Rory is at her desk doing some editing when her phone rings.

RORY: (Picks up quickly) This is Rory.

It's Lorelai (at what seems to be the expecting women's section of a store).

LORELAI: Hey, what color would make me more pregnant? Blue or orange?

RORY: (Dives into the discussion, as she continues to type) It depends on what shade of colors you're talking about.

LORELAI: (Holds up a long sleeved, deep neck – sweater) I guess it's a medium to dark blue… and the other (looks at the wrack) is more of a burnt orange.

RORY: (Nods) The orange will definitely make you look more pregnant, so I think you should go with blue.

LORELAI: Oh (looks at the blue sweater and puts it back on the wrack, and picks up the orange) Orange it is.

RORY: (Stops typing) Huh? (Lorelai opens her mouth to respond, but Rory cuts her off) Never mind, for a brief moment there, I forgot I was talking to Lorelai Gilmore.

LORELAI: (Protests) Nah uh uh! It's Danes now. (Starts to wonder around the store)

RORY: (Guiltily) Sorry, it takes a bit getting used to. (Corrects) Lorelai Danes.

LORELAI: Are you sure you can't make it tonight?

RORY: (Looks through some papers next to her computer) As much as I'd love to… I think I'm going to pass.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Come on… can you imagine the four of us just staring at each other for a couple of hours? It's going to be a disaster.

RORY: Now, now… it won't be that bad. (Gives in) If you need me to make an appearance, I will stop by or something. But it won't be for dinner… I really do have some work to get done.

LORELAI: Okay fine… I won't be angry if you don't show up at all…

RORY: Good. (pause) Mom? Is there anything else?

LORELAI: (Sighs again) Nah… just wish you were here shopping with me.

RORY: (Feels guilty again) This weekend, for sure. I promise.

LORELAI: Good. (Changes the topic) So, how is work?

RORY: (With a look of contentment) It's going really really well.

LORELAI: (Intrigued) Wow, two reallys - that's a first. (Rory smiles, while still maintaining focus on her work) You know what I think it is?

RORY: What?

LORELAI: Ever since you started helping out at that shelter of yours… (Rory stops what she's doing to pay attention) it seems you've adopted a new outlook on life.

RORY: (Thinks) I guess.

LORELAI: (Adds) Just don't exhaust yourself… okay?

RORY: I won't. I really like it… you know? Helping out… it's … (struggles to describe it) … I don't even know… it just makes me feel… (gives up) I can't even think of a word to describe it.

LORELAI: (Smiles) I think I know what you mean.

RORY: (Sighs and turns back to face her computer) Anyway, I should finish this article before lunch.

LORELAI: (Finds herself unintentionally walking up to the baby section – she looks up at all the baby clothes and smiles) Okay hun… I will talk to you later.

RORY: Bye…

Scene cuts to Lorelai as she hangs up and takes a deep breath – looking around her.

Scene cuts back to Rory hanging up the phone, and seeing Ken walk by.

RORY: Hey Ken!

KEN: (Abruptly stops by her cubicle) Yeah?

RORY: (Stands up from her seat and walks closer to him) Do you know where the unpublished articles are? Is it on a drive that I don't have access to?

KEN: (Explains) Only Rob has access to that drive down here… but the hardcopies are filed near the printers. We all have access to them. Why?

RORY: (Reluctantly) Oh, I was just looking for an article that never ran. That's fine… I will check it out later.

KEN: (Nods, then remembers to ask) Oh hey… you and Nate seem to be getting along these days.

RORY: (Surprised by the segue) We are?

KEN: Didn't the guy ask you to lunch with him yesterday?

RORY: Yeah…

KEN: (Explains) That's a very good sign that the two of you are getting along.

RORY: (Gives in and takes this chance to explain her amazement) You're right… we seem to be. It's like night and day all of a sudden… I mean, he was fine with me before he left for New York… but then yesterday, he was a completely different guy…

KEN: That's the Nate I know… (adds) He's not being different, Ror… He is the same… (points at her) you just happened to change your mind about him… and possibly gave him a chance to be himself around you. (With a smirk) See what happens when you give people a second chance?

RORY: (Sighs) Okay… fine… I was completely wrong about the guy.

KEN: (Changes the topic again) Hey, I'm heading over to the printers this afternoon… give me the details of this article you're looking for…

RORY: (Suddenly reluctant again because she doesn't want him to know) Oh no no… that's fine..

KEN: (Nods) Seriously… (walks over to her desk and grabs a post-it sticky and a pen – and hands them to her) it may be in the same building… but you still don't know the filing system… I'd find it much faster…

RORY: (Sighs and starts to scribble things down on the note – then hands it to Ken) Here you go.

KEN: (Takes a quick look at the writing, and raises an eye at her) Alright-y. (He walks away)

Scene fades.


It seems the lunch rush has ended. Luke is wiping down the counter, Zach is wiping down the tables, and Caesar is sweeping the place. The diner phone rings.

LUKE: (Grabs it) Luke's. (pause) Hey Lane… yeah yeah… Zach's still here. (pause) Sure… hold on… (looks over at Zach) Hey, it's Lane… she wants to talk to you.

ZACH: (Throws the rag on one of the tables and wipes down his hands on the apron before taking the phone from Luke. He speaks into it) Hey babe…

The audio fades as Luke walks around the table and assumes Zach's task of wiping down the tables. We see Zach in the back still on the phone.

LUKE: Hey Caesar… I'm going to head out after cleaning up… gotta get started on dinner… if there's anything at all… you call me…

CAESAR: Sure boss… and don't stress about it.

LUKE: I'm not stressing… I know you can handle the diner…

CAESAR: (Stops sweeping) No, I mean about dinner tonight… everything will be fine.

LUKE: (Protests) I'm not stressed.

CAESAR: (Resumes sweeping) There's always bound to be drama when socializing with the in-laws… (Zach returns)…

ZACH: (As he begins to walk around the counter) Tell me about it… (He bumps his knee on the edge of the counter) Argh!!!!! Crap!

LUKE: (Frowns at him) What the hell is the matter with you today?

ZACH: (As he limps his way to one of the tables) I told you Luke… in-laws! Lane's mother is cool and all… and I admit, she's been great… but she's (holds up his hands and gestures) suffocating me!

CAESAR: (Intrigued, he stops sweeping again) What do you mean?

ZACH: She told us last weekend that she picked out all the schools my kids are to attend… she has even picked out a college! "Regent University" ring a bell to anyone?

LUKE: (Brushes it off) I'm sure it's not that bad… (he goes back to his work)…

ZACH: (Leans against the table) Seriously man, tell me… have you seen or heard any wonderful stories surrounding in-laws? The answer is 'no'… it's the same crap… they are butting in all the time… (Luke continues to work, but is clearly paying attention to Zach's comments)…

CAESAR: (Shakes his head) Never a good story (Goes back to sweeping).

Scene fades on Luke's face.


Rory (all prepped to head out after a long day's work) is in the break room rinsing out a mug, when Nate (all prepped to leave as well) enters.

NATE: (He opens the refrigerator) Heading out?

RORY: (Looks at him as she places the rinsed mug on the side) Yeah. (Nate grabs an opened bottle of frappuccino and closes the door).

Ken enters as well with a few folders in his hand.

KEN: (Sees his friend and co-worker) Hey.

NATE: (Remembers) Oh hey Ken… what's your new intern's name?

KEN: Ben?

NATE: Yeah… Ben… do you know if he's busy? I need help with some stuff this week.

KEN: I think he's busy with cleaning up some images for the Elephant Sanctuary piece … (thinks) or was it the NASA piece? (Rory wears her messenger bag around her shoulder)

NATE: (Sighs) That's fine…

KEN: (Ponders) Speaking of which… I wonder if it's possible to send an elephant into space… (Rory and Nate look at him as if he's speaking an undecipherable ancient language)

NATE: Don't go all Karl Pilkington on me man. Next thing I know, you'll be talking about chimps in space-suits and banana dispensers. (Looks over at a chuckling Rory - and is amused that she got the reference) G'night. (He leaves the room).

KEN: (Turns to Rory, takes the top folder and stretches it out to her) The article you wanted.

RORY: (Gratefully) Oh, wow… (takes it in her hand) Thank you, Kenny!

KEN: You're welcome… (steps away from the doorway) now, get out of here.

Rory, smiles… then grabs her purse and walks out the door.

Scene fades.


Scene fades in on Lorelai opening the front door, to reveal the elder Gilmores.

LORELAI: (Opens the door wider, and welcomes them in) Hello there.

RICHARD: (Moves a bit to let Emily in) Hello there, Lorelai. I hope we're not too late. The traffic was terrible.

EMILY: (As she takes her coat off, with Richard's help) It was terrible.

LORELAI: (Closes the door and extends her hands) No worries.

RICHARD: (Reveals a bottle, and hands it to Lorelai) Since alcohol is out of the question, we thought you'd like some imported sparkling cider.

LORELAI: (Admires the bottle) Ooh, thank you.

RICHARD: (Hands Emily's coat to Lorelai as well and takes off his own. He smells something in the air) Something smells divine.

LORELAI: (Takes her father's coat as well and places it on the hanger) Luke's been shooing me out of the kitchen… the two of you would have nothing to eat if it wasn't the case.

EMILY: (Looking at her daughter) You have to give up your unhealthy manner of eating, Lorelai. By the time the baby arrives, you will struggle to get the weight off… (Lorelai rolls her eyes)

RICHARD: Now, now… let's not talk about such things… (Takes a step forward away from the foyer) Now, where's Luke? (Richard peaks in through side opening)

Camera pans to show Luke emerging from the kitchen, wiping his hands on a rag. (For visual purposes, he's wearing jeans, a solid back button up shirt, and no hat).

LUKE: I'm right here…

RICHARD: (Turns the corner and sees him, then extends his arm) Ah, there you are Luke. (They shake hands)

LUKE: (Nods) Hey there, Richard. (Sees Emily behind him, and nods again) Emily.

EMILY: (Nods back) Luke.

An awkward silence takes over as Lorelai and Luke look at each other – Richard and Emily stand still and look around the living room.

RICHARD: (Breaks the ice) I like what you've done with the place.

EMILY: (Adds) Yes, very… (thinks of the word) cozy.

LORELAI: Thanks. (Looks at Luke again for support) Umm… so what would you like to drink? We have… uh…

RICHARD: (Cuts in, and points at the bottle in Lorelai's hand) How about we open that right there?

LORELAI: (Looks at the bottle as well) Oh, sure.

LUKE: (Hears a beep) Oh, that's me… I have to get that (excuses himself and walks back into the kitchen)

RICHARD: (Walks over to Lorelai and takes the bottle) Let me do the honors. Are the glasses… (Emily makes her way to the couch)

LORELAI: Yeah the glasses are in there (points to the kitchen) ask Luke to show you…

Richard follows Luke into the kitchen. Lorelai makes her way closer to the couch… then follows Emily by taking a seat (in a chair next to the couch).

LORELAI: So… (looks at the fireplace, then back at Emily) it's very cold out there.

EMILY: (With one nod) Yes, it is. (Then looks towards the kitchen to make sure no one is around) Did you speak to him?

LORELAI: (Looks up at her) Speak to whom? And about what?

EMILY: (Softly) Luke… what we talked about.

LORELAI: (Sighs) Yes, I did mention it to him… but I don't think tonight's a good night to talk about it.

EMILY: What do you mean? We have to eventually talk about it. You asked me to include Luke in this discussion… and that's what I intend to do.

LORELAI: (Agrees) Yes, I did ask you to include him… and I'm glad you want to… but not tonight, okay mom? (Emily is not thrilled. Lorelai gets up) Come, let's go join the men.

Lorelai makes her way to the kitchen. Emily follows.


Lorelai turns the corner and sees Richard pouring some liquid into the fourth glass…

LORELAI: Hey fellas. (Sees her dad with a bottle of whiskey, pouring himself a moderate amount) Ah, I see you found the good stuff.

Luke takes out a tray from the oven.

RICHARD: (Hands a couple of glasses to the ladies) Here you go… (turns to Luke) Luke? Cider? (hands another glass to his son-in-law)

LUKE: Thank you, Richard.

RICHARD: (Raises his own glass) Let's drink to family, and a wonderful evening of (looks at some of the things prepared on the counter) … what I am sure is "delicious food!"

LORELAI: (Raises her glass higher, then pulls it to her mouth) Hear, hear! (Emily stays quiet)

RICHARD: (After taking a sip, turns to Luke) Everything smells great, Luke.

LORELAI: Yeah, we're starving.

LUKE: (Places his glass on the counter, and clasps his hands) Actually everything is ready… if you'd like to start dinner now? (Lorelai grins and nods like a little child)

RICHARD: (Sees no opposition from the rest) Then we shall!

Scene cuts to a few minutes later…

Everyone is seated at the table. They are still on their first course – the soup.

RICHARD: (Full of compliments) This is definitely the most delicious courgette soup I've ever tasted. Isn't it, Emily?

EMILY: (Looks up from her plate) Hmm? Yes… yes… it's very delicious Luke.

RICHARD: (Smiles, raises his glass) Compliments to the chef.

LUKE: (Nods as Lorelai adoringly looks at her husband) Thank you.

RICHARD: (Looks at Lorelai) So, I hear you are ready to paint the nursery?


EMILY: (Remembers) Oh, I almost forgot… I have the information of the contract painters in my purse. I will leave it with you before we head back home. (Luke stays attentive)

LORELAI: (Sighs) Mom, I told you… Luke and I are going to do it ourselves.

EMILY: I will leave it here, just in case.

LORELAI: (Adds) I do wish we bought the brown, though.

EMILY: (Shakes her head) Lorelai, I've already told you… you don't need the brown. The colors you have now are perfect. (Luke is observant, but stays quiet).

RICHARD: (Chimes in) Anyway, I can't remember the last time I painted a wall. All this talk of it is making me want to grab a brush and just go to town.

EMILY: (Brushes it off) Nonsense Richard… if you want to paint anything, we will get it done by a professional.

RICHARD: That's not the point, Emily…

EMILY: (Cuts in) The point is… if you would like to change the color of any room in the house… you tell me, and I will call the professionals.

RICHARD: (Sighs, then jokes with a hearty chuckle) One day, I'm going to surprise you by painting the foyer in the most god-awful mauve colored paint…

EMILY: (Protests) You will do no such thing. (Richard smiles)


Emily notices how quiet Luke is across the table. She takes another spoon full of the soup in her mouth… then dabs the napkin around her lips.

EMILY: (Sits up) So, Luke… (he looks up at her) Lorelai mentioned that she talked to you about our plans? (Lorelai – even Richard – seem blindsided).

LUKE: Plans?

EMILY: Yes, about the trust fund Richard and I would like to…

LORELAI: (Interrupts casually) Mom, let's leave it for later…

RICHARD: (Agrees) Yes, I agree with Lorelai…

EMILY: (Explains to Richard) But we're going to have to discuss it eventually. Why not tonight – when the four of us are together?

RICHARD: (Politely protests) Emily…

LUKE: (Takes it as his cue to talk – he lays his napkin on the side) Yes, Lorelai did mention it. And we both need to talk about it a bit more.

EMILY: What's more to talk about? (Adds) Luke, we just wanted to know what your thoughts are on the matter. Richard and I insist on doing this for our grandchild. (Richard sighs as Lorelai wears a confused expression on her face)

LUKE: Yes, that's great that you want to do this for our child, Emily… but it's something Lorelai and I need to discuss about as well. (Luke is clearly uncomfortable with this)

LORELAI: (Subtly pleading) Mom… yes… let's wait till we talk about it…

EMILY: (Ignores her daughter, and continues to address Luke) Again… what is there to discuss? (Adds slightly condescendingly) We're just trying to secure their future.

LUKE: (Unable to contain himself – he sighs) That's great that you are securing my child's future… because clearly, I'm incapable of doing so.

RICHARD: (Chimes in) Now, Luke… I'm sure Emily didn't mean it that way. Did you Emily? (Emily takes a second too long to respond) Emily?

EMILY: Of course not. But it doesn't hurt to cover all the bases.

LUKE: (Clearly at his boiling point – he cracks) Is this how it's going to be?!

Richard and Lorelai look at each other.

EMILY: (Not expecting Luke to crack – she frowns) What do you mean?

LUKE: Are you going to butt into everything? Telling us what's best for our unborn child? Letting us in on what colors you think we should paint (gestures at Lorelai and himself) our child's nursery? Do you want to raise the baby too? Tell us where to send him or her to school? College? Want to pick a suitor while you're at it?!

EMILY: (Protests) What on earth are you talking about?

LORELAI: (Slightly touches her husband's forearm) Luke.

LUKE: (Adds) I am not going to send my child to Regent!

Everyone suddenly looks at Luke in confusion. Luke realizes that maybe he went a bit too far.

LUKE: (Now awkward, he looks down at Richard's drink and calms down) Umm… do you want ice? (Before he answers) I will get you ice…

LORELAI: (Sees that Luke is walking towards the back door) Luke, there's ice (gestures at the refrigerator to her left)…

Luke grabs his green jacket from the top of the counter and walks out.

EMILY: (Still stirred, she looks at Lorelai) Where is he going?

LORELAI: (Stands up) His old refrigerator is in the garage. (Looks at both her parents, uncomfortably) Let me go check on him…

Richard nods… then looks at Emily.

EMILY: (Once Lorelai walks out the door, turns to Richard) Can you believe the nerve…

RICHARD: (Unexpectedly) I can't believe you brought it up at dinner.

Emily is surprised at Richard.


With her arms crossed on her chest to protect herself from the cold, she peaks into the garage. She enters and closes the door behind her. Luke takes a bag of ice, and sets it on the table next to the old refrigerator.

LORELAI: (Cautiously smiles) It's cold.

LUKE: (Looks at her and sees that she isn't wearing a jack. He takes off his green army jacket) Yeah, what are you doing out here like that? (Then places it around her shoulders).

LORELAI: (Tilts her head with a concerned expression on her face) I was worried about you…

LUKE: (Sighs and leans against the fridge) I'm fine… (looks down at his hands) I'm sorry I went off on Emily like that.

LORELAI: (Softly) I can't say she didn't deserve it…

LUKE: (Looks up at her) but?

LORELAI: She has the worst timing…

LUKE: (Stresses) But?

LORELAI: (Sighs) I don't want us to fight with them. I understand where you're coming from Luke…

LUKE: (Challenges her) Do you?

LORELAI: (Stresses) I do.

LUKE: Then you know how I feel about this whole "trust fund" business. (Sighs) Rory and (looks down at Lorelai's stomach and subtle touches it – then sighs)… they may be Trust Fund Babies… but I have one more kid to think about. (Lorelai suddenly realizes what he's getting at)… I want to take care of my children… I want to provide for them… I may not be rich as your parents… but I'm doing okay.

LORELAI: You are (adds) we both are… and we can more than provide for our children.

LUKE: I can't handle (gestures towards the house) her telling us what to do. And I can't believe (gestures at Lorelai) that you let her get away with so much already.

LORELAI: (Sighs and pulls the jacket closer) I know.

LUKE: (Curiously) What's going on?

LORELAI: (Softly explains) I'm trying not to repeat my mistakes. (Luke lifts his head and prompts Lorelai to go on) The first time I got angry at them for butting into my child's life, I left and didn't look back. I was the reason Rory didn't have a relationship with her grandparents for so long. I don't want that for our baby. (Luke subtly nods knowingly) As much as I get angry at them… at mom especially… seeing how amazing they were to Rory made me realize that … (with difficulty, she continues) I was the only person in the way.

LUKE: (Slowly pushes himself off the refrigerator, and moves closer to his wife. Then pulls down on the jacket and pulls her closer. He sighs, takes a moment to think, and then continues softly) I will go apologize.


RICHARD: (Now standing up, crossing his arms across the chest, and leaning against the counter) All I'm saying is, Emily… we shouldn't rush them.

EMILY: (Now standing up as well, she sighs) I didn't mean to.

RICHARD: We can't tell them how to raise their child, Emily.

EMILY: (Protests) I wasn't doing such a thing!

RICHARD: (Disagrees) But to an observer, that's what it seemed like. (Sighs, then walks closer to his wife) Emily, my dear… I know you mean well… but we can't interfere. The first time we interfered in a similar manner, Lorelai left the house with her infant. (Regretting) We missed out on so much… and I don't want us to repeat that. And I know very well, that you don't either. (Emily realizes that Richard is correct). The reason I wanted to sit down with Luke and discuss this… is because there are so many parts to consider. Do you understand what I'm trying to say, Emily?

EMILY: (Sighs and gives in) Maybe I shouldn't have been so forceful.

RICHARD: (Chuckles a bit) Yes, indeed. (Then sternly continues) Now, let Lorelai have that brown… will you? (Emily nods and looks away, Richard smiles) Thank you. (He gives his wife a kiss on the forehead).

Lorelai and Luke enter the kitchen at that same moment.

LUKE: (Sets the ice on the counter, and then takes a step towards Emily) Look, Emily… (shakes his head – but continues with caution) I am sorry for the way I reacted. It was…

EMILY: (Surprised, and pleased – yet very strenuously replies) I apologize as well. I should've listened to my husband… and Lorelai. (Looks at her daughter) I will get you that paint, first thing tomorrow morning.

Lorelai smiles. Richard looks at Luke.

RICHARD: The four of us will set a day and time in the next couple of months to discuss the more serious aspects of our future. (Luke nods).

Everyone sighs in unison.

LORELAI: (Breaks the ice) God, I'm still starving!

Luke goes into action again to serve the second course…

Everyone hears someone open the front door.

RORY: (Not in the frame) It's me!

LORELAI: (Speaks up from the kitchen) We're in here… come join us…

Rory enters the kitchen to find everyone standing around.

RORY: (Gives Richard and Emily two quick hugs) The food smells so good! But I just came for dessert… (Looks around) So carry on… don't let me be in the way…

LUKE: (To Rory) There's plenty for everyone… are you sure?

RORY: (Opens the refrigerator and grabs a bottle of water) I'd love to take some of it home with me…

LUKE: (Nods) Done deal.

EMILY: (Concerned) Rory, are you sure you don't want to sit with us?

LORELAI: (Anxiously grins as she pulls up her chair) We're going to have Tagliatelle with Saffron Mussels. (Adds) And Crème Caramel for dessert.

RORY: Yum! But I'm sure, carry on…

Everyone takes their previous spots at the table, and Rory takes a cookie from the jar on the counter. Luke serves everyone the main dish…

We faintly hear everyone complimenting the meal…

CUT to Rory as she walks into the living. The infamous La La's start to play. She listens to the chatter in the kitchen as she takes a folder (given to her by her co-worker) out of her messenger bag and plops down on the couch. Rory then opens the folder and dives into reading the contents on the pages. A few lines down, she chuckles to herself and pulls her feet up to get cozy as she continues to read. The La La's along with the scene… fades.

VOICE OVER: Next week on the Gilmore girls…

VOICEOVER: What she always wanted was a job at a prestigious newspaper…

A scene from 7.19

Rory opens the envelopes.

VOICEOVER: … but her dream came crumbling down. And all seemed hopeless…

A scene from 7.20

RORY: (To Lorelai – with a pout) The New York Times doesn't want me.


RORY: I got a letter from the Chicago Sun-Times. They're not hiring. I even called the Providence Journal-Bulletin and begged for that job, but they already gave it to someone else, some non-idiot who didn't think they were too good and turn it down.

LORELAI: You're not an idiot.

VOICEOVER: … until she found someone…

Scenes from 8.06

ROB: Rory Gilmore, I'd like you to meet one of our editorial columnists, Nate Di Luca.

NATE: (notices someone standing there, he nods) Welcome.

VOICEOVER: … that may be able to help her achieve her goal?

KEN: Only to think he could be at the New York Times making it big…

RORY: Oh, he was offered a job?

KEN: Not only that, he was pursued twice and the bastard turned them down. After rejecting two proposals, last year - they convinced him to blog for the Times.

Camera on Rory as she looks on at Nate.

VOICEOVER: But how will this burgeoning friendship lead to her dream job?

New Scenes

Nate walks up to Rory in a suit – to her surprise.

RORY: Where are you off to?

NATE: (Very distracted) Have to be in New York for a couple of days… call me if there's anything?

Scene fades on Rory as she nods and watches Nate walk away.

VOICEOVER: Or is it even her dream anymore?

A shot of Rory at the shelter – sitting on one of the tables looking at the empty space.

VOICEOVER: Stay tuned and find out.

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