Dora's Revenge
(a sort-of-sequel to The Name Game)


"Yes, Remy?"

"Erm…wait - I'm sorry, I might have misheard you, but did you just call me Remy?"

"I did indeed."

"Any particular reason for it?"

"Revenge, love. I thought that much was obvious. If you call me Dora, then I will call you Remy. Or Lupy. I haven't quite decided yet."

"What the…that's even worse…Lupy??"

"No, silly, I'm Dora. You're Lupy."

"I think you're the one that's loopy here."

"I think that's debatable."

"I think not. And do you realise that you just called yourself Dora?"

"Damn! You tricked me Remus!"

"So we're back to Remus then?"


"I always win."

"Winners sleep on the sofa."

"I never, ever win at anything, I never have done in my entire life."

"Thought so."