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Phil started massaging Shannon's awakening manhood, By now Shannon was moaning loudly.

"Oh God Please Phil!"

Phil bent his head and softly breathed on Shannon's cock before enveloping it in his mouth in one swift move.

Phil bobbed his head up and down sucking long and hard

"Oh my GOD Phil I'm gonna CUM!!" Phil quickly took the now hard and erect cock out of his mouth.

"Phil why did you stop!!?" Shannon said sounding slightly annoyed.

"Shh not yet" Phil said as he hushed his lover and slowly began kissing up his chest and finally reaching his lips where he passionately kissed him both of them putting all of their emotions into it. But finally the kiss ended and Phil started nibbling at Shannon's neck while continuing to stroke him.

"Ahh please Phil take me"

"I have to prepare you first"

Phil silently opened the drawer of his bed side table and blindly groped inside until he found a small vial. He quickly unscrewed the lid and poured some onto two of his fingers. He put the vial back on the nightstand and moved Shannon's legs apart with his knees, he pressed his fingers at Shannon's entrance he knew full well it was going to hurt Shannon a bit especially since he was a virgin so he was going to have to stretch him quite a bit.

He quickly pressed in one of his fingers Shannon whimpered a little at the feeling, he moved his finger in as deep as it could go before adding the second finger.

"Ahh Ahh"

"Shh it's all right"

He finally finished stretching him, he quickly positioned himself at the entrance and inch by inch he thrust in.


"SHH baby calm down it's alright, just relax" he said holding Shannon close.

After a few moments Shannon started moving against him nervously experimenting obviously having adjusted to Punks size.

Punk decided it was time to move so when Shannon pressed down on him Punk quickly thrust upwards hard hitting Shannon's Prostrate.

"Ahhh Phil do that again" he moaned in complete ecstacy

So Phil did do it again in fact he did it over and over again their speed increased and it seemed as if their bodies melted together while Phil held Shannon close he used his other hand to continue stroking Shannon's cock.

Finally Shannon screamed loudly as he reached climax "PHIL!!" Shannon's body convulsed around Phil's throbbing length like a death grip and that was the end of him he moaned as he came inside Shannon the excess dripping out of his stuffed hole. Shannon moaned and shuddered as he felt Phil's release inside him. Phil collapsed on top of Shannon as both of their breathing patterns returned to normal. Phil slowly pulled out of Shannon watching amused as some of his fluids rushed out of his new lover. He rolled over onto Shannon's right and pulled Shannon over to him tucking Shannon's head underneath his.

"I luv u Phil"

"I Love you too baby"

With that they both fell asleep Shannon listening to Phil's heartbeat and Phil holding Shannon in his arms.

And like that their fates were sealed, their souls bonded to each other...A New Love Was Formed.


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