It Was Either That Or Another Digipad

By Trudyann B.

Rated T for mild language

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or settings. I am playing in Konami's sandbox.

Ending E

(This story contains a few references to other endings as well.)

After Thoughts

4.20.2008 10:40:00

I told you it wasn't going to be very long! In fact, it was going to be much shorter, but I found a way to elongate it… slightly. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that the ending didn't suck too much.

Throughout the story I got two very good questions from Lollipop Mimiloveand so it's time to answer those questions publicly.

"The fact that you're writing in present tense is a little odd, and I don't find it as easy to read as past tense. Also, you switch POVs in the middle of a scene. None of these things are incorrect, but they're a little harder to read than past tense limited POV. Props to you for trying them, though, and hopefully you'll be able to pull them off.
Also, I find the chapters a little short."

I hope I did pull off present tense all right. The thing is, it's less confusing to write a story about time travel in the present tense than in the past tense. I actually didn't notice that I was switching POV's at first… huh…

The chapters are short. It's mostly because I wanted to elongate the story a bit. It's also partially because shorter chapters usually allow me to update faster.

"Out of curiosity, was there any particular reason Homunculus was muttering in Japanese instead of any other language, or was it random?"

A question I was hoping someone would ask. (Lollipop Mimilove has already suffered my long-winded answer to this question in a private reply.) Yes. There is a reason, and here it is: My belief is that Homunculus was first created in Japan. Now, my reason at the time for thinking this is that I had just finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha and the way Homunculus wore his sash reminded me of how I envisioned an apprentice Geisha's obi to look like. Of course, I was a bit off. I've looked up pictures since then, and maiko's obi start much higher on the body and are very much wider. Still, I believe Homunculus is originally Japanese. It's a theory that has little evidence anymore, but I stick too it anyway. This is the reason Homunculus mumbles in Japanese.

I'm sure he has had both the time and learning capacity to be fluent in just about every language. But in my little sandbox, he reverts back to Japanese when he is angry or exasperated, as many bilingual people would.

I thank you all for your reviews.

Conclusion/ Author's Note

12.1.2008 9:09:00

It's taken me so very long to wrap this all up, forgive me. I'm glad most of you enjoyed the story. I understand how the end can be confusing, but it was sort of meant to be. All the same, my apologies for the unsatisfying feeling. ;)

I've enjoyed writing for the tight community that is the Shadow of Destiny/ Memories fandom, and I look forward to writing a new story for you all as soon as I come up with it—maybe a longer one, if I'm lucky… and thoughtful.

I want to especially thank my reviewers; you guys were so sweet and insightful.

I want to, again, thank my brother and friends for being there through this process, even if they were unwilling, they listened to my starry-eyed proclamations about loving Homunculus, and gave me input to keep the story rolling.

At present, I'm writing a Fullmetal Alchemist Fic, and I'm pretty darn sure it will never be published. I'm also writing a novel, that I hope to finish in the next couple years.

On my youtube channel, I posted a small video called Shadow of Destiny Overture, It's not that good, I'm trying to find a better way to pick up the video so that I can make a music video for it, but I have yet to find something free that can pick up game video without a watermark or time limit. Any suggestions that don't lead to a Trojan virus or something similar?

I also drew a picture of Homunculus, if you'd like to see it, change the "slash"es to actual slashes, "equal"s to actual equal signes and "and"s to the little swirly and sign, etc. …And take out all the spaces.:

http "colon" "slash" "slash" .com "slash" albums "slash" a185 "slash" Sparky "underscore" Dude "slash" ?action "equal" view "and" current "equal"

I'm dedicating this whole story to my pet rat, Mumble, who just recently died. I know, "pet rat? Eww!"

No, this little guy was adorable. I'll miss him very much.

I love you all, and I look forward to writing for you again as soon as I possibly can.