Finally those pristine little pieces of white paper with a scribbled note were landing on my desk—and it wasn't just so I could pass them along. Finally the small notes Kiba was notorious for passing to everyone and everyone was reserved especially for me. Finally.

One was waiting for me when I returned with Choji from our lunch run to the caf. My heart soared as I spotted it and it was all I could do to wait until Choji finished teasing me about my sudden enthusiasm before I jumped it. It was a simple note. Just a time and place, just like always.

It was last school year when this started between me and Kiba. After a huge conflict between me and the transfer-Ino-clone, Yuki, most of the class had known about my crush on Kiba, Kiba not included. He did find out eventually, by word of Choji's girlfriend's mouth—who, to her defense because Choji wouldn't be my friend anymore if I didn't admit this, didn't know about Kiba's obliviousness at the time. Yuki had made sure of that.

Speaking of Yuki, when Kiba came out to the rest of the class that he was going to try seeing me we finally found out what she and Shino had been conspiring about. Turns out she had been seeing Shino's younger brother, how that came to be wasn't part of the story unfortunately. Sometime during her romance, she accidently let slip to Shino she knew I was gay. This got Shino's attention, seeing as he already knew about Kiba's bisexuality. After the fieldtrip incident, supposedly Kiba had been confused about his feeling for me. Shino had decided, though Kiba didn't know about it, that Kiba and I had a good chance of working out. He enlisted Yuki and they'd been working on a way to get us together.

According to Yuki's outburst when Kiba admitted he was giving me a chance, she'd been just about ready to burn the words 'I like you' into my forehead and lock me in a room with the Inuzuka.

We started out slowly, me and Kiba. As much as I would have liked to have Kiba realize he liked me just as long as I did him, I knew that was an unrealistic fantasy. Knowing me, I wouldn't have trusted Fate if it dumped that on me, it would have been too Romeo and Juliet. It was awkward at first, as I'm sure most relationships are. Nothing much happened, neither of us sure how far Kiba was willing to go with me.

After the school year ended, things picked up between us. By the time the next year started Kiba was my boyfriend, not just someone trying out their first real homosexual relationship. We got more comfortable with each other; the cheesy romantic touches and kisses becoming more and more part of our daily lives.

Of course the weirdest part of that summer had been when Mom had found out about Kiba. I'd been waiting for…Well I wasn't sure what I'd been expecting when she found out. What I got wasn't anything close to anything I could imagine her doing. Kiba had pointed out my homosexuality in such an offhand way I'd hoped Mom wouldn't pick up on it. Of course she did pick up on it, and she just smiled and pointed out if I was straight I would have noticed Ino was a blessing years ago.

Ino, a blessing? Even if I was straight I doubt I'd ever think of her that way.

With that knowledge in mind I stepped out of class at the appointed time. I met up with Kiba in the hallway; him not caring about being in class for roll call and me forced to care for fear of my mother catching wind of how often I slipped out halfway with Kiba.

Kiba took my hand, dragging me towards outside without a word.

I sighed, knowing exactly what he was thinking and having to point it out anyway, "You do know it's raining like there's no tomorrow right?"

Kiba grinned like he always did when he knew he was doing something someone didn't like, making a joke out of everything. "I figured you'd rather drown than listen to some teacher ramble on about some math equation.

I sighed my acquiescence to that. Anything had to be better than more math. "But outside?" I whined. One perk of being together with Kiba for months was that by now I was comfortable enough to whine at him.

"Would you rather join Naruto and Sasuke?" He chuckled and led me to the boys' bathroom. When he shoved open the door I caught a flash of bright orange glued to midnight blue.

"Can Sasuke just admit to being totally after Naruto already?" I muttered as we slipped away and around a corner so we were out of sight of any teacher that could catch us.

"Naruto likes all the secrecy," Kiba responded as we left the building. I was drenched in seconds. "And he's been after Sasuke so long I doubt he'll give up just because Sasuke's too dickless to kiss him out in the open. Besides, that would mean Sasuke would have to admit he's totally over the rainbow. He's not a bright color kind of guy. Give them a couple of months and they'll be lip locked in the middle of the classroom."

It was damned cold outside. Goosebumps sprouted all up my arms and I suppressed a shiver.

Kiba noticed and pulled me under the overhand by the parking lot. He grinned like always and leaned in to claim my lips.

Suddenly the rain didn't bother me anymore.

Kiba pulled away for air and smiled. An airy, breathless laugh escaped him.

I'm biased, always have been, but Kiba was beautiful and handsome and every other word with the same meaning. His long hair hung wet and dripping into his melted chocolate eyes. A playful smirk masterfully raised his attractiveness. I wondered how many girls would have killed for this image.

"You're so troublesome." I told him. "I'll never get my mom off my back for coming home soaked like this."

"Translation: You love me and you're mom's going to get after you for being stupid when it's all my fault." He kissed me again.

He really was troublesome.

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