Disclaimer: I don't own Fire Emblem, or anything that I make references to...And I swear a lot, so get used to it. SEXUAL CONTENT IN MOST CHAPTERS, AS WELL AS YAOI! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

This story is for Zero. I love you, my Fab Second.

"Ohhhh…Zero!" the spiky haired blond moaned. I laughed and nipped his ear, earning another groan.

My hand strayed up his shirt, brushing sensitive skin, and he gasped. I was about to start getting serious when a large hand clamped down on my arm. Glancing over my shoulder, I found my History teacher, Mr. Watson glaring down at me. I sighed and rolled my eyes, retracting my hand and turning to face the angry man behind me.

"Hey, Mr. W. What's up?" I asked, pushing my mop of black hair out of my eyes.

"In school suspension. Now. And I don't ever want to see something like this again, young man." the fat, balding, bazillion year old man growled.

I smiled and nodded. "Go ahead and go to class, Danny."

"Are you sure, Zero?" my current boy-toy asked, glancing at the teacher behind me.

I shoved him in the right direction and started making my way toward the detention room. Mr. Watson only followed me far enough to make sure that I made it to my destination before branching off and heading back to his classroom. The little room I sauntered into was empty, so I pulled six chairs together and stretched out over them, pillowing my head on my arm and glaring angrily at my dick. It always got me in trouble.

Ahhhh, Z, I really do love you...

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