This story is post-Eclipse and is told from Rosalie's point of view. I think she deserves a chance to redeem herself a bit.

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Chapter one

My life had been so simple before Bella. Okay, it's a loose interpretation of the word "life" and an even looser one of "simple", but still. We'd had our secret and no one knew. We were completely isolated.

Until she found out.

Until they fell in love.

Now everything's a mess. Nothing's the same... not even Emmett, my playful bear of a (sometimes) husband. I completely and utterly resent Bella. She has everything I want! A real family, a real life ahead of her, an actual heart that pumped blood all over her body.


Emmet was out hunting today with everybody but Alice and I. And of course, Bella. She was here for a "sleepover", although she would be the only one sleeping. Yet another reason why I was jealous of her. I hadn't slept for years.

Esme thought some "girl bonding time" was a good idea. She had some weird fantasy of me and Bella becoming best friends overnight. Yeah, right. Girl bonding time turned out to be Alice and Bella in Alice's room, and me alone in mine.

Alice's shrill, tinkling laughter floated down the hallway into my room. I groaned and pulled a pillow over my head, which didn't help anything. But I relished the human action, so I kept the pillow over my head for the same reason I was lying down in my and Emmett's big bed. Of course, being a vampire, lying down was just as comfortable as standing up but it just felt more human to lie down. I had a memory of lying down from my human life, and I replayed the comfort in my head now. It was almost the same thing as real comfort.

Almost, but not quite.

The giggles continued.

"Shut the hell up, Alice," I muttered, knowing she could hear me.

"Whatever," she retorted, but the laughter finally stopped.

I pulled the heavy blankets over myself and closed my eyes. Just for a moment, I pretended I was drifting off to sleep.

Then I rolled out from under the pillow and straightened my impeccable hair.

I resumed my favorite pastime... myself. I plucked a small mirror and a tube of lipstick off of the bedside table, but before I could begin, more laughter came from Alice's room.

"Ugh," I said to myself. I stalked down the hall way and flung open Alice's door.

"Could you possibly shut up?" I snarled at her. "I can't even hear myself think!"

"Think about what, Rose?" Alice asked. "Yourself?" She rolled around hysterically on the floor. Alice seemed even more hyper than usual. Bella looked anxious, probably wondering if we needed to call Carlisle or possibly 911.

"Oh my God!" I groaned. I know I'm vain but to hear my family you'd think I was some stupid dumb blonde who didn't care about anything but the next episode of America's Next Top Model. I mean, I'm going to freaking Harvard!

"Seriously though, Rose," Alice said earnestly. "I can't shut up!"

"And why might that be?" I inquired icily.

"Bella's too darn funny!" she shrieked.

Bella frowned. "What did I do?" she asked.

"You insisted that you drive your own car to the wedding, but it broke down halfway there! Luckily Rosalie was there, but it was hilarious!"

"What makes you think I won't change my mind about going to the wedding?" I asked Alice.

"You won't," she assured me.

"And why is that?"

"Because," she sighed, exasperated, "Emmett will be there."

"I'm sure he wouldn't go if I asked him not to," I said.

"Probably. But you won't give up the chance to be fawned over by the wedding guests." She began laughing.

I sighed. Alice knew me too well.

"Just try to settle down," I told her severely. "I'm trying to do my make up." Then I marched out of the room, ignoring the fresh wave of giggles coming from behind me.

Later that night, there was a quiet knock on my door. "Yes?" I called lazily. There was a pause, then the door swung open and Bella entered. I sat up, slightly surprised, and smoothed my hair out of habit.

"Yes?" I said again.

"Rosalie?..." Bella began tentatively. I almost hated myself when I saw the timidness in her eyes, the timidness she never had around the other vampires in my family. I really hadn't meant to seem so cruel in the beginning. I didn't really hate her... that much.

"Well," she continued. "Um, you know my wedding?"

I groaned and covered my eyes. "Yes Bella, I know your wedding, it's all Edward ever talks about anymore."

She blushed.

"Go on," I invited.

"I was wondering if... if you would be one of my bridesmaids."

I looked at her in shock. Bella Swan wanted me, Rosalie Hale, to be her bridesmaid? Quite frankly, I was stunned. I thought Bella hated me?

She misinterpreted my look. "I mean, I understand if you don't, you know, want to or anything. I mean I know you hate me but I thought... oh, never mind, sorry for interrupting. I..."

I cut off her babbling. "No! No, Bella, I don't hate you, I have never really hated you. I just resent you, I guess, because you have everything that I want. Well, except for Emmett," I amended. And I'm prettier than you, I added in my head. "I'm sorry that we didn't have a very good beginning, but I hope that we can still be sisters. Which we soon will be, in more ways than one. And that's another thing Bella..." I had already said something similar to her, but I really hoped she would understand sometime.

"You are making the wrong choice! You are at a crossroads in your life and you are going the wrong way! Please, please, rethink your decision."

"Rosalie," she began.

"I know what you're going to say," I interrupted. "But listen to me. Once you're changed, there's no going back.

"I'm not going to regret this Rose," murmured Bella.

"Not at first, you won't," I countered quietly. "Not when you're alone with Edward in the beginning, and you're just starting to realize that you'll be with him forever. But I promise you, after many years you will regret it, once you start to realize just how long forever is." I sighed. "And Bella," I whispered, "forever is an awfully long time."

"I know what I'm doing isn't what you would've done... but I have to be with Edward. I just have to," said Bella carefully.

"I really don't know why. He is so annoying." I rolled my amber eyes and played with a lock of my golden hair. Bella laughed. I saw the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about Edward and I knew what she said was true. "But I don't hate you," I told Bella severely.

"So, will you be my bridesmaid then?" Bella asked me.

"I'd be honored," I smiled.

"Thank you," said Bella earnestly. She turned to leave.

"Oh Bella," I called after her. She turned a quizzical look on her face. "Good luck."

Bella grinned. "Thank you." And then she headed back to Alice's room, leaving me with only my thoughts for company.

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