Another Author's Note

by Matthew W. Quinn

This Author's Note has two purposes:

The first is to give you all a taste of where the universe would have gone if I had ever written a sequel. I do not intend to do so — once I finish my Transformers fan-fic "The Revenge of the Fallen Reboot," I will not write anymore fan-fiction and will focus on original projects.

The idea I had for a sequel was entitled "The Shenanigans of a Half-Blood Princess." It takes place at roughly the same time as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince did in the canon timeline, seventeen years after the War of the Dark Lord ended and the veterans of the Order of the Phoenix got on with their lives.

In it, Severus Snape, now a respected Apothecary and occasional Dark Arts consultant, receives a letter from his and Lily's daughter Eileen, who is in Ravenclaw. Her younger brother, the red-haired, green-eyed, big-nosed boy seen in Darth Depravious's story "Snape's Erised," is a Slytherin and has caught her snogging the Gryffindor Harry Potter behind a curtain in Hogwarts castle somewhere.

Being the good Slytherin boy that he is, he decides to use this information as leverage over his sister. She isn't going to put up with this and writes her parents, complaining about her brother's behavior (but at the same revealing what her brother is blackmailing her with).

Here we get a bit of the values dissonance that exists between Snape and Lily. Snape admires his son's cleverness and is mildly vexed that his daughter is getting involved with a Potter, while Lily doesn't mind the latter and is rather concerned about the fact their son has essentially committed blackmail.

(This does not indicate marital problems on their part. Even the happiest-married couples have disagreements sometimes.)

There would also be some information on what Lily is doing with her life. I figured she would divide her time between looking after their third child (a preschool-aged later-life "surprise baby") and serving in the Wizangamot, where she is an advocate for such causes as decent treatment of werewolves.

Since I don't intend to write it, I figured it would be fair to let you all at least have a taste of what the future of this universe portends.

The second purpose is to remove the need for future Author's Notes by giving all of you the URL of my blog. It's www . accordingtoquinn . com. Those of you who are interested in keeping up with my writerly doings can do so here.

(This blog did not exist when I was writing "Wrath of the Half-Blood Prince." This is why you all are finding out about it now.)

This will enable you to get all the latest information, including progress on my original novel and the collection of short original fiction I am working on with Daverana Enterprises, a small press. It also contains "behind the scenes" information on my other completed Harry Potter fan-fiction "Lord of the Werewolves" and a fair bit of pontificating on politics and culture.