8.11 Trust Fund Babies

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

RORY: (Not wanting to disturb him, she lays the folder on his desk) Here you go (and turns to leave).

NATE: (Stands up as he lifts the folder from his desk) So, what did you think?

RORY: (Surprised, she turns) What?

NATE: What did you think of the piece?

RORY: (Surprised that he wanted to know her thoughts) Oh, it was good.

NATE: Good?

RORY: (As she smoothes her bangs to a side) Yeah… you made some really good points.

NATE: (Senses that there's more) But?

RORY: Nothing… it was good. (Sighs) But, I felt like it needed more information on the whole issue.

NATE: (Repeats) More information.

RORY: Yeah, like details of how the whole Healthcare for Children bill came about. And maybe details of…

NATE: (Cuts her off) You want details of the how the bill came about?

RORY: (Slightly intimidated, she stammers a bit) W-well. I-I mean… it would be nice. Not everyone knows about the issue.

NATE: The issue came about over two months ago… you don't think the newspaper reading public knows about the details already? And if they didn't care enough to read the details, do you really think they'd be interested in my article?

RORY: I was just saying…

NATE: (Nods — in disagreement) … that I needed more details in the article.

RORY: (Looks up at him) Nate…

NATE: Gilmore, I'm not sure you understand what I do. I am an editorial columnist. I have my own beat… I write my opinion on matters. I don't cover the details. If I wanted to cover the details, I'd be a cameraman at CSPAN.


KEN: (Regarding Nate) You know, he's not so bad…

RORY: (Not convinced) Tell me one good thing about him…

KEN: You know that shelter around the corner from here?

RORY: Oh yeah, I've passed it a few times. What about it?

KEN: The dude runs the place, Rory.

Camera on a newly enlightened Rory.


Rory, accompanied by April and Jess walk into the busy shelter. Rory is now wearing a jacket over her periwinkle dress, so is April. Jess is wearing his tie-less tux. Volunteers are busy serving, cleaning and talking to their guests. Nate sees the three individuals in formal attire, and he pauses. Rory, Jess and April move towards him.

NATE: (With a subtle smirk, looks at all three then focuses on Rory) Didn't you get the memo? Formal night at the shelter was canceled due to poor funding.

RORY: (Determined) We're here to help, where do you want us?


Rory and Jess walk to the stairs outside the shelter. Then they turn to face each other.

RORY: Thanks for coming with us and helping out…

JESS: (Nods) I had a good time.

Pause as they look down at the ground.

JESS: (Looks at the doorway of the shelter) You know… (Rory looks up at him) I see you here. (Nods then looks at her) This suits you. (Rory makes a tentative expression).


RORY: (Looks behind at the shelter) Would you like me to do anything else?

NATE: (Shakes his head subtly) Thanks for helping.

RORY: I plan on repeating it.

NATE: (Turns and looks at Rory for the first time in the scene) I'm glad.


Cross fade…

REV. REVEREND: Luke Danes, do you take this woman….

Cross fade…

LUKE: (With his subtle longing smile) I do. (Shots of smiling townies, and Rory)

Cross fade…

REV. SKINNER: Lorelai Gilmore, do you take…

Cross fade…

LORELAI: (With a blushing smile) I do. (Rory and April look at each other and smile)

EMILY: (Leans in and whispers) Richard, do you realized that we're getting a second chance with a brand new grandchild?

RICHARD: (Can't help but smile as he softly responds) I do, Emily. I do.


Episode opens approximately three and a half weeks after the big wedding and two weeks after the honeymoon.

Scene opens on the first Friday Night Dinner of the New Year. Everyone, including April Nardini, is seated at the dining table enjoying their dinner.

RICHARD: (Casually asks) So, when do you fly back to New Mexico?

APRIL: (Looks up from her plate) Tomorrow afternoon, in fact.

RICHARD: (Surprised) Tomorrow? (Looks at Luke and Lorelai) Isn't that too soon?

APRIL: (Jumps to respond) Actually school already started this week, but they were fine with me returning a week later.

EMILY: (Concerned) Won't you be missing out on a lot of the class work?

APRIL: (Nonchalantly) Nah, it's all stuff I know already anyway. (Emily and Richard look at each as Luke, Lorelai and Rory subtly smile).

EMILY: (Looks at Rory) How is work going, Rory? I hope you're not bringing your work home like I've seen you do the past few days.

RORY: (Sets her utensils on the plate and explains) Unfortunately, I am. (Remembers, and continues sincerely) Speaking of which, I forgot to mention earlier. I cannot stay for dessert, grandma.

EMILY: Why not?

RORY: I have to help out at the shelter.

EMILY: Rory, it's commendable what you're doing – but must you go tonight?

RORY: (Nods sincerely) I must. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier.

EMILY: (Sighs) Well, I guess I will have to deal with it. (Rory smiles at her grandmother. Pause. Emily looks at Lorelai) You've been quiet all evening.

LORELAI: (Looks up) Who? Me?

EMILY: I'm looking at you, am I not?

LORELAI: (Points at her food) Oh, I'm just enjoying this lovely dinner, mom. (Gladys, the maid enters the room with more salad)

RICHARD: It is indeed a lovely meal, Emily. (Looks at Gladys) Absolutely delicious.

LUKE: (Nods) Yes, it is.

EMILY: All the credit of course goes to Gladys (nods at the maid).

LORELAI: (Smiles up at Gladys as she sets the salad by Lorelai) Thank you.

Gladys leaves the room.

LORELAI: (Looks at her mother) You know, it's like a record or something. You've had Gladys here for months.

RORY: (Realizes) That's true. Months.

EMILY: (Brushes it off) Don't be ridiculous.

LORELAI: Mom, seriously… (jokes) I think you've found your soul maid (Lorelai drums the table at the punch line as Rory and April chuckle. Luke rolls his eyes with a subtle smile on his face. Even Richard gets a kick out of it).

EMILY: (Tries, successfully, to hide her amusement) Nonsense. If you would like me to fire her, just let me know… and I will. (Gladys enters the room again with another dish. Emily looks up at her) Gladys, my daughter here thinks I should fire you. (Gladys looks at Lorelai)

LORELAI: (Protests) No, I don't! That's a lie! (Gladys smiles)

EMILY: What do you think, Gladys?

GLADYS: (Unlike the previous maids, is frank) I'd prefer it if you do not, Mrs. Gilmore. (Nods and leaves the room again).

LORELAI: (Smiles at Rory) She rocks. This dinner rocks.

RORY: (Smiles back and agrees) Definitely.

RICHARD: (Sets his utensils on the plate) Speaking of which, I just realized that we have never had dinner at your house. (Luke looks up, as Lorelai, afraid to look, stares at her plate)

EMILY: (Plays surprised) Why yes, we never have. (Looks at her daughter) Isn't that something, Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Forces herself to look at her mother, and with a sudden cockney accent…) WHOT? (Everyone looks at her quizzically)

EMILY: (Sarcastically) You sound like a character out of a Charles Dickens novel.

LORELAI: (Clears her throat) I mean, I didn't hear what you just said.

RICHARD: (Offers as Lorelai looks at Luke) We were just saying that we've never had dinner at your place. In an attempt to get to know our son-in-law (nods at Luke) a little better, I think (looks at Emily) we should make that happen. Dinner at your place.

LUKE: (Unsure of what to say) Ugh… sure.

LORELAI: (Frowns at Luke, who is sitting next to her - then forces a smile) Sure… we'll make plans soon. (Rory and April look at each with smirks on their faces)

EMILY: (Suddenly) How about next Tuesday? I know for a fact we have nothing going on that night.

RICHARD: (Agrees) Wonderful.

LORELAI: (Looks at Luke looking for a way out) Tuesday? Ugh… d-don't you have…

LUKE: (Still unsure) Ugh…

LORELAI: … you know…

LUKE: (confused, he subtly shakes his head) … ugh… what…

LORELAI: (Sighs, then forces yet another smile) Tuesday sounds great.

RICHARD: (Smiles at Emily) That's settled then. Next Tuesday it is (Emily smiles and nods at Richard)

Scene fades as Lorelai slouches in her seat.

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