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The school courtyard was quiet, except for the rustle of tree leaves blowing across the ground. All the students were still inside the building, sitting through class. A furry little squirrel scrambled down from a tree to pick up a tasty-looking acorn.

But before it could get there…


The acorn was crushed into bits.

By a bright pink high heel.

So I guess not ALL the students were in class.

The squirrel looked up, squeaked, and ran away. It was afraid of a lot of things, but crazy fangirls with an evil plan was at the top of its list.

The crazy fangirls with an evil plan paid the squirrel no attention. They were in the middle of some… evil planning. Obviously!

"… just don't understand why it didn't work! My plan was PERFECT!"

The girl with the mole flipped her dyed blond hair and stomped her shoes again to show her outrage.

"Well," said one of her followers nervously. "It looks like she's not afraid of tarantulas."

"Damn it!" cursed another. "That thing cost me thirty bucks, you know!"

"Hey, at least YOU don't have to do chores for your brother for the next month," grumbled another girl. "It was the only way I could get him to put that… thing in her desk. Do you know how nasty his room is? And I have to do his laundry too!"

The other girls patted her shoulder sympathetically.

"QUIET!" screamed Mole Girl, even though no one was speaking. "I'm trying to think!"

"Think about what?" asked the other girls.

"A new plan, of course," said Mole Girl.

The other members of Narumi's fanclub exchanged a glance.

"You mean… we have to get another tarantula?" asked one of them. She had tried to pluck her eyebrows but obviously did a poor job, because they were totally uneven. So from now on she will be known as Brow Girl.

"Or another voodoo doll?" frowned another. Her lipstick was painted onto her teeth. She will be known as Lip Girl.

"Ugh, not again!" cried the last one. There was nothing particular about her and so she will be known as Last One. "Those needles pricked my fingers like a zillion times!"

"Will you STOP complaining already?" snapped Mole Girl. They shut up. "Look, class is almost over. Did you do all the other things I told you to?"

"Uh-huh!" said Last One proudly. "Those were easy!"

"And you made sure no one saw you? Or leave anything that could lead back to us?"

"Of course!" said Brow Girl.

"Good." Mole Girl nodded, satisfied. "Then we can move onto Plan C."

"There's a Plan C?" quipped Lip Girl.

Mole Girl's lips curled so that it looked like her mole was moving literally.

"There is," she said. "I just thought of it."

She motioned them to close in and whispered it in their ears.

"Ingenious!" cried Brow Girl.

"Amazing," said Lip Girl.

"Wow," giggled Last One.

"I know right?" crooned Mole Girl, patting her hair. She cackled madly. "Kiri Koshiba's going down! She'll regret ever crossing with us after this!"

They joined in on the evil laughter.

"Ok." Mole Girl held up a hand and looked around ninja-like. "Let's get going, come on…"


Chapter 4: The Truth Revealed, Part 1


Kanako was puzzled.

Today was sure a weird day.

And she wasn't talking about JUST the Tarantula Incident.

For example, in math class, as they got ready to take notes, Kanako looked over to see that all of Ki-chan's notebook pages were glued together.

"Maybe your bottle of glue spilled?" suggested Kanako, taking the notebook and examining it.

"Probably," said Kiri.

But even Kanako herself knew it didn't make sense. Even if Ki-chan did have a bottle of glue in her bag and it spilled, it wouldn't have glued the pages together so perfectly.

She ended up lending paper to Ki-chan and forgot about it.

Their on their way to P.E., their next class, Kanako was walking along with Kiri down the crowded stairs when Kiri suddenly missed a step and fell, scraping her knees. Luckily she caught the banister in time before there could be a domino-effect.

"Are you okay?" asked Kanako, rushing over. "Do you need to see the nurse?"

Kiri shook her head. "I'm good."

As she helped Kiri to her feet, Kanako thought she heard a giggle somewhere behind her. But when she looked, the person was gone – although Kanako caught a brief glimpse of the color pink. Did she imagine it?

Then in the locker room, while all the girls changed into their gym uniform, Kanako noticed that Kiri was just standing there, looking at her locker cubby.

"Ki-chan?" asked Kanako. "Aren't you going to change?"

Kiri started and turned around, blocking Kanako's view of her cubby.

"No," she said. "I forgot my gym shorts."

Kanako could've SWORN she saw Kiri leaving her gym clothes here yesterday. But she didn't say anything, figuring Kiri probably didn't want to participate in gym today because of her hurt ankle and now, scraped knees.

But as they left the locker room, Kanako noticed a pair of scissors lying near the door and a torn tatter that looked awfully like someone's gym shorts.

THEN, when they got back to the classroom, they found that someone had taped a sign onto Kiri's desk.

In large curly script was written:


Everyone in the class laughed. Not at Kiri, but at the person who wrote the sign.

"Can't they even spell right?" guffawed one boy.

"Maybe that's the point," a girl said. "You know, to emphasize how 'stupid'."

"Who writes lame signs like these anyway?" asked someone else.

"A five-year-old, that's who," snorted another boy.

The teacher for their next class arrived and everyone had to go back to their seats. Only Kanako was left frowning at the sign.

"Ki-chan, why would someone do this?" she said to Kiri. "April Fools' Day was last month."

Kiri only shrugged.

Kanako threw away the sign, thinking it was one of the class clowns trying to be funny. But as far as she knew, all the people in her class knew how to spell. Unless that was the point, like the girl had said…?

Like Kanako said, today was sure a weird day.


Narumi rolled up his sleeves and lathered up his hands with twice the usual amount of that cheap soapy stuff they had in the bathrooms. He turned up the faucet and scrubbed so hard his skin felt raw.

After some rigorous rinsing, he dried himself and sniffed his arms.

Nope, they still smelled like strawberry.

Narumi kicked at the trashcan angrily before stomping out of the restroom.

Those stupid fangirls! He should have reported them to the principal this morning. Should've just looked at him in the eye and said, "Listen, sir, these girls are dangerous and you should expell them this instant." But what if the principal didn't believe him and needed solid evidence? Then he would have to explain about the whole rumors-spreading thing and him and Kiri and what happened yesterday –

Yeah, beating them to a pulp was easier. But the last time he had tried to do that, he ended up needing strawberry-smelling lotion. And… he was back to square one.

Really, why did he care? It wasn't like Puffyhead was TOO bodily harmed yesterday and it was HER business who she made enemies with, not his… And since when did she hire him as her "avenger" anyway?

Narumi swallowed, guilt sinking in his stomach. But he tried to tell himself it WASN'T his fault, and much less his responsibility whatever happened to Kiri.

And he DIDN'T care what happened to her. He DIDN'T.

Footsteps jerked Narumi out of his thoughts.

"… I'm so hungry Ki-chan, I can't wait to eat lunch…"


Narumi's blood ran cold. Speak of the devil! He knew that voice! Or rather, that yawn!

Footsteps were drawing closer…

He dove behind a janitor's cleaning cart.

"… what's wrong, Ki-chan?"

"No… nothing. I thought I saw someone."

"Really? Who?"

Narumi gulped, holding his breath. They were so close he could see their shoes. Could they see him? Was his hair showing? What would they think if they saw him hiding? They'd want to know why!

What was he going to say? HE didn't even know why!

"… no, I imagined it."

"Oh, I know what you mean, I got that feeling today too! Remember when you fell on the staircase on the way to gym…"

The voices trailed off. Narumi exhaled from his hiding spot. He listened to their footsteps fading, trying not to sneeze because the mop was tickling him.

Haha, scaredy-cat.

Wh-? Who is this?

That tiny voice in your head. Never mind me, worry about your own issues.

I don't have any issues and I'm not a scaredy-cat!

Right… and why are you hiding behind a stinky mop, exactly?

How should I know!

I think you do know. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Miri and it starts with a K.



Okay, FINE! But I'm not AFRAID of her!

You don't have to be defensive. It's normal… love makes people afraid.


Are you sure? That's not what you said yesterday…Wait – what? Stop spewing nonsense!

Ok, allow me to show you..

Flashback (A/N: Bet you don't remember this. It's from Ch.2)


The fangirls were trying to explain. "But this girl was claiming she's your girlfriend… and you don't even like her!"

"WHO SAYS I DON'T LIKE HER?" Narumi yelled.

Present-day Narumi's eyes bugged.

Hold up… WHAT?!

Instant replay:


Stop, I heard you the first time!

Told ya so.

But Narumi was too distracted to hear him – I mean it. His stomach churned uncomfortably. He was so stupid… how could he have forgotten he said this… And there were other people around when he said it – worse, PUFFYHEAD was around…

OH KAMI! WHAT WAS HE THINKING WHEN HE SAID THAT? No, that's the thing, he WASN'T thinking.

Narumi resisted the urge to slap himself.

"Oi… can you get outta the way, kid?"

Narumi turned around and saw a janitor holding a broom (no, not like a sword this time).

"I have a toilet to clean, ya know. Find somewhere else to spy on girls from. Let me tell you, if you got my mop all dirty and mussy, your head will have to pay the price."

He chuckled, but Narumi only stared. All he heard was "girl", "mussy", and "head", and that wasn't a very good combination, at least not from that order.

"GAAAAAAHHHHH!" Narumi screamed bloody-muder and ran away.

The janitor scratched his head.

"Jeez, can't anyone take a joke these days?"


The weirdest thing of the day did not happen until after lunch.

It was science class. Kanako was sitting at her desk, half-paying attention as their teacher wrote chemical equations on the board, when –

BAM! The door slammed open and the principal appeared in the doorway, panting like he ran a mile.

"Mr. Yamato-san!" exclaimed the teacher in surprise.

The principal's face was beet red as he scanned the classroom. His eyes stopped when they landed on Kiri, who was dozing off as usual.

"K-Koshiba!" he bellowed.

For the second time that day, Kiri looked up to see someone pointing a shaking finger at her. Only this time, the person wasn't scared.

Oh boy. If he saw a tarantula at that moment, he would've wrung its neck.

Especially if the tarantula's name was Koshiba.

"What – " he roared " – is the meaning of THIS?!"

He waved a piece of pink paper at Kiri.

"…?" Kiri could only blink at him.


"Yamato-san, please!" cried the teacher. "What're you doing?"

"This young lady is about to get a lesson in respect!" yelled the principal over his shoulder as he dragged a very confused Kiri out of the classroom.

They could hear his angry yelling even from here.

"Ki-chan!" whispered Kanako in horror.

While everyone went abuzz with this news and the teacher tried to quiet them down, Kanako saw that the principal had dropped something.

The pink piece of paper.

Making sure no one else was looking, Kanako picked it up with trembling hands. It looked like a letter.

Kanako read it to herself.


Her heart thumped as she pieced everything together. Then Kanako bolted out the room in a most un-Kanako-like fashion.

BAM! The door slammed shut.


"What in the world is going ON today?" cried the teacher.


Kanako tore blindly down the hall, clutching the letter in her hand. Where was the principal's office? She had to get there before –

She was so busy panicking, she didn't notice someone walking down the hall in the opposite direction.


"Ugh…" mumbled Kanako, clutching her head. What happened? A pair of glasses were lying a few feet away. She looked up and gasped.



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