Chapter 1: Breaking the news

Sam came home from school and waited with a letter in hand. He didn't know what to think. He knew he should feel elated that he got a full ride to most prestigious of schools but the thought of breaking the news to his dad and Dean was making a bundle of his nerves. He was pondering on what to do when Dean walked with a big grin on his face which meant the hunt him and his dad had gone for was quite a success.

"Hey Dean! How was it?" Sam asked, more out of habit than actual curiosity.

"We killed the sucker obviously, Sam. You should have been there. We sure could have used another hand." Dean stated as he threw his and his dad's duffel bags on one of the beds.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dean! I thought we already went through this. I don't-"

"I'm just saying." Dean shrugged.

Sam let out a sigh and went into the kitchen just as John walked into the rickety, mouldy motel that was their home of the month. John barely looked at Sam as he was still angry that Sam refused to come for the hunt last night.

Sam pushed away the guilt that was gnawing at his stomach and addressed his dad, questioningly.

"I finished the Latin exercises that you left me, dad. Got some extra practice on the crossbow too." Sam told his dad, all the while staring at the window behind John.

John grunted and broke 2 bottles of beer for Dean and himself. "Good job on shooting the sucker smack in the chest Dean."

"Well, it was asking for it. Did you see the girl's face? Man that was priceless." Dean said as he put his feet on the table, totally at ease in the presence of his dad unlike Sam.

Sam left the room leaving his dad and his brother to discuss their latest hunt, a werewolf in the vicinity of the woods a few miles from their motel. His dad's brush off at Sam's comment did hurt Sam but that was the way it was around the house now. Sam and John would argue, while Dean would pack their ammo for their hunt. Sam would refuse to go with them. John and Dean would leave for their hunt and come back around the time Sam returns from school, while Sam would not get a wink of sleep at night, because of the guilt and worry that this once the hunt will manage to get to John and Dean. Sam would tell John about his activities from the previous night and John would grunt and talk about the hunt to Dean, while Sam locked himself in his room until his Dad screamed at him to get dinner ready.

"All ends tonight." Sam decided. He took the letter from where he had shoved it and sat wearily on his bed, preparing for the battle that would come up in the room today.

Dinner consisted of 3 cans of spaghettios, 2 bottles of beer for Dean and John and Coke for himself. He wasn't even allowed to drink beer in front of his dad. After washing up, Sam found John and Dean watching the news, looking for their next hunt.

"Hey Dad! Could I talk to you alone for a second?" Sam asked, knowing the response quite well.

"Whatever needs to be said can be said in front of your brother. That's what families do Samuel. They stick together."

Dean gave him an apologetic look. When Dad spoke to them in that tone, there was no room for argument.

"There's this school that has offered to take me in with a full ride. I've already accepted." Sam waited with bated breath.

John's face was getting redder by the second. Dean's eyes dark with restrained anger. Finally Vesuvius erupted. John reached out with a mean right hook at Sam's jaw, this time with no protests from Dean.

"Dad, look Im sorry. I want to hunt, I really do but I want to do it with people who want to do it with me. I don't want hunting as a profession. Dad, you gotta understand. I can still hunt with you guys." Sam was begging now. He just had to make his dad understand that he cant be stuck in this life forever. He needed to hunt, yes, but the need for a steady life was greater.

"You're either in or out. You're either 100 with me and your brother or you go and you never come back. You never turn your back on what you chose." John hissed.

Sam looked at Dean his eyes pleading. Dean looked at him with dark eyes, his fists bunched. "I hate you, Sam."

"Im sorry Dad. If I cant make you understand, I don't know what else to do." Sam's eyes brim with tears, his voice breaking.

He left the room and he could hear crashes. He anticipated this would happen, but it just hurt to leave Dean in the thick of it. His bag was already packed on the bed. He grabbed and took one last glance at John and Dean. John was staring at the news with more intent on finding the next hunt and Dean was looking back at Sam. When Sam turned to leave, Dean called out his name and took him by the hand outside to the car.

"You understand, that if you walk out on me, you will never hear from me again?" Dean said, his voice hushed.

"Look, Dean. Im sorry alright. I really am but I just cant hunt like this anymore. See, when Im hunting, I need to know what Im doing. I just cant go blindly following orders just because our old man told us to. Alright? And I cant stand the hostility at home anymore. I mean, he barely talks to me. All because I had a few friends who wanted me to hang out with them on a Friday night. I love you ok? Don't forget that but I just cant go through with this anymore." Sam said, the tears now freely flowing down his cheeks.

"So, this is goodbye then" Dean said, not a hint of emotion on his voice, except for the murdering look in his eyes.

"No, of course not Dean. You know that. How do you expect me to hunt solo huh?" Sam gave Dean a watery smile.

"This is goodbye, Sam." Dean said with a finality. Sam stood there still with shock. Dean made a move towards to the front door and called from behind his shoulder. "And good luck hunting solo. Don't get killed out there. No one will watch your back.

Sam had take a walk towards the station that night without even telling his family just to what school he was headed to.

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