Hate My Next Door Neighbor

Summary: Troy Bolton seemed to have something against Gabriella ever since she moved to New Mexico her freshman year. Gabriella's already in her junior year and can't take the mental, physical, and emotional abuse anymore. Will feelings begin to change between the two? TROYELLA

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Author's Note: This is my third fan fiction story (first one: When I Die, second one: Pushed Him Away). I also have a oneshot called "Rather Be With You." Please enjoy! Reviews are very helpful!

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Chapter 1- Silence

"Gabriella, get up!" her mother yelled.

Gabriella frowned and stirred in her sleep. Great. Just great. She was starting her junior year of high school this year, and Gabriella knew that it definitely wasn't going to be the best year ever.

"I'll be down in a few mom!" Gabriella yelled from her room.

"Okay Gabriella, made pancakes!" her mother called from downstairs in the kitchen.

Gabriella sighed as she walked into the bathroom for a shower. "At least this will wake me up to another terrible year." Gabriella mumbled as she got into the shower turning it to full blast.

Rinsing the soap off of her, Gabriella got out of the shower and dried herself off with a towel. Walking into her closet, Gabriella searched for something to wear.

A sound of thunder filled the room and Gabriella jumped. "Great...just my luck...it's raining...what a fun walk to school this will be..."

Gabriella decided on her clothes and threw them on. She walked into the bathroom again to brush out her wet curls. Deciding to leave the curls wet and have them dry naturally, Gabriella put on a small bit of makeup. Her mother told her she was naturally beautiful, but Gabriella disagreed to that. Gabriella knew if she were beautiful, she would be out on Friday nights, not at home sulking.

Gabriella looked at her appearance in the mirror and sighed. "I guess this will have to do." Gabriella thought to herself.

Slipping on a comfortable pair of ballet flats for her walk to school, Gabriella grabbed her book bag and rushed down the stairs.

"Morning Gabi." her mother said looking at her only daughter.

"Morning mom." Gabriella said softly sitting down at the counter.

In reality, Gabriella wasn't an angry girl who hated the world, she was quite shy. Gabriella just got cranky in the mornings, it happens to everyone.

"So mom, I think I'm going to eat quickly so then I have more time to walk to school." Gabriella said as she grabbed her plate of pancakes.

"Nonsense Gabriella. It's pouring outside. Why it's raining during the summer in Albuquerque I have no idea, but you are for sure not going to be walking today." Gabriella's mother said as she poured her daughter a cup of orange juice.

"Mom, how am I getting to school today?" Gabriella said gently looking at her mother. "The car is in the auto shop for repair."

"Oh dear...I forgot. Silly me." Gabriella's mom said at her mistake. "Oh...yes! I know dear. How about we call the Bolton's, I'm sure Troy can drive you to school." her mother said walking over to the phone.

Gabriella bit her lip softly. Troy seemed to have something against Gabriella ever since she moved to New Mexico her freshman year. Gabriella had never told her mother that she hated Troy Bolton...how could one hate their next door neighbor?

"Yes. Oh hello Jack! I was wondering if Troy could bring Gabriella to school today. Uh huh. Yes...the car is still in the auto shop. Thank you so much Jack, and tell Troy my thanks also. Okay, thanks Jack...oh! That sounds great. Dinner at 7, of course, we'll be there." Gabriella's mother said hanging up.

"So, I'm guessing that was Coach Bolton?" Gabriella said chewing softly on her pancakes.

"Yes dear. He said Troy would be able to drive you to school today. Wonderful isn't it? And Jack invited us to dinner tonight, he might have mentioned how Troy couldn't wait for the evening dinner..." Gabriella's mother smiled at Gabriella widely.

Gabriella coughed almost choking on her pancakes. Taking her glass of orange juice, Gabriella gulped down a large amount. "Sounds great mom." Gabriella said wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"You all right Gabi honey?" her mother said looking at Gabriella. "You were choking on your pancakes."

"I'm fine mom." Gabriella said attempting to smile at her mother. "Something stuck in my throat...that's all."

"All right dear..." Gabriella's mother said giving her daughter one last look before turning back to the large pile of dishes.

Gabriella took her plate and cup of orange juice to the sink when the doorbell rang.

"That must be Troy. I'll see you this afternoon Gabi." her mother smiled at her daughter.

"All right. I'll see you too Mom." Gabriella said softly as she grabbed her book bag and walked to her front door. This was going to be a long day.

Gabriella opened her door to see a smirking Troy Bolton. "C'mon Montez...my dad wanted me to bring you to school because of the rain. If I had the choice, I'd drive in my car and laugh watching you walk in the soaking rain." Troy said smirking.

"Lovely imagination you have." Gabriella said softly.

"Did you say something Montez?" Troy said looking at Gabriella.

Gabriella shook her head.

"Okay then, let's go." Troy said walking over to his car that his father gave him.

Gabriella looked cautiously at the car getting sprinkled by rain and moved her hand towards the back door handle.

"You can sit in the front Montez...I'm not going to bite." Troy said grinning at Gabriella.

Gabriella looked at Troy noticing the color of his eyes. They're always a blue-gray color, and looked blank. Gabriella had never seen someone's eyes like his. They seemed to be showing no type of emotion at all.

"Montez...are you getting in?" Troy said looking at Gabriella.

"Oh...sorry..." Gabriella said softly moving her hands towards the front door and opening it. Slowly getting into the car, Gabriella shifted uncomfortably as she closed the door and pulled on her seatbelt.

"All, right let's go!" Troy said as he turned the engine on as the car began to drive in the direction of East High.

Gabriella had no idea of what to say to Troy, and kept her eyes focused outside looking at the rain falling as the car rushed by. "I hope the ride isn't that long..." Gabriella thought to herself.

Troy glanced at Gabriella from his car mirror to see what she was doing. Troy noticed Gabriella's soft brown curls fall into place around her body and watched her small hands tap the car door in some kind of rhythm. "Eyes on the road Troy...eyes on the road." Troy said to himself snapping himself back into reality and focusing on the road.

A long silence fell between the two.

"You know Montez...you're so quiet. I hate silence. Silence is stupid, why have a voice for? You barely say much." Troy frowned turning the wheel as the car entered the East High parking lot.

"Silence is soothing. Sometimes, silence is all you need..." Gabriella said looking away from the window and at Troy.

"Sure Montez. Silence sucks. I hate silence. I love hearing a huge crowd of people chant my name at a basketball game...or when someone says a good joke, and, I hear laughter...silence...silence sucks." Troy said his head clearly thinking a bunch of thoughts at once.

"Sometimes I need silence. When I'm thinking, I hate people talking all at once...I need to ponder on things, and talking doesn't help. I'm not saying that silence is everything...I'm just saying, sometimes...I need it." Gabriella said softly.

Troy looked at Gabriella clearly thinking as a soft silence fell between them.

When the car stopped and was parked in a spot, Gabriella opened the door to get out. "You were silent because you were thinking Troy. Sometimes, silence is what you need." Gabriella looked at Troy in the eye and grabbed her book bag. Gabriella knew she needed to get a good distance away from Troy before anyone saw them together.

Troy watched Gabriella's figure slowly disappear and walk into East High doors. Troy stood thinking for a moment or two before shaking it off.

"I don't need silence..." Troy mumbled to himself as he grabbed his gym bag and walked into East High.