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"I know that boy was in here again." Said Sam as he sat across form Charlotte who was trying to force some cereal down her throat.

"No he wasn't." said Charlotte as she chocked down a spoonful of Cherrie O's

"Don't you lie to me, Lottie." Said Sam. She looked just like his wife did in the early stages of pregnancy. She looked nauseated, pale, and cold. He wanted Charlotte to just be sick, to have come down with some disease so that she could be cured and stay his little girl. If she was…in a family way she hoped that the father was some boy from the towns. He didn't care who the boy was rich or poor black, white or even martian as long as he wasn't Lizard.

"You ain't called me Lottie since I was little." Said Charlotte sipping her juice. She felt it again and ran from the table

"And you ain't threw up for no reason before." Said Sam

"I'm fine." Said Charlotte. Sam lept from the table and grabbed her firmly by the shoulders. He put a hand to her stomach and pushed her back.

"Just like you ma." Said Sam angrily

"Yeah, I'm marryin' him and there ain't a dang thing you can do about it!" said Charlotte as she grabbed her school bag and ran for the bus. Same looked angrily at her, he had to go talk to Jupiter.

"He dead. Dead. Dead Lizard." Said Pluto as he poked Lizard several tims in the head. His head was packed with gauze where he had fallen. It wasn't the hit that had knocked him out, it was the rock eh fel on.

"He ain't dead!" said Papa Jupiter as eh pushed Pluto out of the room. They were all in Big Brain's house discussing what to do about Lizard and Charlotte.

"First Hades' and now this." Said Big Mama unhappily. Big Brain put a reassuring hand on her wrist to the annoyance of Papa Jupiter.

"This could be….good." said Big Brain

"How? How the fuck could this be good?" laughed Papa Jupiter. It was a mad laugh, like he was going to explode at any moment. Everyone backed away except for Pluto who was still muttering about Lizard being dead. Lizard was awake now, his eyes closed and his head pounding.

"Babies…we need more…babies." Said Big Brain

"And what about Sam? Did any of ya think of that?" asked Papa Juiter

"He's gonna be pissed." Said Goggle as he cleaned his prized binoculars with his shirt, even though they weren't that dirty. He didn't have much to watch since even though things had gotten better with Hades' clan but he was young and vulnerable. Well, according to Big Mama anyway.

"Yeah." Said Pluto in agreement

"See, hey kid and the moron are finally right about something." Said Jupiter

"You don't gotta be insultin' people, Jupiter." Said Cyst. Pluto was his son. While he knew that Pluto was none too bright he still didn't want the boy to be insulted. Goggle turned to the window and watched the hills from Big Brains house. He couldn't get much of a view but this was his job.

"Let's…all…calm down." Said Big Brain

"That's easy for you to say, ain't it?" asked Papa Jupiter sarcastically.

"Why don't…we…just ask…Lizard? He's been…awake for time...now." said Big Brain

"Boy, you awake?" said Papa Jupiter kicking him in the side lightly

"No." said Lizard instantly regretting it

"Don't give me that shit! What do you have to say for yourself?" asked Jupiter

"What I said before, we're getting married." Said Lizard

"Hey!" said Goggle but everyone ignored him

"And she's just gonna live here?" asked Jupiter sarcastically

"In my house with me." Said Lizard looking Jupiter defiantly in the eye

"Hey everyone!" said Goggle

"And she's gonna eat like us?" asked Jupiter sarcasm dripping from his voice like a thick syrup.

"She'll eat chicken and coyote and from the garden." Said Lizard

"Now you know we ain't got a lot of food like that." Said Jupiter

"We'll grow more." Said Lizard

"While she's huge and can barely move. You've seen your Mama Pregnant." Said Jupiter. Big Mama threw him a look that could kill.

"Hey everybody!" said Goggle as he saw a figure coming closer to the test village.

"I'll do it all and we'll raise a family and there ain't a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it!" yelled Lizard stamping his feet for emphasis

"Will y'all stop your fuckin' squawkin' and listen to me!" said Goggle pointing out the window. Jupiter and Big Mama were about to tell him to watch his mouth when they saw what he was pointing to.

"Sam here. Let in?" Said Pluto

"Yes…" said Big Brain before anyone could say anything contradictory

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't you know what's gonna happen?" muttered Big Mama angrily. Big Brain gave a long suffering sigh.

"It's my…house. We need…babies. Lizard…is healthy…so is she. Jupiter's…upset. He'll come…around wait." Said Big brain as Sam and Papa Jupiter had a shouting match. Soon Lizard was involved and blows were landed. Sam wanted Charlotte to go with her mother and give the child up or go to a maternity home. Jupiter knew he couldn't risk the exposer of the clan and the clan did need babies, in the end it was agreed that Charlotte would stay with them until the baby was born and Jupiter would put the gun had had pointed towards Sam's head down. Sam knew that if the clan was exposed he'd go to jail for sending all of those people to their deaths and if he refused Jupiter could very well kill him. Sam went home to tell his daughter the news and tell the school that Charlotte would be living with her mother. He felt selfish for having made Charlotte stay with him, like he had doomed her to this fate. Lizard on the other hand did a little dance when he was safely in his home; their home.