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Trust a Dream

"Yumi?" Sachiko turned to her and seemed to think hard for just a moment.

"Yes, Onee-sama?" Yumi noticed the look, but thought nothing much of it. Sachiko was often deep in thought. It was one of the things Yumi loved about her. Though she also, just as often, wished she knew what Sachiko was thinking.

The air felt nice in the grove. The tall bushes and small birch trees making up the small enclosure, made it a haven from the world, a place of fairytale where you went, and came out invigorated and trouble free.

They were standing right under the canopy of the massive oak tree in the middle of the small grove as Sachiko turned.

"I… Yumi, do you trust me?" Sachiko seemed a bit tense and a cloud of anxiety swept across her features.

Yumi saw the anxiety. It hadn't taken Yumi all that long as Sachiko's petite soeur to 'read' Sachiko's different emotions. Right now she was anxious. Anxious and maybe even a little scared.

"O-Onee-sama?" Yumi had always been the caring and concerned kind, and right now all she wanted to do was comfort her Onee-sama. She took a few steps and went straight into an embrace of the surprised Sachiko.

The arms she felt around her was at first a little hesitant, but then relaxed and hugged her back. Yumi felt Sachiko draw a slow, deep breath, and let it out slowly.

"Yes, Onee-sama. I trust you." She spoke gentle as she leaned back in Sachiko arms and looked her in the eyes. "You never have to ask that question, Onee-sama."

"Thank you, Yumi." Sachiko said when she had the ability to speak for her galloping heart. She looked Yumi in her big mocha eyes and thought to herself; Am I really willing to risk this? But she felt the knot in her stomach tighten in response. Yes. Yes, there was no going back.

"Yumi, close your eyes."

"O-Onee-s" And then she realized the words she had just spoken seconds earlier would hold no meaning with all her questioning exclamations, she closed her eyes.

Sachiko felt her determination mustering her confidence now that the gaze of Yumi couldn't see the fright in her soul. She fumbled a bit with her pocket.

"Yumi, will you promise to keep them closed for the next few minutes, whatever happens?"

"Yes, Onee-sama." This time the words came promptly, though a little cautious note seemed to linger as she felt Sachiko roll up her sleeve. It was nothing more than a second or two, and then she felt warm, soft and a little wet press against her lips. It took her a few spins before she realized it was a kiss. Onee-sama was kissing her…

Sachiko's state of mind would have been a joy for Freud to dissect, but as of right now, she had to battle her demons by herself. She gently removed her lips and then gave a more proper kiss, and one more, and then she felt Yumi timidly kiss her back.

It didn't take long for Yumi to release her own desire through her own kisses. She felt oddly outside her body, as if she suddenly couldn't possibly belong in a body that Sachiko would be kissing. I was the strangest feeling, and she had to fight to come back to those kisses, those kisses belonged to her.

The small whimpers Yumi let out with her kisses were driving Sachiko mad. As if she had a wild beast loose in her body and now had no means of controlling it. When she finally did, she was pulling back finding Yumi, with her closed eyes, following her lips, almost climbing up her body in an attempt to sate her desire.


Yumi stopped her blind pursuit, a little out of breath and cheeks flushed an alluring pink of her fine features. The sight made Sachiko question her sanity for pulling back, All she wanted was keep kissing and…

"Open your eyes Yumi."

It took Yumi a second to slowly open her eyes. As if coming back from a pleasant dream she didn't want to part with, her eyes were big, mellow and soft and looking at Sachiko with love.

"Onee-sama…?" Just to make absolutely sure, that it was in fact Sachiko, and not a Swedish caribou she had been kissing.

"Do… Do you still trust me…, Yumi? It was a cautious question. How could she so suddenly after having violated her soeur, tell her what was the one thing she so desperately wanted to tell. She felt cold sweat running down her back and even though the grove was cozy and warm and, obviously, outdoors, she suddenly felt constricted.

Yumi slowly dug back in to Sachiko's embrace. She took a deep breath enjoying the smells of Sachiko. The arms closing in behind her were at first a little uncertain, but then held her with fervor as she felt Sachiko rest her cheek on her head.

"I think I'm in love with you, Yumi." She spoke gently and softly in the comfort of Yumi in her arms. Yumi, who had kissed her back. Yumi, who had come to her arms so easily, even after.

Yumi closed her eyes upon hearing those words. Those words she had so dreamed of, those words she had so wished for, those words she had always thought that there could be no hope putting future or faith in. Those words were now spoken softly to her and she felt a little tremble running through her core.

"I'm in love with you too, Onee-sama." Yumi said the words as she leaned back in Sachiko's arms. "I have loved you for so long." She saw the surprise spreading on Sachiko and smiled gently. I just…. I just never thought you saw me like that. I… I never felt you look at me… like that."

"I noticed, I…I saw," Sachiko talked her way out of her shocked state. "Yumi why didn't you tell me?"

"Oh," Yumi smiled. "What hope would a confused gay girl from a common family have with a noble rich girl already betrothed to a man?" There was no hint of anything but an old resignation slowly evaporating from Yumi as she spoke.

"I see…" Sachiko leaned down and gave her a soft lingering kiss. "And I understand." She said as she leaned back. Indeed, the insurmountable obstacles in front of Yumi must have seemed so hopeless that her dreams of a future with Sachiko, had been kept as just dreams.

"And now? Now that you know that I love you too, do you then believe in your hope?" Sachiko smiled gently as she cupped Yumi cheek, bringing a smile on Yumi. A smiling Yumi could bring even the best around, but this was no such smile. This was a smile of love, of trust and rarely seen confidence.

"I have trust in you. If you love me, why then, should I not trust my hope?" Yumi showed nothing but sincerity as she said the words gently.

"There might be difficulties ahead of us…?"

It was a question that required no other answer than the one Yumi gave as she leaned up on her toes. And Sachiko, who felt the motion, gently supported Yumi by putting her hands on her hips. It was kisses of comfort, of knowing that; as two we can brave all.

It was also kisses of desire, and the soft intertwining of tongues the small moans it brought. The moans spurred Yumi on in her explorations as she, in an ant trail brought her kisses to Sachiko's ear and nibbled her lobe, the shivers of pleasure brought a gasp from Sachiko.

Sachiko's body responded on its own by making better room for Yumi to move her soft pools of lava to her neck, where she gently settled in the nook with a stream of kisses meant only to please her Onee-sama.

Sachiko was floating on waves of whatever magic these new feelings in her body was. It was like soft big poundings of her heart making the blood in her ears whoosh so loud that one would think the air in the grove had picked up a sudden storm. She felt oddly detached from her legs, as if standing in thick air that helped support her as she felt Yumi's soft lips rain down, time after time.

"Yu…" She had to clear her mind. She blinked and swallowed. "Yumi… We… we have to stop…" Getting no immediate response from Yumi, who was utterly lost in her desire, her lust for this woman she had so secretly held in her heart for months and months. Sachiko gently pushed her back, getting a rather strong resistance from Yumi.

"Yumi? Not here, not now…"

Yumi blinked the haze over her eyes away, seeing a rather flushed, breathless Sachiko only made her arousal even more apparent, but as Sachiko held her, she had no choice but to calm down.


"Well," Sachiko smiled and caressed Yumi's cheek, putting a few stands of loose hair back behind Yumi's ear. "That was…" but her words ran out as Yumi dug into her chest once again.

"Onee-sama. Tell me this is not a dream?" The words from Yumi were barely understandable, but the notes of fear carried along just fine.

"I have asked myself that same question." Sachiko smiled as she put her head back to rest on Yumi's. "I think we are awake, Yumi." And for a time they stood just like that, swaying gently in rhythm. The gentle wind and the chirping of the birds in the grove surrounding them being the only sounds heard.

"Yumi?" Sachiko raised her head and seeing the dreamy look in Yumi's eyes as she leaned back and opened them, she knew the girl had had them closed the entire time.

"Do you like my gift, Yumi?

Yumi not quite understanding blinked a few times. Did she mean the kiss? The admission of love? Yumi didn't quite understand, and it showed clearly in her expression. Sachiko laughed, and gently raised Yumi's hand.

The gasp from Yumi and her big saucer sized eyes, showed clearly that Yumi hadn't noticed at all. There around her wrist, was a thin bracelet of pure gold in an intricate pattern of intertwined strands of the thinnest gold possible, each strand of gold would rival even the thinnest strand of hair. The mesh was mesmerizing in it's beauty. From the bracelet was hanging a heart, or rather half a heart, as if a full heart cut in half by a lightning. In the upper part, where the heart was thickest, was embedded a small diamond, one on each side.

Yumi's big eyes sought Sachiko's.

"I have the other half, see?" She pulled a necklace out in the same kind of intertwining gold strands and with the other half of the heart hanging. "I made yours a bracelet because of the rosary, but I have a necklace for you, for when you will give the rosary to your own petite soeur."

The necklace must have cost gazillions, but Sachiko spoke as if it had been 'just' a gift. But her eyes revealed the truth though; there was a lot of thought in these gifts. These had probably been ordered a while back as one-of-a-kinds, which in term spoke of how long Sachiko had held the plans and hopes and dreams for her admission of love.

"O-Onee-sama" Yumi smiled lovingly and blushed a deep red. Not because nobody had ever given her anything so beautiful, Yumi was certain that nobody had ever given anybody anything so beautiful before, But because she saw the love with which these were given, and with what hopes and dreams these were given.

"Thank you." She said first, as Onee-sama had taught her when one received gifts. "It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful." and she held the little heart and let her fingers caress it gently. Without knowing, Yumi's brimming eyes had let a few elusive tears escape. Sachiko made Yumi face her again with a hand under her chin, where upon she gently wiped them away with her thumb.

"I'm sorry, Onee-sama. I'm just so happy." She smiled bravely through her tears. "Please believe me." Her voice carried a pleading timbre.

"I believe you Yumi" Sachiko was smiling gently. She was happy and relieved that Yumi like her present. She hadn't known if jewelry was in Yumi's taste as she had newer seen any on the girl besides the rosary. "I will always believe you, Yumi." And she leaned in for a kiss that was well received and happily welcomed.

"Now then, are you ready to brave a storm with me, Yumi?"

"Yes, Onee-sama."


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