Note - All Naruto characters were created by and belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Usually I write most of the story befor ei post it, but i REALLY like this pairing and just couldn't resist. I'm currently on the second part, so any ideas are welcome! This is my first yaoi/shonen ai story, so i'm sorry if it kinda sucks...This is in Shika POV!!

The other day I figured something out about myself. It explains a lot about me, answers a lot of questions peoples have asked. Or maybe just the one asked most frequently, that being why I never got into a relationship with the any girls I go to school with.

The answer was simple, I'm gay.

It was a simple concept, a guy liking another guy, yet it took about a day to completely get my head around the idea. In the twenty-four hours it took to get used to it, I had already made a mistake or two with the information.

I was confused at first, and so went to the only friend I knew could help, Naruto. Naruto had experience with the whole gay thing, he was gay himself. Though he was going out with the transsexual Haku everyone, including Haku, knew he was just waiting for the girls to get over Sasuke so he wouldn't be pummeled when Sasuke admitted to liking him back.

My mistake was asking for his advice.

He told me what any good friend would, 'Just go and admit it. Unless it's a higher up, with which you'll get pummeled, you shouldn't be afraid to admit your feelings. I'm sure the guy will understand, Haku did.' The advice was easily one thing I had come with myself, but it did sound better coming from someone else.

It was his next words that made me give up on the guy and leave to try and figure it out on my own again.

For some reason, when my mom made my dad and me have a little heart to heart, as she does when she suspects something's up with me, I actually told him. At first he looked like he was going to laugh, then noticed how serious I was, and embarrassed. What kind of teenager tells his dad he thinks he's gay? None, except me.

'Shika, my son,' He said, taking the scene out of one of moms romance novels, 'I don't doubt your words,' he obviously didn't know how to handle this on his own, so where's mom with the cue cards? 'There comes a time in every adolescent boy's life, where he starts to realize that, though girls aren't icky, they aren't all they're cracked up to be. All boys start to wonder if their friends might understand them better than the opposite sex and-'

I wasn't about to bother listening to him say something he probably rehearsed a thousand times, what a waste of time that would be. Without a single thought other than how stupid I was for telling my father that I'm gay I left and went to my room. A couple seconds later dad came in; sorry he didn't have anything better to say.

He sat down on the bed, next to my feet and just sat. Eventually he turned to me. 'I am sorry for that, I just…I never thought about you being gay.' He did sound sorry, or at least embarrassed. 'Are you absolutely sure? I mean, I could just be a phase right?'

I couldn't help sighing, this was just so stupid, 'Dad, if your not comfortable with it, just pretend you never found out or it is just a phase.'

With a sigh himself he started to leave. Just as he was about to shut the door he looked back in, 'you should tell Choji how you feel, I'm sure he won't take anything from it.'

I sat bolt upright. That was the same thing Naruto had said. Why did everyone just assume I was some kind of soap opera that couldn't fall in love with anyone but my best friend?