Author's Note: This story takes place sometime after the end of Pharaoh's Memory. I based this on the Capsule Monsters mini-series in the anime, because I thought it was well done, but wished that Seto had been in it, so I wanted to send him on his own quest. I am planning five brand-new trials for him to face, so I hope this goes well… Oh, and I came up with all of the verses in the later chapters, too! Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

The man brought forth the lit pendant to Shadi.

"Here is the proof that I have passed all five trials," he said. "Now will you grant me the power I came for?"

"You were not listening, Bandit Keith," said Shadi. "I said that after completing the five trials, you also had to face and defeat one of the two warriors depicted in the Stone Tablet after he, too, had passed the trials as well."

Shadi indicated the all-too-familiar tablet on which two ancient figures were carved.

"That one looks like Yugi Muto…" said Bandit Keith.

"The one you speak of is the Pharaoh," said Shadi. "His spirit has returned from whence he came, and even if he were here, you could not face him."

"Why not!?"

"He has already passed the five trials of the Capsule Monsters and turned down the power that was offered to him," Shadi explained. "As such, he would not be permitted to take the trials again. You must therefore face the other one carved in this tablet."

The former champion Duel Monster player glanced at the other warrior. He looked vaguely familiar. And then he noticed the creature carved above him: the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

"Kaiba!" he exclaimed. "It's Kaiba!"

"Indeed, that is the name he is referred to in this era," said Shadi. "But before you can face him, he must pass all five of the trials you went through."

"How am I supposed to convince Kaiba to take your challenges!?" Bandit Keith asked. "He wouldn't even believe that there was a Capsule World or this power that's up for grabs!"

"I have told you all that I can," said Shadi. "Whether or not Seto Kaiba takes the challenge is his own volition."

With that, Shadi vanished.

Bandit Keith turned to his followers.

"See to it that Kaiba gets here," he ordered.

Meanwhile, in the lively town of Domino, Seto Kaiba himself was immersed in his latest project. His azure eyes focused upon the computer screen in front of him, taking in the mass of incoming data.

He scowled involuntarily as his cell phone rang; it was one of his greatest pet peeves to be interrupted in the middle of his work. But he took the call all the same.

"Kaiba," he said, his eyes not wavering from the computer.

"Sir...?" came the anxious voice of Roland. "I... I don't know how it happened, Sir. Mokuba has vanished... without a trace."

Now Seto turned away from the computer at last.

"What!?" he demanded.

"We only hope he wasn't kidnapped," continued Roland.

"If he has been, it wouldn't be the first time..." Seto thought to himself. "The kid always suffers because of those lunatics who are after me..."

"What do you want us to do, Sir?" asked Roland.

"I'll be there in a second," Seto replied.

He departed his office, trying to assure himself that Mokuba was alright.

"Do you have any idea who did this?" Seto was asking his staff, trying not to express how worried he truly was for his brother.

"We saw people skulking about," said one. "They looked like the Rare Hunters from three years ago…"

"But that can't be…" said another. "Marik wouldn't do something like this; he's changed, hasn't he?"

"That isn't to say that some of his former Rare Hunters changed their ways, too," Seto replied.

"But why would they want Mokuba?"

"They don't," he said.

He didn't need to elaborate.

"Sir," said another one of the staff, handing him a map. "We found this."

"There's an abandoned island circled on it," said another aide. "It's a long way from here…"

"I have no choice," Seto replied. He turned to one of his staff members. "I'll be leaving immediately and alone."

"Do you think that's wise, Mr. Kaiba?"

Seto considered this. He wasn't too keen on the idea of the whole "team" mentality; he had been used to going at any task alone. And his pride preferred it that way. He knew very well that if Yugi and his crew found out about Mokuba's disappearance, they would volunteer their services, and the thought of having to deal with all of them in tow confirmed his resolve; he was in no mood to put up with their antics.

"Yes, it's wise," Seto replied. His briefcase, though stacked with cards, also housed emergency food rations and medicines. Seto may not have been the most optimistic person around, but he had long been prepared for such an event. It was just one of the many occupational hazards of being the head of Kaibacorp.

And within the next five minutes, he was already in flight aboard his personal jet. En route to the island, Seto now had a chance to size up the situation. He prayed that Mokuba was safe; of course, Mokuba's current state of well-being depended solely on who was behind his disappearance. Pegasus was the first suspect that came to his mind. If Pegasus had somehow employed the Rare Hunters, Mokuba would be somewhat safe; the Millennium Eye was long gone, not that Seto really understood it. But as much as he didn't like to admit it, Seto had to agree that Pegasus had changed his ways after Duelist Kingdom. But what about Dartz? The last Seto had seen of Dartz was when he had bound to the serpent of Atlantis. Yugi later claimed that Dartz, too, had changed his ways, but Yugi was too trusting. But why would Dartz enlist the Rare Hunters when he had his own band of followers? Seto realized that all of his prime suspects all had their own entourages and had no need for Rare Hunters. It must be some crazed lunatic behind this, Seto realized. And that made him fear for his brother even more.

After a few hours, Seto saw the island that the Rare Hunters had marked on their map. He wouldn't have given the island too much thought had it not been for the large pyramid that was visible from the sky. The pyramid looked about the size of Khafre's pyramid at Giza, but much newer; it wasn't as worn as Khafre's pyramid, and it shone with its outer coating of white limestone.

"Terrific…" he thought, sarcastically, as he brought the jet to a smooth landing. "Just when I think I'm finally free from all of that ancient stuff, it's déjà vu all over again…"

It was inevitable that the Rare Hunters would have something to do with the pyramid, so without any further considerations, he headed towards the massive structure.