Seed of Chucky 2: The Next Chapter

By: TheCharlesLeeRayFan

Chapter 1

Fond Memories

It is a few years after what happened to Tiffany who is now inhabits Jennifer Tilly's body and Glen who has human body now, and Glenda, who is Glen's twin sister and Tiffany with Jennifer Tilly's body is going from one role to another in her acting career. It is a fall day and Tiffany, Glen, and Glenda are living in Jennifer Tilly's mansion and Tiffany is in her room sitting at a vanity table putting on make-up, next Tiffany opens the drawer of the vanity table and she pulls out a golden necklace with a red gem in the middle and she begins to cry.

And she says to herself," Oh Chucky I miss you, what in the Hell am I saying?! Damnit I need to get myself together, I need to stop fantasying about him, and he did me wrong, but I can't date again, I've tried and nobody will ever compare to Chucky... Oh God what am I going to do?"

Tiffany then rests her head on one hand and she thinks to herself.


It was the year 1987 and Chucky and Tiffany are human and Tiffany is sitting on the couch watching TV and the door to the apartment swings open and Chucky, as a human enters the apartment and he closes the door and he runs up to Tiffany and he says," Tiff! Look what I got from John!"

Then Tiffany says," What Chucky?!"

Chucky then pulls out a golden amulet and he shows it to Tiffany and the red gem in the middle of the amulet glistens in the light. Next Chucky Says," It's the Heart of Damballa, John finally got it in and I bought it from him."

And Tiffany says," What's the Heart of Damballa? What is it supposed to do?"

Then Chucky says," It's an amulet for the God of Damballa, which is the Snake God, and it is capable of brining people back from the dead, transferring souls, and all of that good stuff, well that's what John said."

Next Tiffany says," That is so cool!"

A voice is then heard and it says," Mom?... Mom?... Mom!"

Tiffany then breaks from her thought of her and Chucky and a young girl with red tight curly hair and wearing a blue uniform with a jacket with an emblem patch on the right side, a white polo shirt, a plaid pleated skirt, white knee socks, and brown penny loafers.

Then Tiffany says," What Glenda?"

Next the girl referred to as Glenda says," Mom Me and Glen are going to be late for school again!"

And Tiffany says," Did you and Glen eat your breakfast?"

Then Glenda says," Yes Mom!"

And Glenda runs off out of the room and another child comes into the room and it is a young boy with red hair and he is wearing a blue uniform with a jacket with an emblem patch on the right side, a white polo shirt, pants, and brown dress shoes and he walks up to Tiffany.

Next the young boy says with an English accent," Mum why are you crying?"

And Tiffany says," Oh no, my make-up!"

Then the young boy says," Mum you can tell me."

Next Tiffany says," Oh Glen... I was thinking about your father and me."

And boy named Glen gasps and he puts his hands over his mouth in shock and Glenda runs into the room.

And Glenda says," I have a father?!"

Tiffany then turns around and looks at the alarm clock on the nightstand and it shows seven thirty.

Then Tiffany says," Oh God you two are going to be late again, that bitch of a principal of yours is going to be pissed!"

Tiffany then puts the amulet down on the vanity table and she gets up from the chair and she grabs her purse and she runs out of the room and Glen and Glenda follow her out and Tiffany runs down the hallway and she runs to the spiral staircase and she goes down it and Glen and Glenda follow her to the living room and Glen and Glenda run to the couch and they get their knapsacks from off of it and they run into the kitchen and the door is open to the garage and they run through it and Glen closes the door and Tiffany is getting into the driver's side of her Mercedes car and Glen and Glenda runs to the back passenger sides of the car and they open their doors and they get into the car and they close the doors and Tiffany closes her door and she digs in her purse for the car keys and she finds them and she puts the key into the ignition and she turns the keys and the car starts and she pulls the gearshift to drive and she pushes the garage door button and the garage door opens and Tiffany puts her foot on the accelerator and the car barrels out of the garage and it goes down the driveway and Tiffany pushes another button and the car nears to a closed gate and the gate opens and the car goes through the gate and it gets onto the Los Angeles busy roadways.

Next Tiffany says out loud," Oh shit! You two are going to be late!"