the plot and such, but then I noticed that the story was lopsided. All the problems were solved in the beginning, and I had no idea how to tie the knot. I started scribbling the story down aimlessly, until another day while I was in English class, another way of looking at my story came to me. It would twist the plot around so that there were much less kinks to iron out, and the story wouldn't be so aimless, and I could still keep most of the dialogue between Eike and Homunculus that I enjoy writing so very much. The story still isn't flawless. There's still some lopsidedness I wasn't able to smooth out, and it's much shorter than it would have been; but it works.

While I was writing the original story, my friend, Skittlez, who was just finishing the game, decided to write her own little ficlet in the middle of my story. She made it silly and knew perfectly well that the characters were OOC, but she enjoyed writing it, and I could barely contain my laughter as I read it that day in English class (the same day I came up with the new draft). The sentence "It was either that or another Digipad." Was a punch line in her story (quoted from Homunculus). A week later, I still didn't know what I was going to call my story. I went through her story, saw that line; and noticed that to some extent, it fit with my story. And that's how the title was made. So I thank Skittlez for the inspiration.

I also want to thank my brother, alias Jorick Horn for his help in creating this story. Though he sometimes didn't want to help me sort out the constant dead ends I made for myself when writing the first draft, he did. If it wasn't for his help, I would've given up on this story ages before I came up with the new draft.

Here are a few facts that I made for my first draft and never entered into the new draft:

Energy Units are naturally occurring bits of radioactive energy. Though they are usually invisible, they respond with a green glow when in close proximity to the digipad. They can be scooped up by the Digipad.

These formulas explains Homunculus's main energy source in birth and destruction:

Energy Unit [plus H2O [equals Homunculite (fluid Homunculus was created in) [plus Philosopher's Stone [plus ten days [equals Homunculus.

Homunculus [plus energy unit (from broken sliver of Digipad) [equals liquid Philosopher's Stone [plus twelve hours [equals Philosopher's Stone.

When I found the Shadow of Destiny fan-fictions, I was not surprised that there weren't very many; but it is a shame that this is so. I decided to read all of them. I have three favorites, the rest are mostly good; though I have run into one or two that I couldn't finish because they sort of annoyed me… heh… not mentioning names. I've read through all the Eike/Homunculus stories as well, even though it took quite a bit of effort since I don't think you can have any sort of romance story for Homunculus without him being OOC. He's not a lovey-dovey guy. Still I really appreciated the Eike/Homunculus fic, Shattered Bodies, Fractured Souls. Because other than the romance, Homunculus was in character, and because the story of Homunculus's life is well thought out and believable. This would be one of the three favorites I've mentioned. The others are Shadow of Destiny Once Again and Out of the Shadows.

I look forward to being the thirtieth story on the Shadow of Destiny/ Memories branch of fanfiction[dot net, and I hope you enjoy my story. Please read and review if at all possible.

-Trudyann (aka. weirdIT)
End of Introduction.