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Chapter 6

By the time we'd gotten to the airport, Edward and Bella's flight had already boarded. Carlisle was arguing in a gracious voice with a hassled woman with a badge that read "Hi! My name is Carmen" in cheerful yellow letters.

"I am so sorry, sir," she was telling him, slightly overwhelmed by the proximity of him golden eyes to her face. "Every ticket for that flight is sold, and no one is allowed on or off the plane once it has boarded."

"I understand" -he glanced swiftly down at her badge- "Carmen, I understand, I really do. But is there any way you could get a message to my son? He is on board and it is very important."

We could all tell it was a lost cause. I drifted away from Carlisle and looked around me. I hoped to see Jasper and Alice at any second, so they could tell us what the hell was going on. But part of me knew that they wouldn't appear. I thought back to Jasper's question- "Are you alright?" and her soft response- "Yes. But you aren't." At the time, I hadn't been sure if I'd heard her correctly. But as I mulled it over on the car ride to the airport, I couldn't imagine what else she could've said.

I'd been sitting closest to Alice and I was fairly certain that the others hadn't heard her. It was better that way, better that the others didn't have to worry about this potential betrayal, better that they didn't have to wonder if they would ever see either Alice or Jasper again.

I could hear Carlisle's low voice behind me. He had switched from trying to get a message to Edward to trying to get on the next plane.

It didn't leave for three hours. I didn't need Jasper's gift to feel the anxiety filling my family members. We all tried to disguise it as we bickered in advance over who would get the window seat but it was evident nonetheless.

We had no baggage, so we went straight to the security line. It inched along even slower than usual. The guards checking tickets joked with passengers and no one took their shoes off ahead of time. I snarled under my breath as the fifth person so far asked exactly what would set off the metal detector—"Because I have a retainer, it keeps my teeth straight, but I don't know if the metal in it will make a difference, and I always wear this little necklace but I would take it off if it's easier for y'all. You know, my grandma gave me this necklace way back in 1963, and she always said, now you do what's easiest for other people…"

Carlisle put a calm hand on my shoulder but I shook it off. How was he always so damn calm?

It would be nice to have Jasper right now to send out some calming vibes. And Alice, who could tell us exactly how much longer it would take and what time the plane would land and if we would have enough time to "warn" Edward and Bella. And if Edward were here, he could tell us whatever Alice wasn't telling us about who was waiting there for Bella… But if Edward were here, then Bella would be here and we wouldn't even have this problem.

My siblings abilities were irritating, but it wasn't until they were gone that I realized how much I depended on them. How much we all did.

Finally we reached the front of the line.

A burly man in a black uniform looked up at us, grinning, probably about to spew out the same damn jokes he'd been telling the other people. But when he caught sight of our tense, dangerous faces he stiffened and simply asked to see our passports and boarding passes.

Smart move. If he'd tried joking with me I'd probably have torn his head off and there would've gone our cover.

I couldn't explain why I was so anxious. I didn't even like Bella. And all we had to do was warn them. Alice would've told us if it was going to be dangerous, if there was going to be a fight. She would've… I think. But Alice wasn't here and as far as I could tell she'd ditched us. She and Jasper had run off and we'd probably never see them again. But why? She must've seen that Jasper would be hurt, that it wasn't safe for him. It would be safe for the rest of us though. I had to believe that.

I pulled off my shoes and coat and stuffed them in a blue plastic box. I watched with irritation as it slowly moved down the conveyer belt at the speed of a snail.

"Miss?" asked the woman behind the metal detector. "If you would just walk through here when you're ready…"

I huffed through the detector, followed by Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. We must have looked suspiciously dangerous, because they gave us an extra search, patting us down. Yeah, like we trying to carry bombs through security. If we wanted to kill everyone on the plane there were much easier ways.

When we finally reached our gate, there were two hours left until take-off. Carlisle was telling us about a complicated surgery he'd just completed yesterday. I tried to feign interest but I was no actor.

He smiled at me, not offended. "You look antsy." He tossed me some money. "Why don't you two go get some magazines," he said, gesturing to Emmett and me.

Emmett grasped my hand and pulled me up. "Cool," he said. He seemed pretty unperturbed about the fact that we were probably heading into a fight with an unknown opponent or opponents. In fact, he almost seemed excited.

"Cheer up, babe," Emmett said to me. "If we're lucky, this dude who's waiting for Bella brought friends so there'll be one for each of us."

I pulled my hand free of his grip and smacked him on the head. "You idiot. You think I'm worried that I won't get a good fight in?"

He looked confused. "Rose, none of us is going to get hurt. It's totally not going to be a big deal. We get on this plane, watch whatever dorky movie they're watching, then we land, catch up to Edward and Bella, warn them like Alice said, then go kick the ass of whatever guy was gonna hurt them."

"Oh, okay," I hissed. "And why did Alice leave us? Where does that fit in to your brilliant plan?"

I stalked off ahead of him, heading to the stupid magazine store.


I ignored him and entered the store, staring around at the magazines. They all seemed so frivolous and so human. Frozen faces grinned out at me from the glossy covers. All I could see were fake smiles and botox.

Not one seemed even faintly interesting. I did not care about Brad and Angelina, or 10 ways to get to my best bikini body, or how to create the perfect resume.

Emmett entered behind me, looking appropriately serious. He picked up some sports magazine then walked over to me. "What are you going to get?" I could see him struggling to remember what I liked to read. "Uhh… Vogue?" He glanced at the cover. "Fall's Top Trends? That sounds interesting, right?" I gave him a scornful look and he backtracked. "No, I mean… borrring right? Top trends? Ha! More like… um, boring trends. Right?"

I rolled my eyes. It was hard to stay mad at him. "Whatever." I grabbed Motor Trends and headed for the counter.

The man at the cash register looked surprised. "Motor Trends, huh? Is that for your boyfriend?"

"No, dumbass, it's mine." I hated chauvinists.

Emmett appeared behind me. "You got a problem with my wife's magazine choices?" he said in a deep voice, flexing his muscles slightly under his tee shirt. Show-off.

"Uh, no," the man replied, stepping back slightly. "Just making conversation." Eager to change the topic, he added, "Just these two magazines, then?"

I added an interior-decorating magazine to the pile that I knew Esme would like. "And this." I handed him the money. "No change," I said with a silky smile. He looked a little dazzled as I took Emmett's hand and left the store.

Emmett glanced down at our intertwined hands. "So does this mean that you're not mad at me anymore? Nice!"

"No, I still think you should take this more seriously."

"Oh I am. I'm taking it so seriously, you have no idea." He grinned. It was so easy to make him happy.

We reached Esme and Carlisle. "Oh, thank you dear!" Esme smiled as she saw the decorating magazine. She settled back to read.

I imitated her, flipping through my magazine, but I couldn't bring myself to care about any of the articles. I passed it off quickly to Carlisle, who really didn't have an interest in cars but pretended to anyway because he's a lot politer than I am. Or just a hell of a better actor.

It felt like eternity before the voice called over the loudspeaker. Flight 287 to Augusta, now boarding. Flight 287.

We were finally on our way.

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